Don’t Prioritize Coal Production Over World’s Future

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Do not raise production at coal plants that have an oversized adverse impact on the environment.

Ahead of one of the most consequential global meetings on climate change of modern times, the country responsible for the most polluting emissions in the world is deepening its destructive carbon footprint. China has pledged a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2060. Evaluations say that in order to meet this deadline, the sprawling nation will need to shut down roughly 600 coal-fired power plants. Yet a recent energy crunch has led leaders to up production by 100 million tons in the production-intensive region of Inner Mongolia.

Most of these coal producers use open pit mining. In addition to damaging emissions, this method is destructive to the environment because it erodes soil, can contaminate groundwater, and lessens the biodiversity of the areas where it takes place. The co-chief executive of TransitionZero has decisively stated that “if China fails on coal, the rest of the world will fail on containing dangerous climate change.”

Sign the petition below to urge Chinese leadership to break its coal addiction and invest in energy sources that will ultimately benefit their nation and the entire world.


Dear President Xi,

China’s role in the Glasgow climate change conference is immeasurable. Scientists worldwide have affirmed that this nation is critical in winning the fight against climate change. Please do not make an irreversible error during this crucial time.

The energy crisis currently plaguing China has compelled you to order a significant uptake in production at 70 Inner Mongolia coal plants. While this tactic may work in the short-term, the crisis speaks to a larger problem. Non-renewable resources are more subject to market volatility than their renewable counterparts. Robust investment in renewable energy could lessen this volatility and decrease the chances of another damaging energy crunch.

Your 2060 net zero emissions goal is a good first step, but China’s continued dependence on coal will make this important deadline much more evasive. Please help this global powerhouse become a true example and world leader by helping the planet defeat its most formidable existential threat. Accelerate the transition from coal reliance to renewable energy.


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Photo Credit: Chris LeBoutillier


  1. I really hate to say this, but China isn’t going to listen to anyone or do anything about their use of dirty energy. And who are we to talk? It’s not like the US only uses clean energy. I guess trying to convince them doesn’t hurt, but it’s going to be slow going. At least we have shut down some coal burning electric plants. Also, STOP exporting coal to China and we both win. Start the transition.

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