Stop Shielding Big Polluters From Liability

Target: Eric Sekler, CEO of Paul Weiss

Goal: Halt representation of fossil fuel corporations responsible for environmental destruction.

Lawsuits have been touted as one way to curb the toxic influence of fossil fuels, but too many times the legal system has been used and abused as a tool to aid and abet these mass polluters. In just five years, the 100 most elite U.S. law firms have taken on over 350 cases on behalf of Big Oil and other conglomerates. While these entities rake in millions of dollars, they are selling out the world they call home.

Top firm Paul Weiss has played a particularly prominent and destructive role. In 2009, the firm defended ExxonMobil against accusations it lied to investors about the effects of climate change. The corporation ultimately won the case, setting a damaging future precedent. Paul Weiss has represented fossil fuel interests in about 30 other cases and counting in recent years, helping the firm earn an F rating on its environmental work. These destructive cases are especially hypocritical because this particular firm likes to tout its sustainability division.

Sign the petition below to urge this legal juggernaut to use its talents and its practices for ensuring a better and healthier world.


Dear Mr. Sekler,

The future of the legal profession wants today’s leaders to take decisive action in ensuring the future of the world. Law Students for Climate Accountability has asked for a pledge from top law firms to cease carrying out the fossil fuel industry’s dirty work. Paul Weiss is among the worst offenders, helping conglomerates like ExxonMobil secure major wins with the entire planet as a loser.

You can wax poetic about sustainability while working on behalf of entities that undermine these crucial goals. You can make millions in the short-term, but what will this money be worth in a world set ablaze by recklessness and inaction? Please take a hard look at the legacy you want to leave behind.

Abandon the enablement of polluters and poisoners and instead work on behalf of the people most impacted by the climate crisis. Demonstrate that the scales of justice always balance in favor of good.


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  1. Why not sue these corporations? They wanted only money. They did not warn or provide information when asked to do so by the government. Oil Gas and Coal have raped the land and made billions from doing so! Of course they want to continue to do so but I feel they need to be stopped. There is a transition from fossil fuels o green energy. However that time will be used by these criminals to ruin all they touch and kill all life on the planet if not stopped. What stops this type of action? It stops when they realize those they have hurt can sue their pants off! Plastics, oil, gas, and coal all need to be purged and stopped. If this is a way to do that then so be it.

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