Don’t Release Man Who Tortured and Killed Seven Dogs

Target: Chairman of Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners Christopher P. DeRicco

Goal: Do not allow man who violently killed seven dogs to be released from prison early.

Seven dogs were brutally tortured before being killed and dismembered. Jason Brown is serving time in prison for the crime, but he may soon be eligible for an early parole because Nevada considers dogs to only be “personal property.” It is important that he serve his entire sentence to better ensure other animals will be safe.

Brown appears to be telling people in a video that he wanted to make the animals into fur coats after taking them to his “house of pain.” People who had sold puppies to Brown were heart broken and shocked when they watched him beating and skinning the animals on camera at the original court hearing. Ironically, because Brown was recently reclassified as a non-violent offender, he qualifies for things like good behavior credits, which makes it so he may not be required to serve the entire length of his original sentence.

Sign this petition to demand Brown not be released from prison early since he was found guilty of committing these very disgusting and senseless acts of animal cruelty.


Dear Chairman DeRicco,

Jason Brown may not be required to serve out his prison sentence, despite being found guilty of violently tormenting and killing seven dogs. He needs to serve the rest of his time so that other dogs will be less likely to experience the same fate.

Brown can be heard on video telling friends that his intentions are to take the dogs to his “house of pain” and turn them into fur coats. Sadly, people who sold Brown puppies through Craigslist were forced to watch him torture and skin the animals on video at his prior court date. The state of Nevada claims that a person who harms animals cannot be legally called a violent offender since they are only considered to be property by law. Nonetheless, many studies indicate that people who commit violent acts against animals will most likely also commit similar crimes against people in the future.

For these reasons, I demand you not release Brown from prison early so that other helpless animals and people will be less likely to be viciously tortured or killed.


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Photo Credit: Donald Judge


  1. NO, Nevada courts, NO… please let common sense and logic prevail. Clearly, this law/regulation needs to be revised and adjusted to suit modern times and take into account the new way of considering animals in modern 21st century lifestyle. This mad man should not be allowed into society. Nor get prison benefits….

  2. CRIMES against ANIMALS MUST be taken SERIOUSLY – my heart breaks for Doggies — Do NOT RELEASE the PSYCHO Jason Brown — MENTALLY UNBALANCED — IDIOT MUST stay away from Animals FOREVER — He’s an unconscionable, insane & hateful human — Get STIFF LAWS on the books & ENFORCE them — this punk-idiot will repeat his brutality unless we STOP him – DO NOT LET the Sicko GET AWAY with it — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES must be SEVERE — We do NOT want repeats

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