Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Don’t Destabilize Nation’s Highest Court With Politicized Pre-Election Confirmation

The Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could have massive repercussions for civil rights, healthcare, environmental wellness, and so much more for generations. The Republican-majority Senate wants to rush this critical confirmation, in stark contrast to their previous stance, likely to score a political win. Hold these opportunists to their word and demand they give the American people a voice in a decision that could fundamentally change the future.

Solve Mystery of Migratory Bird Mass Die-Off

America’s migratory songbirds are succumbing to a crisis of unknown origin. Thousands of birds have mysteriously died in the Southwest after exhibiting unusual behavior. Demand answers and ultimate solutions to this deadly mystery.

Free Slavery Descendants From Bonds of Oppression

Citizens in Nigeria are prohibited from becoming leaders or even marrying who they want….all because they are descendants of slaves. This discrimination is perpetuated in popular media outlets. Demand a real end to caste systems that punish human beings for circumstances beyond their control.

Playful Puppy Reportedly Shot and Killed as Her Family Watched Deserves Justice

A one-year-old puppy named Ally was apparently shot in cold blood as she playfully chased a bird, with two small children and her caretakers as witnesses. Demand justice for Ally.

Investigate Alleged Mass Sterilization of Migrant Women by “Uterus Collector”

Women are reportedly undergoing hysterectomies without their consent at an immigration detention center. This could be the tip of the iceberg of human rights abuses that may include uninhabitable living conditions and imminent health risks. Demand a thorough investigation into these unsettling allegations.

Dog Reportedly Punched a Dozen Times for Licking Suspect’s Hand Deserves Justice

A dog named Scooby was reportedly punched over and over as he lay in a submissive posture, despite pleas from a family member to stop. Scooby appeared to suffer injury and trauma at the hands of a man he should have been able to trust. Demand justice.

Trump: Fight Climate Change, the Greatest Challenge of Our Lifetime

As the world burns, the endless cycle of politically motivated environmental destruction turns. Lives and habitats will be lost forever, and basic health standards diminished for the long-term. Urge a reversal of course on this path to self-destruction by demanding President Trump finally fight climate change.

Punish Man Charged With Bestiality and Kicking Pet Dog to Death

At least two animals suffered serious injury, allegedly at the hands of a convicted criminal and multiple arrestee who keeps evading real punishment despite his troubling track record. This accused pedophile and domestic abuser has been charged with bestiality and killing a dog among his reported crimes. Demand justice at long last for his alleged victims.

Success: Alleged Shark Fin Traffickers Busted

Twelve suspects who reportedly made millions from the illegal trafficking and killing of sharks and endangered marine life for their valuable fins and bladders are now facing charges, thanks to the efforts of federal authorities. Applaud the demise of an alleged mass trafficking enterprise.

Acting Secretary Chad Wolf: Resign for Downplaying and Dismissing Security Threats for Trump’s Benefit

America’s agency of supposed defenders of the homeland stands accused of prioritizing the president’s political agenda over protecting the American people. The former top intelligence analyst for the US alleges his bosses routinely changed and omitted information on critical threats ranging from Russian election interference to domestic terrorism. Demand a cleansing of this crucial agency from the taint of political manipulation.

Justice for Broken, Beaten Dog Allegedly Pummeled With Belt for Urinating

A seven-year-old dog allegedly suffered severe mouth injuries, bruising, and broken ribs and eye sockets at the hands of her caretaker’s boyfriend. Bella may never be able to eat or drink normally again due to this apparent punishment for urinating on the floor. Urge justice in this disturbing case of reported animal cruelty.

Save Children From Poverty, Despair, and Crushing Inequities

Millions of children are living in poverty, exclusion, and physical and emotional pain under the negligent watch of the European Union. Migrant kids face especially brutal inequities such as no access to meaningful healthcare and depleted educational opportunities. Demand real change that could give these youth a fighting chance.

Trump: Apologize for Calling Dead Soldiers “Suckers” and “Losers”

Donald Trump, the commander-in-chief of America’s military, disparaged fallen, wounded and captured military veterans in the worst ways. These heroes deserve better than a leader who panders to them publicly while demeaning them in private. Demand that Trump give these men and women in uniform a formal apology.

Success: Pathway Paved for Pot Legalization

Criminalizing marijuana has caused more harm than it ever accomplished for the good. Non-violent offenders have sat in jail for years, sometimes decades, and countless individuals have suffered in pain without this medically beneficial recourse. Applaud promising strides made in ending this senseless misfire within the justice system.

Save Wildlife and Lands Imperiled By Fire and Floods From Extinction

Australia’s black summer left behind a trail of wildlife corpses and decimated natural habitats. Merciless fires and floods created a perfect storm of cataclysmic carnage, with climate change as the destructive match. Demand a real plan to save these endangered lands.

Punish Perp Who Nearly Brutalized Young Chihuahua to Death

An unknown perpetrator nearly killed a young chihuahua and dumped him in an alley like garbage. He continues to fight for his life while his abuser walks free. Demand a full investigation and prosecution of the assailant, once they are identified.

Stop Exploitation, Abuse, and Deadly Threats Against Union Workers

Garment factory employees are working for scraps and enduring routine abuse, including death threats. Destructive union-busting during the pandemic has exacerbated these deplorable conditions. Encourage the international brands who finance and enable these abuses to take a stand for workplace safety.

Push for Gender Equality to Prevent Mass Abortion of Female Fetuses

Millions of girls never have the chance to be born strictly because of their sex. Even if they do survive this prenatal gender bias, they face a lifetime of oppression and relentless discrimination. Advocate for fair and equal treatment of India’s women, from birth to death.

Punish Petting Zoo Pranksters Who Allegedly Rode and Put Lipstick on Miniature Donkeys

Several miniature donkeys were reportedly harassed, and other animals carelessly released during an apparent break-in at a New Jersey petting zoo and farm. A SnapChat photo apparently showed a girl riding one of the donkeys. Demand justice for the animals still suffering from the after-effects of this alleged act of cruelty.

Create Climate Change-Fighting Forest Shelters for Endangered Species

Assisted migration of depleted forests could write a promising new chapter for endangered plants, animals, and a world endangered by escalating climate change. Urge replenishment and resurgence of the country’s vital plant populations.

Don’t Undermine Fight for Women’s Rights With Seemingly Discriminatory Working Environments

Prejudice and discrimination may be infesting one of the world’s most important human rights movements. Mass resignations from the Nobel Women’s Initiative came in the wake of toxic work environment, misogyny, and racism allegations. Demand better for this global advocate of equal opportunity.

Justice for Crowing Rooster Allegedly Gunned Down by Angry Neighbor

A rooster was reportedly shot and killed for crowing loudly. This apparent crime caused widespread condemnation across France. Demand punishment for the man who seemingly confessed to this alleged act of cruelty.

Rescue Communities Destroyed in Crushing Wildfires and Windstorms

Massive wildfires and extreme winds in two states have left thousands of Americans devastated by catastrophic damage. The federal government needs to step up its support. Encourage aid for communities in urgent crisis.

Goats Reportedly Butchered With Machete and Spiked Bat Deserve Justice

Two goats were reportedly maimed and brutally killed by four suspects accused of attacking the animals with spiked bats, machetes, and then siccing their dogs on them. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Don’t Batter Businesses, Taxpayers, and Social Security Recipients with Destructive Deferral

A tax break sold as a boon for the American people may actually increase their taxes, compound their hardships, and put Social Security in peril. Demand an end to this political agenda that could harm small businesses, seniors, and middle-class Americans the most.

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