Turkeys Reportedly Stomped and Beaten to Death Deserve Justice

Target: Lina Khan, Chair of Federal Trade Commission

Goal: Investigate turkey farm for possibly lying to consumers about humane and ethical treatment of animals.

A turkey is given a “pardon” every year for Thanksgiving, but thousands of the animals will not be so lucky. Video evidence obtained on a Pennsylvania farm allegedly shows in stark detail just how brutal the end may be for some turkeys raised for slaughter. In the footage, the animals appear to be beaten, stomped, kicked, violently shaken, clubbed, and nearly have their necks snapped. So far, 11 workers have been charged with cruelty. But the organization for which the employees worked—which uses terms like “humanely raised” and “animal welfare-certified” to describe its product—is still operating unchecked.

Plainville Farms provides turkeys to prominent grocery chains and is responsible for the output of roughly 90 million pounds of the poultry yearly. An undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) yielded the disturbing accusations, and the reported cruelty allegedly took place in several counties. While at least one retailer has stopped selling the meat and charges were finally filed after months of public pressure, PETA believes more action should be taken. They are calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to launch its own investigation into this producer for potentially misleading consumers.

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Dear Chair Khan,

“Every night, at every farm the crews worked at, these men threw turkeys, viciously kicked and stomped on them, and killed them in the most rampant, top-to-bottom display of cruelty to farmed animals we’ve ever seen.” A spokesperson for PETA released this statement in regards to the organization’s undercover investigation of Plainville Farms. Over 100 cruelty charges have since been filed in association with the case.

Now, the root source of this alleged widespread abuse needs to be held accountable. PETA has implored the FTC to investigate this farm that appears to be misleading consumers with false claims about “humanely raised” animals living in a “stress-free environment.” Please take these entreaties to heart.

Look out for consumers and, more importantly, for the living beings at risk of inhumane and callous treatment.


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Photo Credit: World Wildlife


  1. These poor unfortunate Birds are being TORTURED TO DEATH BY WORKERS FOR FUN!
    I have seen the video and it is absolutely horrendous what these fucking EVIL SCUM are getting away with. & this is “Humane” meat (no such thing as) WHY TF is this being ignored… FFS STOP THIS SHIT….
    These filthy EVIL bastards should be tortured to death the same way.


  2. Leimamo Oshiro says:

    💯 Agree! SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🔥🔥🤬😡. All ANIMALS that get abused by humans will suffer.👊🏼👊🏼

  3. I agree with theater comments. These workers are beyond what words can describe. If such action were to be taken against them would they like it? No. But they seem too lame to understand you treat others as you would like to be treated. It applies to ALL life. These men need to be fired and the information of these acts follow them through out their lives. They should never be around any animals again. I’m worried about their kids.
    What if Karma exists? These idiots don’t seem to realize they might have to live 10 lifetimes for every one harm they committed against innocent animals. A true wake up call. This is why cameras need to be installed and used by every workplace especially those involving animals or children. If a company does not have and use cameras, they need to be shut down permanently!

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