Pet Ferrets Reportedly Abandoned to Starve and Die in Park Deserve Justice

Target: Nicole W. Ziccarelli, District Attorney of Westmoreland County, PA

Goal: Prosecute alleged pet abandonment that led to death to the fullest extent.

Cases of pet abandonment have exploded since the pandemic began, leading to tragic results in too many instances. Unfortunately, this worst outcome was realized when two ferrets were allegedly left behind in a Pennsylvania park by their caretakers.

One of the ferrets was discovered after two days of searching. The search originated from reports of a malnourished ferret roaming the park’s grounds. The ferret, while in bad condition at the time, was seen by a vet and eventually placed in a foster home. The second ferret was not so fortunate, as remains were discovered along the side of a nearby road. Once allegedly abandoned, this ferret had been run over at some point.

Pet abandonment is animal cruelty. Sign the petition below to demand full and vigorous prosecution for these apparent crimes.


Dear Ms. Ziccarelli,

Three pet caretakers were recently cited for animal cruelty and neglect. They are accused of abandoning their two pet ferrets in Twin Lakes Park, where one of the ferrets perished. This case is the type of incident that can easily slip through the cracks of the legal system.

Please treat this alleged crime with seriousness. Two living beings suffered, and one of them lost their life. The troubling trend of lenient or non-existent, slap-on-the-wrist punishments for such reported offenses needs to end. Please prosecute with vigilance.

Send a message that every life has value and every crime matters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Westmoreland County Park Police


  1. The Monsters need to ROT IN PRISON!!!!!

  2. Nadine+brundage says:

    Disgusting, evil, heartless scum, they need to be dumped in Antarctica and left there. Let them feel like the innocent animals they dumped in a park to fend for themselves. Brainless, low life shit need to pay for horrific cruelty. Unbelievable

  3. This is a serious offense to ferret lovers.

  4. These CRUEL IDIOTS whom are releasing pet ferrets lose need to be the ones rekeased from their house for them to starve instead of all.these innocent ferrets!!! If STUPID IDIOTS are NOT PREPARED TO TAKE CARE ABD FEED AND GIVE THEM WATER FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE TIME DO NOT NEED TO ADOPT FERRETTS AND/ OR ANY OTHER ANIMAL AS A PET!!!!!!!

  5. How can people be so heartless? I believe if you take a pet it is life long of that pet to take care of it. It is a living creature. I will never understand those careless people. It can happen, people get problems and they can’t take care of their pet, but there are many shelters to get them into their care.

  6. Agree all comments if you dont want them give to shelter or someone that wants them no excuse, do the same to this fucker laws need to change world wide. NO EXCUSE ANYTIME ANIMALS DONT GO TO YOU , YOU GET THEM to buy breed sell animals need to have a permit and check first. To much bullshit goes on torture animal cruel people see how they feel beat this fucker to death.


  8. Peter J. Wood says:

    Find the motherfucking cunts and eviscerate the POS. I hope they find the shit and make them pay for the poor one that died.

  9. American+Girl says:

    Dirty filthy inbred pieces of shot. Cull them from society.

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