Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Stop Japan From Dumping Nuclear Waste into Sea

Japan plans to dump water from a nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. This possibly tainted liquid could unleash harmful consequences for marine life. Demand a halt to a destructive plan that could upend aquatic ecosystems.

Keep Violent Abusers From Killing and Torturing Animals

Animals die every day at the hands of domestic abusers. Demand individuals convicted of violent, domestic abuse be kept away from innocent animals.

Dismantle Destructive Trump Policies Before Clock Runs Out

Congress is squandering an opportunity to eliminate some of the most damaging government actions taken against the environment, health, and more. Demand this deliberative body review its priorities.

Success: Rights of All American Students Affirmed

Predators who manipulate and exploit America’s education system could finally face a day of reckoning. Applaud essential progress made in the fight against education fraud, harassment, and discrimination.

Stop Flooding Marine Communities With Toxic Waste

Red tide algae blooms are set to ravage Florida’s coasts yet again because of human mismanagement. Wastewater facilities pose an ongoing threat to marine ecosystems. Demand an end to the toxification of the seas.

Stop Soldiers From Terrorizing and Massacring Civilians

Widespread massacres, assaults, and forced displacements have gripped Ethiopia. An alleged mass execution caught on video only reinforced condemnations of potential military involvement in war crimes. Demand international leaders investigate and act with urgency.

Dogs Allegedly Victimized By Serial Abuser Deserve Justice

Dozens of dogs were reportedly bred for fighting, abused, and woefully neglected over a two-year period, all while authorities seemingly looked on. Help ensure justice is finally delivered for these ailing animals.

Justice for Girl Allegedly Bound to Rapist and Beaten

A young rape victim was reportedly bound to her alleged rapist with a rope, publicly shamed, and beaten by a mob in the latest episode of rampant violence against women in India. The reported incident was caught on video for the world to see. Demand accountability in the apparent re-victimization of a sexual assault survivor.

Don’t Deprive Trans Kids of Critical Care

Arkansas politicians want to take medical decisions away from families and physicians and cause grave harm to their new favorite political punching bags, transgender kids. Urge an end to this assault on at-risk youth.

Chihuahua Killed in Hellish Fire Chamber Deserves Justice

A defenseless chihuahua was apparently burned alive in a cage. The perpetrator of this awful act remains at large. Demand justice for this animal who endured an agonizing death.

Crack Down on Pollution and Commit to Clean Energy

China produces the most carbon dioxide of any country in the world, making it one of Earth’s most preeminent polluters. The planet will soon be on life support if they do not take a strong stance against climate change. Demand China make good on its promise to spearhead an era of clean energy.

Coca-Cola: Speak Out Against “Jim Crow” Voting Restrictions

The right to vote is under attack in Georgia. Demand that one of America’s most influential corporations take a stand against anti-democratic voting restrictions.

Stop the Filibuster From Paralyzing Congress

Fundamental rights and meaningful reforms that could improve lives too often die on the Senate floor due to stalling techniques. Demand an end to a political weapon that denies the will of the people.

Save Refugees From Death Due to Unsafe Shelters

Refugees of genocide are now being endangered in their supposed safe harbors. A fire at their shelter claimed 15 lives and could result in the loss of hundreds more. Demand stronger safeguards for traumatized Rohingya families.

Identify Gun Violence as Public Health Crisis

Scores of Americans are dying every day from gun violence, a plague of our own making. The onslaught of mass shootings is a severe symptom of this raging epidemic. Urge real investment and commitment to combatting gun violence.

Instagram: Don’t Give Animal Cruelty a Global Platform

An attention-seeking influencer apparently grabbed her dog by the neck and threatened to kill him on Instagram, but the site has taken no steps to punish her. Urge Instagram to stop broadcasting animal cruelty.

Save Yellowfin Tuna From Entrapment and Extinction

Overfishing is putting another prized marine species at imminent risk. The Indian Ocean’s Yellowfin tuna population remains in crisis due to human devices that trap and kill them by the thousands. Demand an end to this unchecked plunder.

Restore River and Save Salmon Haven

The largest river that feeds the Puget Sound has been reduced to a shadow of its former self, taking endangered aquatic life with it. Help eliminate the most destructive barrier to this river’s resurgence.

Don’t Let Misogynistic Murderers Off the Hook

Every day, girls and women are harassed, attacked, and killed because of their gender. This violent hatred continues to fuel deplorable crimes in America and around the globe. Help ensure the safety of females everywhere.

Don’t Abandon Starving Children From World’s Worst Famine

Children are without food, clean water and shelter in war torn Yemen. Demand real help for a ravaged and starving nation.

Trump: Encourage Hesitant But Loyal Followers to Get Vaccinated

Vaccines could signal the beginning of the end of the worst public health crisis in modern history, but acceptance of these crucial safeguards remains sharply divided along political lines. Encourage a united effort to fight COVID-19.

Success: Youngest Americans Protected From Poverty and Homelessness

One in six children live in extreme poverty…and these estimates were calculated before the onslaught of a global pandemic. Promising provisions in the newest U.S. rescue plan could help change the narrative in America. Applaud these efforts to end another epidemic plaguing the country.

Ban Brutal Pregnancy Prisons for Pigs

Sows are among the most mistreated farmed animals in the world. When bred for profit, they spend their whole lives laying in their own waste and immobilized in small prisons. Demand an end to the use of torturous gestation crates.

Save Gray Wolves From Relentless Slaughter

Over 200 gray wolves were slaughtered in a Wisconsin hunting massacre. This tragedy comes on the heels of the politically motivated abolishment of their protection as an endangered species. Help ensure this travesty never happens again.

Ensure Clean and Safe Water for Storm-Battered Communities

Residents of Jackson, Mississippi have lacked access to clean water for weeks. Once more, punishing winter storms have plunged a southern U.S. city into an emergency state. Demand that leaders step up and give real aid to those in need.

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