Stop Slaughtering Bulls With Swords, Lances and Barbed Darts for the ‘Sport’ of Bullfighting

Target: Richard Ferrand, President of France’s National Assembly

Goal: Ban bullfighting that causes grotesque injuries and a thousand-plus deaths.

A court acknowledged that bullfighting caused “great suffering”…suffering that includes grotesque injuries and infections. The instruments of this suffering include swords, lances, and barbed darts. And the outcomes of the suffering in bullfighting range from debilitating head and neck trauma to death. In France alone, the country where the aforementioned court is located, about 1,000 bulls are killed every year. But after talking about the suffering and cruelty that defines bullfighting, judges at the court in question declared that local customs carry greater weight than animal cruelty. They ruled against the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in a case the animal rights organization brought against a bullfighter for “shocking and barbaric” animal cruelty. Then, to pour salt in the wound of animal welfare advocates everywhere, they ordered the SPA to pay the defendant’s court fees.

This case represents the latest loss in a long battle against French bullfighting. Despite having strong animal cruelty laws for nearly every other class of animal, none of these laws protect vulnerable bulls. In areas where bullfighting has long been practiced, the barbarity of this supposed “entertainment” is exempt from any liability or criminality. The courts will obviously not intervene on behalf of these living beings, so lawmakers must at last take the reins.

Sign the petition below to demand France abolish this sick blood-sport once and for all.


Dear Mr. Ferrand,

Stab wounds, burns, gory infections, broken bones: such injuries inflicted on a wide scale would shock the conscience of any caring person. If you heard that such torturous injuries took the lives of over 1,000 living beings every year, would you be outraged? Would the outrage turn to confusion if you discovered such brutal behaviors were permitted by your leaders…by yourself?

No amount of waxing poetic about tradition and custom can hide the fact that this reality is the face of bullfighting in France. The country has some of the strongest animal cruelty laws in the world, and you pride yourselves on civility and empathy. This violent practice defies every assertion you make, and it makes a mockery of French ideals.

Please take the only possible step forward. Abolish a deadly form of entertainment that no longer has a place in a humane society.


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  1. This is shocking, barbaric animal abuse. How shameful that France does this! So medieval and backward.

  2. A culture that still participates in such barbaric customs must be stopped

  3. These scumbag animal abusers/murderers must be exterminated. A slow and agonising death for these evil cretins is essential.

  4. Richard – The Animal Kingdom has just as much right as we do live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. No animal should be tortured and/or killed in the name of ‘sport’. Please use your power and position to stop this barbaric practice…now! Please!

  5. This is so inhumane and anyone that enjoys watching this type of torture to an innocent animal is messed up!

  6. WHO wants to see this kind of disgusting, horrific, vial torture and death of an innocent Animal…..When Killing and Torture and Brutalizing ANY ANIMAL is acceptable in a country…it needs to be closed down to tourists…let them brutalize each other….leave innocent Animals live..

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