Emaciated Dog Infested With Hookworm Found Wandering Streets Deserves Justice

Target: Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno
Goal: Find and arrest person responsible for abusing and abandoning sick dog.

A terribly abused dog, described by Michelle Holsinger, one of the rescuers as the “worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” was found wandering the streets. A passerby was walking in the Lehigh Acres area in Lee County, Florida, when they spotted the poor creature wandering aimlessly and called authorities.

The two-year-old dog, named Khaleesi, was picked up by Mutty Paws Rescue and provided medical care. It was determined that Khaleesi was infested with hookworm and was severely malnourished and underweight.

The rescuer stated, “when I tell you when I saw her, like, you can’t help but cry.”

Fortunately, Khaleesi is on the slow road to recovery, but she is still incredibly vulnerable. “She just wants you to hold her,” Holsinger said. “And the second you go to walk away, she just looks at you with her eyes. And it’s like, ‘come back.'”


Dear Sheriff Carmine Marceno,

A dog named Khaleesi was recently rescued in your county. Khaleesi was found wandering the streets aimlessly and was sick and incredibly malnourished. A passing bystander called authorities who rescued Khaleesi.

However, the poor animal was in bad shape. She was terribly underweight and was infested with hookworm. One rescuer described her as the “worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Fortunately, it sounds like Khaleesi is on the road to recovery but the abuse still lingers and the perpetrator still walks free. Please devote all necessary resources to find and arrest the person, or people, who abused and abandoned Khaleesi.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mutty Paws Rescue


  1. Find this CRUEL OWNER and do NOT let him have any food and water for the rest of his MISERABLE LIFE!!!! This CRUEL IDIOT should NEVER be allowed to own, adopt, and be near anybmore animals for the rest of its sorry life!!!!

  2. Agree all comments catch and torture this cunt who done this then starve them to death and throw them in forest. NO EXCUSE FOR THIS GIVE THEM UP OR TO A SHELTER . This fucken dont deserve to live .Laws need to be changed to own sell buy animals and must have a permit and property check.

  3. Poor thing!!! Find the bastard and do exactly the same thing to him or her please 🙏

  4. Madeline Back says:

    This degenerate must be found and punished. He should never be allowed to own another animal. God, please, help us and this beautiful dog.🙏😢💔

  5. louise gauvin says:

    Words, there are no words for this abuse and the suffering that this sweet dog had to endure for who knows how long! Sweet angel my tears and comfort fly to you where you are now and I pray, how I pray that you will find peace and relief in the hands of one who is tender and kind, for you are God’s precious soul and never forget you are loved!

  6. Justice for this dog. There is no excuse for abandonment ,abuse and neglect this poor dog had endured. The person needs to sit in jail and be banned for life of animals with a large fine,mental treatment to be paid out of their pocket.

  7. In Florida … again. No surprise here … the state attracts the best – and worst – animal caregivers.

  8. lisa black says:

    Yet another horror story from FloriDuuhh! Animals, children , nothing is off limits in awful state! One day it just might sink under the weight of accumulated cruelty!

  9. I thought I heard it all — I cannot believe that ANYONE — any HUMAN — would deliver such abhorrent cruelty to innocent vulnerable DOG — cruelty on top of depravity on top of unconscionable brutality — what’s more, the IDIOTS can choose NOT to inflict such horrors on Animals — yet, we allow the PSYCHOS to continue — WHO STOPS the IDIOTS from pursuing such sadistic acts against Animals? — we MUST STOP them — give me a moment to hurl.

  10. MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY for this extremely EVIL MONSTER! I lack words to express my indignation and anger at this DESENSITIZED, DEHUMANIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC evil Satan! How can someone INFLICT such EXTREME SUFFERINGS on an innocent and defenseless dog. Horrors this dog went through is of DEVILISH DIMENSIONS!! This poor creature deserves JUSTICE.
    ANIMAL VIOLENCE and NEGLECT shall be treated as any human violence and neglect. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME!
    This Human MONSTER shall be forbidden from ever having animals again!

  11. Dear Sheriff Carmine Marceno,
    take a long look at the photo of this dog named Khaleesi. Better yet, copy, download, and print it and post it by your office desk. Some sick bastard in your County tortured this defenseless animal. Take another look at the condition of this dog. What kind of man would you be to ignore such a crime? Somebody, some where must have seen this dog with their owner. This crime deserves media attention to help bring forward the useless piece of walking flesh that did this. And believe you me, there is not a sentence harsh enough for committing this type of crime.

  12. Stephanie Geyser says:

    When they find the so-called “owner” (really a PoS), he will probably claim that the dog “ran away” and he couldn’t find him. And some bleeding-heart lawyer will successfully defend the PoS (who has probably been feeding his fat obese cakehole while his dog starved). It’s such a shame that garbage like this still walk the earth – when brave heroes died 20 years ago in 9/11.

  13. VILE, EVIL, WICKED, so called `HUMAN BEING`. What the hell is wrong with you. Karma will always find you, whether you believe in it or not, does not matter. This act is pure evil and you shall receive what you have given out. You disgust me and many, many others. An innocent animals that needs help and THIS is what YOU HAVE DONE. You are a SHAMEFUL, PATHETIC EXCUSE for a human. SHAME ON YOU.

  14. Whip this torturing, abusing monster! Then shove hookworms down his throat!

  15. I pray this POS bastard is found and given the exact treatment that was given to precious Khaleesi. The scum does not deserve to live. I hope karma gets them and they die a slow, excruciatingly painful death. Burn in hell you rotten POS!
    Please, Lord, let Khaleesi recover fully and live the rest of his life with a kind owner. All animals deserve to be adored and worshipped, they’re gifts from God.

  16. Here’s the name of the POS that did this to Khaleesi along with another POS who knew about it and did NOTHING to help this poor defenseless pup. Also, there’s a nice update on Khaleesi and how he’s doing in a terrific foster home.

  17. Florida sucks for animal abuse hope the place sinks with the trash that’s living here those are people more like monsters

  18. 30 year sentence, no parole.

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