Success: Methane and Toxic Chemicals Restricted to Protect Environment

Target: Michael Regan, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Support plans to reduce methane emissions and production of hazardous forever chemicals.

Methane and so-called forever chemicals are pollutants long identified as toxic to both the environment and human health. PFAS chemicals, industrial compounds found in common household products, can infect water supplies and food, endangering living beings in the process. Methane is a dangerous pollutant emitted mainly from the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, the previous administration eradicated many safeguards designed to protect against these substances, as brought to attention in this ForceChange petition and this petition. New leadership at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is listening, and they have taken decisive steps to rein in reckless corporations skirting responsibility.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan said of PFAS: “we’re going to use every tool in our toolbox to restrict human exposure to these toxic chemicals.” These steps include contamination clean-ups paid for by polluters, robust research investments, and—most importantly—reinstated restrictions on the release of forever chemicals. Companies will once again be held to account by reporting the toxicity of their products and water will be strictly monitored for excessive amounts of the substances.

Of the administration’s Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan, Regan said, “cutting methane emissions…is the fastest, most cost-effective way to slow global warming today.” In this spirit, the stronger rules will utilize advanced technologies to screen for methane leaks and move toward zero-emitting alternatives for major methane-producing pneumatic controllers. The agency will also take other reduction measures, like fixing abandoned wells and curbing a detrimental process known as flaring.

Sign the petition below to thank the EPA for finally living up to its name and mission.


Dear Administrator Regan,

You recently unveiled two significant action plans aimed at rolling back some of the dangerous deregulation of your predecessors. These initiatives would also take on two sources you identified as imminent threats to environmental and public health: PFAS forever chemicals and methane pollution. You have prior experience with communities suffering from the after-effects of these toxins, so you can appreciate the urgency of bringing their oppressive influence down across America.

Thank you for the important actions you have taken and your commitment to do much more for the environment you took an oath to protect.


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  1. Does this include methane gas produced by CAFO factory farms?

  2. Thank you for taking action! I am pleased to write of my appreciation.
    There are so many times we write in complaint but this time it is in praise! Methane gas is so dangerous. With the ice melting the Russians hold be very concerned as there is a huge layer of methane throughout their country. Hopefully people in power will finally wake up to the fact the planet is too hot. But any step to control methane is a step in the right direction. Thanks for taking that first step.

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