Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Justice for Horses Allegedly On Brink of Starvation

Seventeen horses reportedly nearly died because of the alleged rampant neglect of their caretaker. The horses were apparently starving before they were finally rescued. Demand adequate punishment in the event of a conviction.

Don’t Let Filibuster Derail Voting Rights

An obstructionist Senate tactic, known as the filibuster, is endangering voting rights. Preserving this important freedom would honor the legacy of Martin Luther King and ensure the integrity of democracy for centuries. Demand politicians stop standing in the way of progress.

Pet Ferrets Reportedly Abandoned to Starve and Die in Park Deserve Justice

Two pet ferrets were reportedly abandoned in a park. One of the animals was malnourished, and the other was killed by a car. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Swindling Consumers Desperate for Health and Food Essentials

Major grocery and retail chains are taking advantage of Americans’ desperate need for essential items. Prices on products like groceries and COVID-19 tests are soaring. Demand an end to price gouging that swindles consumers on a devastating scale.

Keep Hydropower From Destroying Sensitive Ecosystems

If improperly handled, a major hydropower project could destroy precious forests and wildlife habitat. Demand leaders ensure clean energy from hydro doesn’t lead to more environmental harm.

Protect Native American Spiritual Land From Destructive Mining

Native Americans’ religious freedoms are being cast aside at an alarming rate. Destructive mining projects endanger both the environment and the spiritual practices of Indigenous tribes. Demand more rigorous legal protections for these historically oppressed populations.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Bludgeoned With Sledgehammer

A dog was reportedly bludgeoned and killed by his caretaker with a sledgehammer. Call for a fitting punishment for the alleged perpetrator.

Don’t Cover Up Origins of Dangerous Brain Disease

A dangerous ailment is increasingly finding victims in a Canadian province. This illness robs young patients of their minds, their ability to move, and even their lives. Demand health officials stop obstructing a desperate search for answers.

Save Coral Reefs From Destruction Due to Greedy Overfishing

Environmentally critical coral reefs are rapidly dying. Marine animals, ecosystems, and the world’s oxygen supply are at risk. Demand action to save these irreplaceable natural wonders.

Man Accused of Strangling and Kicking Cats to Death Must be Punished

Two pet cats were allegedly strangled and kicked to death. Their caretaker’s son is accused but has not even been charged with animal cruelty. Call on prosecutors to pursue justice for these innocents.

Success: Sex Trafficking Co-Conspirator Brought to Justice

At least four young women were groomed for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein’s former employee and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now, this convicted abuser will likely face decades in prison. Applaud the efforts of those who sought justice in this case.

Pet Monkey Fed Cocaine and Nearly Flushed Down Toilet Deserves Justice

A woman apparently fed her pet monkey cocaine and then tried to flush the animal down the toilet. For this, the court gave her only a suspended sentence. Demand real justice for this poor animal.

Don’t Dismiss Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence

Immigrant survivors of domestic violence often face language and cultural barriers when seeking help. This unequal treatment puts lives at risk. Demand Australia do better for immigrant women fighting for their survival.

Stop Strangling Innovation and Competition

Patent trolls threaten the vitality of business start-ups and options for consumers. Demand renewed protection against these hostile actors and their abuse of the legal system.

Don’t Give Up Human Rights Activists to Dictators

People trying to shed light on human rights abuses are losing their freedom and sometimes their lives. The international police may be unwittingly assisting in their unlawful detention and mistreatment. Demand Interpol stop handing over journalists and activists to authoritarian governments.

Stop Toxic Air Pollution Caused By Wood-Burning Stoves

Stoves touted as environmental saviors are actually helping destroy the environment while risking public health. Demand Europe stop promoting and start protecting against dangerous wood-burning products.

Stop Slaughtering Dogs and Cats for Meat

Dogs and cats endure torturous and agonizing deaths in Indonesia, where they are slaughtered for human consumption. Demand an end to the beyond-cruel dog and cat meat trade.

Save Lives From Insidious Suicide Websites

Dangerous online presences may be pushing people in mental health crisis into taking their own lives. Demand tech companies protect consumers from the deadly impact of suicide websites.

Families Devastated by Government Forced Adoption Scheme Deserve Justice

A dictator masterminded a scheme to rip hundreds or thousands of children away from their unsuspecting parents. This heartless system of coercive adoption resulted in decades of pain and suffering for families. Call on leaders to bring justice and peace to betrayed citizens.

Don’t Surrender in Battle Against Catastrophic Climate Change

The United States is letting its best opportunity to combat destructive climate change pass by. One man, funded by special interests, stands in the way. Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his mind and his heart about investing in the world’s future.

Stop Illegal Puppy Trafficking That Claims Countless Lives

Trafficked puppies are dying in shockingly high numbers. They are raised in horrific conditions that no creature should be forced to endure. Urge authorities to find and punish illegal puppy breeders, traffickers, and abusers.

Fix Landfill Reportedly Causing Community-Wide Illness

A faulty landfill is reportedly putting the health of communities and the environment at risk. Demand action to mitigate this apparent menace and prevent future widespread dangers.

Success: Communities Protected From Lead Exposure

Lead-contaminated and health-hazardous drinking water could soon be a danger of the past. Applaud leaders for taking on a long-standing affront to consumer protection.

Stop Slaughtering Sharks Out of Fear

Sharks are being slaughtered by humans out of fear. Simple and safe solutions exist. Demand authorities stop slaughtering sharks.

Don’t Make Employees Choose Between Lives and Livelihoods During Disasters

Many of the deaths resulting from a killer tornado outbreak may have been prevented if not for employers who allegedly kept their employees in harm’s way. Urge reforms that will keep people from unnecessarily dying for their jobs.

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