Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Justice for Bird Whose Neck Was Allegedly Snapped for Revenge

A woman is accused of breaking a defenseless bird’s neck in a fit of anger after arguing with her roommate. Demand that she face consequences if found guilty.

Don’t Let Women Die at Hands of Morality Police

Massive protests have erupted in the wake of an Iranian woman’s death in the custody of the morality police. This woman was reportedly deprived of her freedom, and her life, because of a headscarf. Demand real change to prevent the next tragedy.

Success: Rights of Unionizing Workers Supported and Upheld

In the battle between megacorporation Starbucks and its employees, the underdog workers are scoring needed victories with unionization and employee benefits. Applaud these wins for workers’ rights.

Declare Climate Crisis Threat to Global Public Health

Deadly diseases and dangerous chronic illnesses have skyrocketed as the planet warms and the quality of the precious resources that sustain life degrades. Demand global health leaders sound an urgent alarm on the looming menace of the climate crisis.

Cut Credit Card Fees That Overburden Consumers

Consumers could save hundreds of dollars a year if changes to the credit card fee system come to pass. Demand lawmakers side with Americans over powerful and greedy conglomerates.

Punish Man for Allegedly Dismembering, Flaying, Burning, and Drowning Wild Animals

A 20-year-old man allegedly waged a four-year campaign of cruelty against defenseless animals. This suspect’s reported crimes include drownings, burnings, and stabbings caught on video. Demand real and consequential punishment if the accused is deemed guilty.

DeSantis: Stop Supporting Deadly Hurricanes Through Climate Inaction

A major hurricane is once again threatening lives and livelihoods. Leaders of the state in the most imminent danger are doing nothing to rectify the root causes of these dangerous disasters. Urge real and immediate action on climate change.

End Putin’s Reign of Violence With Improved Global Peacekeeping Strategies

The United Nations is failing in its duty to maintain stability and peace in the world. A broken system is enabling countries to neutralize and abuse this global organization’s security branch. Demand reforms that will balance the scales of international justice.

Keep Potential Anorexia and Bulimia Inducers Out of Kids’ Hands

Weight loss supplements are fueling the fire of the eating disorder epidemic amongst teens. Demand lawmakers take action to curb the sale of these possibly dangerous substances.

Don’t Fund Nuclear Power Plant That Will Kill Marine Ecosystem

A greenlighted nuclear power plant could kill 500 million fish, upend marine ecosystems, and cause a wide-scale environmental disaster with decades-long repercussions. Demand leaders rethink their reckless decision.

Justice for 100 Animals Rescued From Reportedly Severe Neglect

A hundred animals, including dogs, cats, and farm animals, were reportedly neglected and kept in deplorable conditions. Demand justice for these rescued pets.

Stop Exploiting Innocent Refugees for Political Gain

The bussing of refugees by two governors is creating a burden on taxpayers and compounding a humanitarian crisis. Cynical politics is once again taking a devastating real-world toll. Demand a more humane and less exploitative approach to the plight of these people.

Save the Colorado River From Drying Up Due to Climate Change

The Colorado River and its critical water supply is quickly vanishing. Demand leaders stop the arguing and start the productive rescue plan.

Don’t Punish Royal Protesters for Speaking Out Against Colonial Legacy

Protesters in the United Kingdom are reportedly being deprived of their right to free speech in the wake of the queen’s death. Urge authorities to uphold democratic ideals during this grieving period.

Don’t Let Doomsday Glacier Drench Earth in Catastrophic Flooding

The rapidly melting Doomsday Glacier could cause catastrophic flooding in the world’s coastal areas and well beyond. Demand leaders address this urgent crisis before the entire planet hits the iceberg.

Don’t Let Convicted Animal Cruelty Offenders Continue Cycle of Abuse

Individuals convicted of animal cruelty pose an imminent danger to other living beings. Demand lawmakers enact tougher restrictions that will better protect at-risk animals.

Don’t Revictimize Chronically Ill 9/11 Survivors

Survivors of the September 11th terrorist attacks, including many first responders, are still battling chronic and serious health conditions. Their funding lifeline may soon vanish without immediate action. Call for aid for these still-suffering heroes.

Success: Draconian Abortion Bans Blocked

Pro-choice advocates have secured important recent wins in the fight for reproductive rights. Applaud these victories and what they convey about American beliefs regarding privacy and freedom.

Don’t Let Vehicles Become Death Chambers for Dogs

Dogs and other animals are being baked alive in overheated cars. These agonizing deaths could be prevented with stronger punishments for reckless pet caretakers. Demand one lax state help its pets beat the deadly heat.

Twitter: Protect Consumer Privacy and National Security

Consumer privacy, and national security, may be under constant attack at Twitter. A whistleblower claims the company is doing nothing to solve its security breaches. Demand they face the music of a comprehensive investigation.

Banish Agonizing Bow and Arrow Assaults Against Wildlife

Bears and other animals are being subjected to horrific injuries and slow, painful deaths because of bow hunting. Urge a state where this gross practice freely thrives to put a clamp on the cruelty.

Don’t Drive College Grads Into Further Debt

Forgiven student debt may come with a major price tag attached if some states follow through on a new tax. Demand amendment of murky laws that could cancel out key financial and educational benefits.

Success: Medicare Recipients to Benefit From Cost Cuts

Out-of-control prescription drug prices will be reined in thanks to significant new Medicare reforms. Applaud this win for Americans burdened by excessive healthcare costs.

Don’t Turn Doorbells into High-Tech Surveillance Devices

Video doorbells have become a part of pop culture, and they’ve also become a serious threat to privacy. Demand Amazon stop breaching trust with their consumers.

Restore Clean and Abundant Water Supply to Minority Community

Residents of Mississippi’s capital currently have little to no access to drinking water. Years of ineptitude and inaction by state leaders helped create this crisis. Demand these politicians finally invest in their constituents’ future.

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