Protect Orangutans, Tigers, and Forests From Law-Breaking Palm Oil Producers

Target: Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Indonesia’s Minister for Environment and Forestry

Goal: Stop palm oil producers from infiltrating critical forests and protected animal habitats.

The world’s largest palm oil producer is handing over more of its lands to greedy corporations while ignoring flagrant violations of environmental law. Currently, over 600 companies have invaded Indonesia’s forest estate, replacing carbon-fighting vegetation with palm oil plantations. Although these invaders are supposed to be legally prohibited from these regions, they now occupy more than 20 percent of the land, including national parks.

The government has apparently given amnesty that allows palm oil producers to operate without constraints. The lands and their inhabitants suffer in the process. The plantations occupy 183,687 hectares of orangutan habitat and 148,839 hectares of Sumatran tiger habitat, placing these two natural wonders in jeopardy. The eradication of dense forests has also rendered the region vulnerable to heat waves, wildfires, and other natural disasters.

Sign the petition below to demand Indonesian leaders stop sacrificing the long-term health and safety of their critical forests for short-term gain.


Dear Minister Bakar,

Unforgiving wildfires, oppressive heat waves, extinct animals, and once-breathable air now choking and strangling: this dire future awaits Indonesia if the country continues shielding the people and the entities destroying its most important guardians. The sprawling forest estate is a crucial ally in combating the worst effects of the climate crisis, soaking up dangerous carbon saturation that would otherwise wreak havoc. Yet by the day, more of this precious estate disappears.

To date, over three million hectares have been lost to palm oil plantations that should be prohibited under the law. Only the smaller companies are seemingly punished for blatant infractions, while the more powerful players are granted amnesty to snatch more habitat away from at-risk animals like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger. The escalating repercussions will extend far beyond these animals if you do not change course.

Please stop protecting palm oil at the expense of the environment and local communities’ future. Safeguard these invaluable forest assets, and they will return your investment in full.


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  1. Boycott products made with palm oil. Check the ingredients.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP DESTROYING IRREPLACEABLE RAINFORESTS for short term profits! Greed and shortsightedness is destroying our planet.


  3. Half the items at the food store contains non sustainable palm oil. It will list sustainable, if it’s ok to buy the product. I have noticed that food manufacturers use palm oil in everything from frozen foods to bakery goods. I won’t buy ANYTHING that contains non sustainable palm oil! But one person is just a drop in the ocean. I pray that more people will realize what happens when these items are purchased and change their choices. We, as consumers, need to dry up the demand for harmful palm oil and save the wildlife and the forests that sustain them.

  4. Boycott products made with palm oil. Check the ingredients.

  5. The GOVT must NEVER ALLOW Corps to enter and destroy our Forests — our Planet NEEDS our Forests — our Animals NEED our Forests — our People NEED our Forests — we can choose OTHER plant OILS — Leave the PALM ALONE — STOP KILLING US ALL.

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