Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Don’t Let Another Child Die in Border Custody

A young girl died in the custody of border patrol, and her death may have been prevented with better healthcare protocols. Urge more empathy and compassion in the care of struggling refugees.

Success: Crucial Emergency Alerts for Drivers Preserved

AM radio, a source of life-saving emergency messages, will live on after all in at least one major auto manufacturer, and perhaps every new vehicle in the country. Applaud the preservation of a crucial source of communication and information for drivers.

Keep Handsy, Careless Tourists From Endangering Park Animals

Several wildlife in one of the nation’s most prominent national parks have died or been endangered as a reported result of reckless tourists. Demand America’s leading national park agency do more to safeguard these at-risk animals.

Punish Teens Accused of Decapitating Swan and Stealing Her Offspring

A swan was decapitated, eaten, and her offspring taken, allegedly at the hands of three teenagers. Call for more expansive charges to address this reported act of animal cruelty.

Don’t Force LGBTQ+ Employees to Follow Homophobic Dress Codes

Politicians who are determined to die on the hill of culture wars are now attempting to control how people dress. Call for an end to this thinly veiled attack that is adversely impacting LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace.

Don’t Steal Athletic Freedom From Oppressed Women’s Sports Team

Afghan women are not only being shunned and dismissed in their own country, but on the world stage as well. Demand soccer’s top federation give female athletes the respect and acknowledgement they deserve.

Stop Wild West of Deregulation From Destroying Lives

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence is spotlighting the need for strong guardrails and shields against bad actors in the corporate world, the tech world, and beyond. Demand politicians stop trying to destroy these critical protections.

Dogs Allegedly Poisoned as Act of Neighborly Vengeance Deserve Justice

Two dogs died, and another fell seriously ill, after vengeful neighbors allegedly poisoned them. Call for the most severe legal punishment if these suspects are found guilty.

Revitalize Battle-Weary Nation’s Lands and Ecosystems

War-torn Tigray has endured tremendous loss, not only in its communities but in the environmental allies that sustain them. Demand world leaders who have ignored this devastating conflict for too long step in and lend a helping hand.

Honor Soldiers With Worry-Free Healthcare

Soldiers who were not born in America, and yet serve it all the same, are not receiving the healthcare to which they are entitled. Demand leaders stop stalling on giving these military heroes the help they need.

Stop Turning Back the Clock on Education

Florida politicians are busy creating a true cancel culture, especially when it comes to American education. Now they are attempting to erase diversity, equity, and inclusion from colleges and universities. Demand the state’s education leader fight for a learning experience free from political obstruction and interference.

Protect Shelter Animals From Harm and Unnecessary Death

Animal shelters are responsible for the care of at-risk animals, and too many are failing at their responsibilities. Demand stronger standards and accountability for these self-appointed guardians of animal welfare.

Stop Policing Women’s Bodies and Choices

Reproductive restrictions are having devastating impacts on millions of women. The latest attack even seeks to block women from obtaining information and aid from afar. Call on politicians to rein in these authoritarian assaults on autonomy.

Find Forever Homes for Endangered Species

Animals from snails to whales are at risk of going extinct because of the rapidly changing climate. Many species urgently need new habitats. Support an ambitious plan to move the most endangered to more hospitable locations.

Don’t Deprive Children of Mothers Due to Misogynistic Law

Mothers in Egypt are losing guardianship of their children because of an outdated and deeply misogynistic law. Demand the scales of justice be balanced for these women.

Stop Power-Hungry Politicians From Suppressing the Youth Vote

Politicians are seemingly trying to disenfranchise young voters who are coming to the polls in ever-increasing numbers. Demand an end to the attempted political neutralization of an entire generation.

Stop Breeding Genetically Vulnerable Wolfdogs for Profit

Wolfdogs are being abandoned or euthanized in large numbers because of lax or non-existent breeding standards. Demand an end to this death by design.

Success: Trophies Taken Away From Big Game Hunters

Trophy hunters will soon lose one incentive to put endangered animals in harm’s way. Applaud the potential elimination of body parts imported for profit and sick photo opportunities.

Provide Mental Health Treatment to Vulnerable Homeless People

Mental illness is an epidemic among the already-vulnerable homeless population. Demand more investment in behavioral health plans that help, not hurt, these struggling individuals.

Don’t Let Prison Put Pregnancies at Risk

Expectant mothers in prison are reportedly having their health and the well-being of their soon-to-be-born children put at unnecessary risk. Demand better care for these highly vulnerable populations.

Don’t Let Debt Limit Drive Nation Into Deep Recession

Americans stand to lose money, jobs, security, and much more if the United States defaults on its debt. Call for immediate action to avert a potential economic catastrophe.

Don’t Let Global Warming Reanimate Zombie Viruses

Some of the world’s worst diseases could be lying dormant underneath layers of melting ice and permafrost. Demand action on this environmental turned public health threat.

Stop String of Suspicious Deaths and Allegedly Pervasive Abuse in Horse Racing

Racehorses are dying in alarming numbers in some of the world’s most prestigious venues. Demand better protections for these at-risk animals exploited for profit.

Don’t Auction Off Weapons Responsible for Mass Carnage

Guns used for mass murder are being auctioned off and resold by police under lax state laws. Demand an end to this legalized profiteering from the most heinous crimes that put communities at risk.

Success: Greyhounds Better Protected From Blood Sport Abuses

Greyhound racing is an industry reportedly entrenched in abuse, drugging, and rampant exploitation. Applaud efforts to save young greyhounds from this horrific fate.

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