Stop Auctioning Off Public Lands for Fossil Fuel Pillaging

Target: Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Do not give oil and gas drilling leases to corporations responsible for damaging levels of fossil fuel pollution.

U.S. leaders just returned from a global climate change conference where they once again pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy. Yet mere weeks after this meeting concluded, the government’s actions defy its pledges and promises. President Biden just ordered the largest opening of U.S. oil reserves in decades. More troubling still, a large swath of the Gulf of Mexico was just sold off to the highest bidders.

The likes of Exxon, Chevron, and other fossil fuel corporations scooped up nearly two million acres for oil and gas drilling in the Gulf. This auction blatantly violated campaign pledges made by the president of “no more drilling on federal lands, including offshore.” In fact, the administration has averaged around 300 drilling permits a month. According to studies, this one auction alone could result in over 50 million metric tons of emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Environmentalists have tried to make bids for these leases with the intention of leaving precious lands intact and in their natural state. An antiquated “use it or lose it” rule, however, prohibits such actions to safeguard the environment. The Bureau of Land Management even recently canceled one multi-million-dollar permit win after learning the purchaser would not disturb the land.

Sign the petition below to demand leaders lift this archaic dictate and stop walking back critical commitments to environmental protection.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

The Department of the Interior is handing out drilling permits like candy, even surpassing the destructive actions of predecessors. The recent Gulf of Mexico auction is just the latest appalling example of a willful disregard for pledges you made to the American people and to the world. You must take the commitments of the Glasgow Climate Pact seriously.

Injunctions or not, you still have tools in your arsenal. One important source of aid could come from discarding the “use it or lose it” permit rule designed for a country and a world that was not on the brink of an annihilation of its own making. Allowing conservationists to bid on these leases would not deter the flow of funds into your coffers. Rather, it would ensure that these sales are not auctioning off our future to the tune of tens of millions of tons in poisonous emissions.

Please make the eradication of this policy the first important step in a renewed and sincere action plan for combating the existential threat of the climate crisis.


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  1. We, America, are either fighting climate or not. Two faced people are the worst and the same goes for the government. Where’s the truth in all this? People who speak to f bth sides of their mouth are not to be trusted. Maybe I don’t understand but to rooms to d something about the climate crises and all the while selling leases to Big oil and Gas is hypocritical. Where is the thought for our wildlife, our oceans and out lands? I know we will have to rely on gas an il as we transition to clean energy but to allow these monsters to keep ruining every area they touch seems despicable. In the end who’s fault is more spills, the oil and gas companies or the government?

  2. Muriel Servaege says:

    While everybody knows how destructive fossil fuels are, companies like Exxon or Chevron keep on expoiting them, as if nothing was the matter – profit first. It’s time they looked for other (and more ecological) sources of energy.
    We used to drive 60,000km per year and heat the house with petrol. Now, we use the car for 4,000km a year. and heat the house with … Russian gas. Our next car will be electric. Exit fossil fuel.
    It’s quite possible.

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