Turkeys Reportedly Stomped and Beaten to Death on Video Deserve Justice

Target: Lina Khan, Chair of Federal Trade Commission

Goal: Investigate turkey farm for possibly lying to consumers about humane and ethical treatment of animals.

A turkey is given a “pardon” every year for Thanksgiving, but thousands of the animals will not be so lucky. Video evidence obtained on a Pennsylvania farm allegedly shows in stark detail just how brutal the end may be for some turkeys raised for slaughter. In the footage, the animals appear to be beaten, stomped, kicked, violently shaken, clubbed, and nearly have their necks snapped. So far, 11 workers have been charged with cruelty. But the organization for which the employees worked—which uses terms like “humanely raised” and “animal welfare-certified” to describe its product—is still operating unchecked.

Plainville Farms provides turkeys to prominent grocery chains and is responsible for the output of roughly 90 million pounds of the poultry yearly. An undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) yielded the disturbing accusations, and the reported cruelty allegedly took place in several counties. While at least one retailer has stopped selling the meat and charges were finally filed after months of public pressure, PETA believes more action should be taken. They are calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to launch its own investigation into this producer for potentially misleading consumers.

Sign the petition below to join in the calls for accountability.


Dear Chair Khan,

“Every night, at every farm the crews worked at, these men threw turkeys, viciously kicked and stomped on them, and killed them in the most rampant, top-to-bottom display of cruelty to farmed animals we’ve ever seen.” A spokesperson for PETA released this statement in regards to the organization’s undercover investigation of Plainville Farms. Over 100 cruelty charges have since been filed in association with the case.

Now, the root source of this alleged widespread abuse needs to be held accountable. PETA has implored the FTC to investigate this farm that appears to be misleading consumers with false claims about “humanely raised” animals living in a “stress-free environment.” Please take these entreaties to heart.

Look out for consumers and, more importantly, for the living beings at risk of inhumane and callous treatment.


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Photo Credit: PETA


  1. jean robertson says:

    I worked catching broilers one night at a chicken farm in the late 1980s. I was so sick and disgusted after 8 hours that I have not eaten poultry since. All industrial farming is the same.

  2. I hope anyone that is part of Plainville Farms drops dead soon. Your company and disgusting behavior of your employees is part of what’s wrong in this world.
    We need justice for all animals that suffer horrible cruelty at the hands of humans.

    • Naila M Johnston says:

      Damn right! MAY ALL THOSE MURDERERS suffer a thousand torturous deaths and be damned to hell!! I am enraged….. damn them!!

    • These employees are psychopathic serial killers! They cant be allowed to handle animals! Fire them and ban them from getting close contact with animals! Please continue to monitor the company with close circuit cameras and ensure that they never get to abuse innocent helpless living creatures again.

  3. I totally agree with ABS314 above! Stop eating animals! It really isn’t hard with all the wonderful products NOT DERIVED from animals available in many stores.

  4. I hope anyone that is part of Plainville Farms drops dead soon. If I had my way without repercussions, I would round up a posse of animal lovers like me, beat the crap out of everyone in your company, free all the animals in your facility, and set your property ablaze. Your company and disgusting behavior of your employees is part of what’s wrong in this world.
    We need justice for all animals that suffer horrible cruelty at the hands of humans.

  5. and…

    of course stop eating any meat and fish ever!

    but sadly I cannot envision some people ever quitting….may the Lord help

    • Hello- the Lord is who created the animals for us to consume as food! It’s the idiots that are doing the abuse to the animals that are to be used as our food that need the crap beat out of them! There is NO reason an animal should be abused used for food or for our companion pets!!! It’s disgusting how these animals are treated, poultry, beef, pork etc.!

  6. A to the J says:

    We all see you Plainville Farms! You are disgusting people. Lets me stomp you on your head as I place electric wire up your ass. How dare you treat animals like that. Get out of the business since you cannot be ethical. I have zero patience for your ass.

  7. THOSE MURDERERS I HOPE THEY DIE soon and very painful way

  8. George Sampson says:

    A curse be placed upon those who butcher and mistreat animals, who visit suffering and agony upon their existence. May those who cast such affliction suffer in this life anguish and distress for their acts, for there should be no reprieve for them. We need a VEGAN world now to stop this massacre and brutality.

  9. William Turner says:

    Please local people.Go to this farm,remove the creatures and destroy the farm.

  10. Julia Taylor says:

    Cowards. Scum.

  11. Ines Gjurinovic says:

    And, what if some of the cruelest of those butchers were deprived of a hand or a leg, Arabian style?

  12. How can people be so evil to inflict such cruelty on animals. Close down this farm and arrest the owners who don’t care who they hire or check on these people.

  13. Marcia Belzak says:

    Why? I just don’t understand the rampant animal cruelty. Even if you are not vegan, you can see that this is simply not right. These turkeys and other livestock literally give you their lives, why not treat them with kindness, compassion, and respect while they are alive? The day these intensive factory farms came about is literally when humanity lost its sense of common decency.

  14. May the people who did this burn in HELL~~~

  15. Lina – This Petition is a cry for action! The video depicting Plainville Farms employees killing these turkey’s in the most horrific ways is utterly disgusting and heart-wrenching. You are in a position to help the plight of these innocent birds and we implore you to do the job you were hired to do and implement the changes necessary to prevent these atrocities from happening again. If you do have the compassion and desire to do this, then you should not hold the position of Chair of Federal Trade Commission…

  16. Jaime Perez says:

    I just can’t understand why workers at these farms have to be so cruel to innocent animals. What drives them to be so abusive and cruel? They deserve the same treatment they dish out to the poor animals! Vegan is the way to live, spare the animals.

  17. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It certainly is misleading to consumers and deceptive to make claims to the public that their animals are treated humanely. Evidence in the form of videos says otherwise. Plainville Farms clearly should be held accountable for such claims. Most importantly is to make sure each and every person involved in torturing live animals be held accountable. Slaughter house or no slaughterhouse. No defenseless animal like Turkeys should be abused in such a violent way. What a disgrace.

  18. Urszula Lund says:

    GO VEGAN and this animal hell will end very soon.
    VEGAN is the only ethical lifestyle because it’s totally cruelty-free!
    The slaughter industry is the biggest LEGALIZED CRIME in modern times. Don’t fund it, fund VEGAN instead…

  19. Agree all comments beat the fuck out of them stomp on them leave them to die slow something needs to be done its fucken sick and owners should have same time.

  20. Wendy+Morrison says:


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