Turkeys Reportedly Stomped and Beaten to Death on Video Deserve Justice

Target: Lina Khan, Chair of Federal Trade Commission

Goal: Investigate turkey farm for possibly lying to consumers about humane and ethical treatment of animals.

A turkey is given a “pardon” every year for Thanksgiving, but thousands of the animals will not be so lucky. Video evidence obtained on a Pennsylvania farm allegedly shows in stark detail just how brutal the end may be for some turkeys raised for slaughter. In the footage, the animals appear to be beaten, stomped, kicked, violently shaken, clubbed, and nearly have their necks snapped. So far, 11 workers have been charged with cruelty. But the organization for which the employees worked—which uses terms like “humanely raised” and “animal welfare-certified” to describe its product—is still operating unchecked.

Plainville Farms provides turkeys to prominent grocery chains and is responsible for the output of roughly 90 million pounds of the poultry yearly. An undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) yielded the disturbing accusations, and the reported cruelty allegedly took place in several counties. While at least one retailer has stopped selling the meat and charges were finally filed after months of public pressure, PETA believes more action should be taken. They are calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to launch its own investigation into this producer for potentially misleading consumers.

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Dear Chair Khan,

“Every night, at every farm the crews worked at, these men threw turkeys, viciously kicked and stomped on them, and killed them in the most rampant, top-to-bottom display of cruelty to farmed animals we’ve ever seen.” A spokesperson for PETA released this statement in regards to the organization’s undercover investigation of Plainville Farms. Over 100 cruelty charges have since been filed in association with the case.

Now, the root source of this alleged widespread abuse needs to be held accountable. PETA has implored the FTC to investigate this farm that appears to be misleading consumers with false claims about “humanely raised” animals living in a “stress-free environment.” Please take these entreaties to heart.

Look out for consumers and, more importantly, for the living beings at risk of inhumane and callous treatment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PETA


  1. It’s been ascertained that the early pioneers did not, in all likelihood, eat turkey on thanksgiving day. Why the hype over having turkey????? Mass re-education needs to be done asap!!! The token pardoning of one bird is a joke. It’s a sick PR stint 🙁

  2. Steve Baer says:

    There is no excuse for animal abuse.
    Just because they look different than humans, or act differently than humans, or don’t communicate like humans, or any number of biases, that is no reason to abuse an animal or cause him or her to suffer.
    We live on one small planet.
    Come on folks – Let’s do a better job sharing it.
    Penalize those who are known to injure other individuals. It will save a lot of lives.

  3. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    this human garbage torment and kill the animals – execute them

  4. GO VEGAN GO VEGAN — Beyond unconscionable CRUELTY to TURKEYS — the depraved indifference to sadistic, obscene, hateful, immoral treatment of Turkeys must STOP — Plainville Farms SICKOS should be thrown in JAIL / Rubber Rooms — we have OPTIONS — WHO do these SICKOS think they are?! — STOP them — GO VEGAN — GO VEGAN

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