Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who as a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Make Spaying and Neutering Affordable for All

A dog endured tremendous injury and pain when he was allegedly subjected to a botched at-home neutering procedure. An affordable professional option may have spared him this trauma. Help protect other at-risk animals with a nationwide low-cost spaying and neutering program.

Recruit Farms to Fight Devastating Climate Change

A critical deadline has been set in the international fight against climate change catastrophe. Farmers could play a vital role in curtailing this crisis, and the answer may rest in an agricultural technique used worldwide. Demand investment in a solution that could potentially reduce pollution by billions of tons and rescue the world from imminent collapse.

Protester Reportedly Struck With Car and Killed at Black Lives Matter Gathering Deserves Justice

A car reportedly barreled into a Black Lives Matter gathering and took the life of a nonbinary protester. This alleged hate crime injured another and risked the lives of many more. Demand that the charges match the seriousness of this seeming ultimate assault on human rights.

Make Cockfighting Illegal and Punishable in Rooster-Breeding Hot Spot

Tennessee is among the world’s top exporters of roosters used for cockfighting. Despite the existence of a barbaric breeding ring in the state, this horrific cruelty is still not fully criminalized or harshly punished. Urge lawmakers to take a stand against this abuse.

Success: Animal Abusers to Face Harsher Legal Standards and Consequences

Mississippi’s convicted animal abusers will now be treated with the condemnation and punishment they deserve. The state has toughened its standards and penalties for cruelty. Applaud this important reversal of fortune for vulnerable animals.

Solve Mystery of Mass Elephant Die-Off

An unknown ailment is killing elephants by the hundreds in Botswana. The nation’s government has done nothing to identify or remedy this rapidly accelerating die-off. Demand that those in charge work for the salvation of these precious natural resources.

Stop Killing Safety Measures and Healthcare During COVID-19

20 million Americans could lose their healthcare coverage in the midst of a health crisis if the Trump Administration has its way. Do not let the federal government sabotage the health of millions more with negligence and destructive partisanship.

Don’t Let Commercial Fishing Destroy Endangered Whales’ Habitat

A marine monument home to endangered whales and deep-sea coral will lose vital protections without urgent intervention. Big commercial fisheries could soon raid the northeast Atlantic Ocean and put millions of animals at risk. Demand the federal government stop destroying these truly important, life-sustaining national monuments.

Success: Amazon Puts Brakes on Use of Racial Profiling Facial Recognition

Amazon just helped ensure its facial recognition technology is not weaponized for racial profiling and wrongful imprisonment. The influential company will ban use of its often inaccurate tech by law enforcement in most cases. Thank business leaders for this step in the right direction.

Justice for 500 Puppies Reportedly Overheated and Killed in Hot, Cramped Airplane

Hundreds of puppies being exported for sale reportedly fell ill and died painful deaths in a cramped airplane cargo hold. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent puppies.

Make Urban Living Safer for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

The health and wellness of individuals battling allergies and asthma is suffering due to the preference for pollen-spouting male plants in urban landscape planning. These medical conditions can be serious in some individuals and exasperate other illnesses. Demand an end to detrimental environmental misogyny.

Save Starving Populations from Plague of Locusts

Millions of people are at risk of starving in Kenya because of a plague. This locust plague does not bring disease but poses health risks every bit as devastating by destroying essential food supplies. Demand urgent international aid to citizens threatened by long-term food insecurity.

Wildlife Slaughtered for Cruel Pranks Deserve Justice

Wildlife are under assault from calculated acts of animal cruelty in Tasmania. Some of the latest victims in this troubling trend include a gull ensnared on a fishhook and a wallaby hung from a tree. Help strengthen safeguards for targeted animals before they become sacrifices of merciless human aggression.

Justice for Cat Reportedly Shot and Maimed With BB Gun in Drunken Assault

A cat lost a leg after reportedly being shot repeatedly with a BB gun. This trauma apparently happened when a drunken man decided to use the cat as target practice at a party. Demand justice in this horrendous case.

Don’t Put Kids at Risk of Contracting Crippling Polio Virus

Polio cases are on the rise in Pakistan due to a halt in production of vaccines. This delay could turn this looming disease into a full-blown epidemic, putting children and infants at an especially high risk of death. Urge investment and immediate action in the fight against one of the world’s most impactful illnesses.

Stop Clogging the Oceans With Plastic That Never Breaks Down

Plastic bottles from soft drinks kill scores of marine life and pollute oceans and environments around the world. Plant-based plastics could provide the safe-alternative to fossil fuel plastic pollutants. Encourage investment in this essential eco-endeavor.

Don’t “Surprise” Patients With Bankruptcy-Inducing Bills

Surprise medical bills are taking millions of dollars from hard-working Americans at a time when they need it most. These corrosive fines penalize people for unexpected health emergencies that cause them to receive care from out-of-network providers. Demand an end to this profit-driven practice that costs patients millions.

Don’t Let Alleged Killer and Torturer Lead Peace Talks

The new leader of Afghanistan’s military and its peace talks is an alleged murderer who reportedly orchestrates torture and sexual assaults. This appointment came about through American intervention. Urge U.S. leadership to stop endorsing horrific human rights violations.

Save Sloths From Selfie-Obsessed Tourists

Tourists seeking sloth selfies in South America use the animals as glorified props and cause them tremendous trauma in the process. Business owners snatch the sloths from their homes in the rainforest and subject them to this constant human contact for profit. Help put an end to this stress-filled exploitation.

Preserve Natural Parks and Landmarks With Federal Funding

Land conservation in America could soon secure an important win in the form of nearly three billion dollars in funding. This money would go towards much-needed maintenance in the nation’s national parks and landmarks. Demand the passage of this encouraging environmental effort.

Justice for Pregnant Woman Murdered and Hung on Tree

The brutal murder of a young woman and her unborn child has sparked a massive outcry in South Africa, where gender and race-based violence have reached epidemic proportions. Join in the calls for justice in this disturbing case and far beyond.

Success: Racist Confederate Statue Ordered to be Removed

A monument to racism and treason may soon fall in Virginia. The removal of the divisive Robert E. Lee statue, site of many protests against racial injustice, has been ordered by Governor Ralph Northam. Applaud the potential end of this endorsement of America at its worst.

Don’t Protect Corporate Polluters Who Poisoned Air and Water

America’s biggest polluters have received some of the biggest bailouts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies that knowingly poisoned air and water across the country were relieved of paying fines for their dirty deeds, likely due to political favoritism. Urge accountability for these menaces to environmental and public health.

TikTok: Ban Content That Depicts Torture of Animals

Hot social media app TikTok has become a hotbed for animal cruelty. Disgusting images of pets being slapped and physically harassed are prevalent. Urge this social media giant to immediately ban all content involving cruelty to animals.

Ban Killer Chokeholds Responsible for Deaths of George Floyd and Eric Garner

Deadly law enforcement techniques like the ones that killed George Floyd and Eric Garner are still in widespread use by police departments nationwide. Demand an end to these brutal, lethal abuses of force.

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