Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Justice for Dog Apparently Shot in the Face in His Own Yard

An innocent puppy was allegedly shot in the face in his family’s own yard. A reportedly vengeful neighbor is charged with the shooting. Demand full repercussions if he is found guilty.

Don’t Let Special Interests Drive Nuclear Arms Decisions

Decision-making for nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of special interests if proper guardrails are not maintained. Urge accountability for the commission members responsible for U.S. nuclear policy.


Stop Legacy of Forced Assimilation for Native American Youth

Many students are being threatened with suspension and punishment not for fighting or cheating but simply for their hairstyles. Disproportionately, the targeted youth are minorities trying to honor their heritage. Demand education leaders stop this thinly veiled discrimination.

Save World’s Rarest Sea Turtle From Death by Oil

Endangered sea turtles and whales are just some of the species facing critical threats from the latest oil spill. Call for swift penalties for the responsible parties and stronger protections for vulnerable wildlife.

Justice for Cats Allegedly Abandoned and Starved to Death

A woman allegedly subjected dozens of cats under her care to starvation and eventual death. Demand she be held accountable for these shocking acts of alleged cruelty if found guilty.

Don’t Legalize Mutilation of Women

Male leaders are once again attempting to assert their dominance over female bodies and choices. Demand politicians in the Gambia keep a ban on female genital mutilation in place.

Save Amazon Rainforest From Annihilation

Drought and deforestation are killing the Amazon rainforest. Demand stronger safeguards to protect this essential natural resource.

Don’t Finance Genocide and Mass Displacement

China is reportedly helping fund the deadly and destabilizing takeover of an ally. Demand the country use its power to help rather than hurt its neighbors.

Protect Patients From Potentially Infectious Medical Procedures

A hospital allegedly exposed patients to serious infectious illnesses during the course of routine diagnostic procedures. Demand public health officials investigate objectively and develop a strong response.

Protect Survivors of Violent Crime

Prison overcrowding could be putting crime victims and the general population at risk. Call for stronger solutions to this issue that do not involve endangering communities.

Special Needs Dogs Allegedly Victimized at Rescue Shelter Deserve Justice

Activism helped bring attention to the special needs dogs who reportedly suffered horrendous treatment. Help ensure the same passionate activism delivers justice to these reported victims of neglect and cruelty.

Prevent Fatal Bus Accidents

In the wake of a major, lethal bus crash, swift action is needed to safeguard the public. Call for reforms that will best serve and protect transit passengers.

Applaud Rescue of World’s Loneliest Sheep

An abandoned sheep forced into solitude at the bottom of a cliff now has a new home. Commend rescuers for saving this lonely animal.

Don’t Let Earthquake Aid Turn Deadly

Another natural disaster has upended the lives and livelihoods of shattered communities. The national government is seemingly botching and worsening recovery efforts. Call on Turkish leadership to better aid earthquake survivors.

Don’t Give Hunters Free Passes for Alleged Animal Cruelty

A Vermont man allegedly killed a deer in a fit of anger and then let the animal suffer in agony for more than an hour. The legal system and lax state laws are currently protecting him. Demand justice in this horrific case.

Stop Turning Prisons Into Alleged Ovens

Inmates and guards in Texas prisons are reportedly being subjected to dangerously hot conditions. Call for an end to this alleged cruel and unusual punishment.

Success: Olympic Values Upheld and Defended

Olympic leaders are finally taking action in addressing reported abuses within the international sports system. Commend these efforts at restoring the integrity of a global platform for peace and goodwill.

Let the People Decide on Hot-Button Issues

Putting critical issues to a popular vote has gained momentum worldwide but still remains elusive in many parts of America. Demand “we the people” get more of a say in governance.

Let Fallen Leaves Replenish the Environment

Fallen leaves are often seen as a nuisance but are actually a big boon to the environment. Demand more value be placed on these eco-warriors.

Dogs Allegedly Imprisoned Inside Death Crate Deserve Justice

A dog allegedly died desperate, starving, and thirsty trapped inside of a crate. Another dog reportedly narrowly escaped the same bleak fate. Call for true justice in this disturbing case.

Stop AI-Driven Digital Slave Labor

Workers who are helping build the technology of the future are being left behind by their greedy employers. Demand AI training companies stop taking advantage of already-struggling gig employees.

Don’t Let Mothers and Babies Die in Maternity Care Deserts

Millions of expectant mothers and unborn children are being put at risk because of plummeting maternity care access. Demand immediate enactment of life-saving measures.

Success: Auto Workers Win Big

Another strike is close to concluding with important victories for America’s labor force. Applaud this positive development for workplace rights.

Stop Billions of Birds From Dying in Building Collisions

When birds and buildings collide, tragedy too often results. Demand stronger protections for birds at risk from dangerous building designs.

Justice for Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Serial Abuser

Dozens of dogs and horses were allegedly severely neglected, leading to multiple reported deaths. Demand the twice-charged suspect face a full legal reckoning.

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