Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Let Space Help Save People From Extreme Weather

America’s space agency has an increasingly important role to play preparing for weather disasters. Demand leaders tap into NASA’s vast resources for effective emergency response.

Ensure Worldwide Justice for Crimes Against Humanity

No formal process exists in the United States for dealing with crimes against humanity that take place in other countries. Demand the U.S. abide by its own designation as defender of global freedom.

Success: Medication Reproductive Rights Protected

A medication that women who have been deprived of their medical choices increasingly rely upon has been upheld by the nation’s highest court. Applaud this legal win for reproductive rights.

Stop Spread of Rodeos Promoting Culture of Cruelty

Rodeos are continuing to make bank at the expense of exploited and reportedly abused animals. Demand one major city make its first rodeo its last as well.

Stop Climate Change From Making Vegetables Less Nutritious

The climate crisis is making crops less nutritious. Demand a commitment from American leaders to confronting and resolving this critical environmental and health issue.

Don’t Silence Kids During Lunchtime

Kids are being forced to sit in silence in many school lunchrooms. Demand school leaders stop ruining an important and essential time for students.

Ensure Discriminatory Odor Code Passes Smell Test

Olfactory racism is a form of discrimination involving smells that has reportedly taken root in an Oregon city. Demand leaders end an unfair policy that hurts minority business owners.

Reunite Families Separated by War

Families from conflict zones are enduring prolonged separations due to government red tape. Demand leaders cut this tape and reunite desperate families.

Success: Legal System Takes Pride in Defeating Discrimination

Another discriminatory measure disguised as helpful law could soon fall. Applaud the continued crumbling of anti-transgender legislation that disproportionately bullies and harms vulnerable youth.

Use Rat Birth Control as Humane Alternative to Dangerous Overpopulation

Booming rat populations –and efforts to stop them — in cities are creating health risks for people and other animals. Demand investment in a contraceptive approach that’s more effective and more humane.

Don’t Make Patients Pay the Price for Lacking Healthcare

Reforms to France’s healthcare services could end up hurting patients instead of helping them. Demand a unified approach that will help fill the wellness gaps caused by physician shortages.

Animals Allegedly Left to Die in Deplorable Conditions Deserve Justice

Multiple animals reportedly nearly lost their lives as a result of alleged abandonment and endangerment. A dependent senior may have also been put in harm’s way. Demand justice for these apparent victims.

Uphold Laws That Keep Diplomacy Strong

A single raid has destabilized diplomatic relations in Latin America. Demand global leaders address this alleged breach of international law to curb more widespread repercussions.

Stop Breeding Cats Burdened With Painful Defects

Some of social media’s most trending animals are living secret lives of suffering. Demand a prohibition on breeding painful defects into felines.

Don’t Fund the Climate Crisis and Animal Cruelty

Large-scale industrial farming responsible for animal welfare and planetary degradation is getting a big boost from the globe’s preeminent financial institution. Demand the World Bank stop investing in initiatives antithetical to its goals.

Success: Irresponsible Climate Policies Taken to Court

Powerful industries are increasingly finding their anti-environmental policies and actions scrutinized in the courtroom. Applaud the state and community leaders who are helping build the case against greenwashing.

Fill Critical Physician Shortages

A lack of commitment from leaders is destabilizing Italy’s fractured healthcare system, and citizens are paying the price. Demand support for an initiative that could literally stop the bleeding.

Help American Heroes Support Families

Many service members cited for their distinguished service are being prevented from sharing the fruits of their accomplishments with cherished loved ones. Demand equal treatment for all Purple Heart recipients.

Prepare Before the Next Pandemic Hits

Monkeypox is making a dangerous comeback in parts of Africa. Demand a strengthening of testing and public education to help lessen transmission of a deadly new variant.

Ensure Affordable Housing for All

Affordable, efficient, and safe public housing is increasingly out of reach for Americans. Demand solutions that confront and help remedy this kitchen table crisis.

Don’t Make Cockfighting Victims Pay with Their Lives

Cockfighting survivors were allegedly shot and euthanized en masse despite reports that the rescued roosters were destined for new homes. Demand life-saving reforms that could save abused animals from more needless pain and suffering.

Hundreds of Patients Allegedly Abused by Doctor Deserve Justice

Over 200 patients were allegedly sexually violated by a trusted doctor. Call for criminal charges following a full investigation.

Punish Person Who Shot Cat with Arrow

A popular neighborhood car was struck with an arrow and nearly killed. The person behind this shocking act is still unidentified. Demand justice for the animal that barely survived this brutal assault.

Prevent Mass Die-Off of Federally Protected Pelicans

Pelicans are apparently starving and dying in large numbers along the California coast. Demand enhanced aid and answers for this mysterious and deadly event.

Protect Impoverished Communities From Deadly Cholera Outbreaks

Deadly outbreaks of cholera are threatening close to one billion people worldwide. Demand more funding for the fight against one of the planet’s most hidden and most devastating epidemics.

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