Combat Climate Change to Prevent Global Water Crisis

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Enact and invest in efforts that could stave off water shortages and the worst effects of natural disasters.

Water is essential for all life, yet this fundamental building block is running critically low around the world. Droughts and water mismanagement contribute to the crisis, as does climate change…which can  diminish supplies and transform already-existing water into a life-ender rather than a life-saver. A startling new report from the United Nations warns that the world is gravely unprepared for a rapidly escalating global water emergency.

According to the report, upwards of five billion people could lack access to clean and safe water in the coming years. Currently, a quarter of the world’s cities already experience water shortages. Women and children are especially impacted by this emergency. The World Meteorological Association, the agency responsible for the report, also highlighted the dangers caused by extreme floods and hurricanes that have increased over 100 percent just since the turn of the century.

This latest flashing red light reinforces the urgency of immediate action. The World Meteorological Association has called for a number of investments and reforms, including advanced early warning systems for water-logged natural disasters, more robust climate policies, and integrated water resources management. Sign the petition below to urge U.S. movement on these desperately needed initiatives.


Dear President Biden,

“Water lies at the heart of the global agenda on climate adaptation, sustainable development, and disaster risk reduction.” This quote underlines every component of the UN-commissioned report from the World Meteorological Association on a “looming water crisis” for the planet. The global loss of one centimeter per year of water, the hundreds of countries experiencing water shortages, and the onslaught of water-related disasters like the recent foot of rainfall that hammered Alabama in a single day are more than enough evidence that less talk and more meaningful action is urgently needed.

The report recommends a number of efforts that could collectively combat this crisis. Please take a hard look at the warning systems, the climate policies, and the integrated water management suggestions that offer an essential framework for reform. Coordinate with the necessary agencies to put these priorities at the top of the nation’s agenda and encourage all like-minded global partners to do the same.

Earth’s—and humanity’s—future are at stake.


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  1. No water … no life! It is just that simple. We who live, in what is called a modern day, must learn the hard way that nothing survives without water.
    Nothing! Governments are taking advantage of the people of the world by talking down this truth. People must speak up! Climate Change is already a huge factor in our everyday. We can see it, feel it and can’t afford to turn our heads away and say it’s not real. It’s here! Now! People, all people, need to understand we must coexist with animals, wildlife and yes even insects. I won’t invite them to dinner but insects feed wildlife and we have much need of birds, bats, and bees to work with, not against, our interests in dealing with climate change. We also need predator animals such as wolves, sharks, and others to balance and stabilize land and sea. If we do not wake up our fate is sealed. The promise of a tomorrow will only be our taking responsibility to stop illegal hunting, trophy hunting, shark hunting, illegal fishing, just to name a few. We must hold corporations, government, and mis- information accountable. We are, for the better or worse, in this together. To save our planet is both an individual and collective effort. And at the very base is the fact that of all the water on earth less than 1% is drinkable. Value water and you value life. Hey … it might not hurt to bring back beavers too!

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