Success: Sacramento Police to Reduce Killings

Target: Daniel Hahn, Chief of the Sacramento Police Department

Goal: Congratulate Sacramento Police Chief Hahn for enacting positive reform after the deadly shooting of Stephon Clark.

The Sacramento Police Department is currently going through an overhaul of their policies after two officers reportedly fired over 20 shots into the body of 22-year-old Stephon Clark. Following the shooting, police released the body cam footage, which was muted. The muting of the footage is considered a huge violation of trust by the officers, as the body cams are meant to increase public trust and accountability. In response, the Sacramento Police chief issued new policies declaring strict regulation on when it is acceptable to turn off a body camera. ForceChange members have been calling for police reform after the shooting of Clark, and the new policies represent a first step toward justice.

This decision will prevent an incident in the future in which transparency in an investigation is compromised by an officer’s decision. The move serves as a solid first step in healing serious damage done within the Sacramento community by law enforcement officials. Daniel Hahn, the police chief, deserves praise for handling the investigation with the sort of attention and care it deserves. Sign this petition below praising Hahn’s decision!


Dear Chief Hahn,

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to ensure a reduction in abuse of force by your officers after the death of Stephon Clark. Reformist actions by chiefs of police need to be more common, considering they are the ones with the power to make a difference in their communities. If we saw more police chiefs like you, we may have significantly less widespread corruption within the police.

Thank you for your commitment to positive change and allowing the community to heal from this tragedy. The Sacramento Police Department is lucky to be under the leadership of someone committed to doing better.


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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    It’s long overdue, but small steps can lead to bigger ones.

  2. Gen Agustsson says:

    reduce killings? it has to be 0 killings.

  3. Heavens above !! The Police are out of control – they are there to SERVE, not subjugate, the public. It shouldn’t be necessary to train police not to pump 22 bullets into a man, nor is it appropriate to employ police who are unable to control their trigger fingers. Why is it that no-one in the rest of the world is any longer sympathetic to the problems of killings in America – until America gets a grip, addresses the gun laws, reins in the police etc., they will remain the pariah country of the western world.

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