Stop Slaughtering Bulls With Swords, Lances and Barbed Darts for the ‘Sport’ of Bullfighting

Target: Richard Ferrand, President of France’s National Assembly

Goal: Ban bullfighting that causes grotesque injuries and a thousand-plus deaths.

A court acknowledged that bullfighting caused “great suffering”…suffering that includes grotesque injuries and infections. The instruments of this suffering include swords, lances, and barbed darts. And the outcomes of the suffering in bullfighting range from debilitating head and neck trauma to death. In France alone, the country where the aforementioned court is located, about 1,000 bulls are killed every year. But after talking about the suffering and cruelty that defines bullfighting, judges at the court in question declared that local customs carry greater weight than animal cruelty. They ruled against the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in a case the animal rights organization brought against a bullfighter for “shocking and barbaric” animal cruelty. Then, to pour salt in the wound of animal welfare advocates everywhere, they ordered the SPA to pay the defendant’s court fees.

This case represents the latest loss in a long battle against French bullfighting. Despite having strong animal cruelty laws for nearly every other class of animal, none of these laws protect vulnerable bulls. In areas where bullfighting has long been practiced, the barbarity of this supposed “entertainment” is exempt from any liability or criminality. The courts will obviously not intervene on behalf of these living beings, so lawmakers must at last take the reins.

Sign the petition below to demand France abolish this sick blood-sport once and for all.


Dear Mr. Ferrand,

Stab wounds, burns, gory infections, broken bones: such injuries inflicted on a wide scale would shock the conscience of any caring person. If you heard that such torturous injuries took the lives of over 1,000 living beings every year, would you be outraged? Would the outrage turn to confusion if you discovered such brutal behaviors were permitted by your leaders…by yourself?

No amount of waxing poetic about tradition and custom can hide the fact that this reality is the face of bullfighting in France. The country has some of the strongest animal cruelty laws in the world, and you pride yourselves on civility and empathy. This violent practice defies every assertion you make, and it makes a mockery of French ideals.

Please take the only possible step forward. Abolish a deadly form of entertainment that no longer has a place in a humane society.


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  1. Cathy McCormick says:

    Barbaric! Sickening! Disgusting! Repulsive! This practice is horrendous animal abuse at its worst! The outrageous “so called sport” needs to be stopped immediately!

  2. Humans are disgusting the way they treat animals so sick, people that participate in this are sick cruel bastards

  3. This isn’t culture it’s cruelty and violence. End this now!

    RIP innocent bulls!

  4. Basta ya de tanta crueldad!!!!!!

  5. Basta ya de tanta crueldad!!!!

  6. Utterly BARBARIC! Karma needs to come around & bite these fuckers in the a$$!!! & maybe by their balls too!!!

  7. Maggie Danbury says:

    Shame on you Spain, hope all the Matodors get injured or killed, an eye for an eye, you cruel pieces of shit.

  8. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Cruelty and barbarism in the name of “culture” or “tradition “ is still cruelty and barbarism. Trying to justify it by masking it in the name of primitive customs is UNACCEPTABLE. BAN BULLFIGHTING EVERYWHERE NOW.

  9. Cindy Miller says:

    Too hell with tradition & customs this is so wrong & anyone that goes & watches & take part in this has blood on their hands! It’s disgusting, abuse, tortured etc. This should be stop the bull deserve better treatment!

  10. This isn’t a sport, it’s sanctioned torture and a black eye on spectators, all participants and France. This is barbaric and disgusting and France should be ashamed to be associated with an atrocity like this. Makes me sick.

  11. Carolyn Douglas says:

    The horrors/death inflicted on these totally innocent animals must end NOW. What they really need to do is force all those in favor of these horrors or profiting from them to fight each other – to death…..THESE EXTREME CRUELTIES ABUSES HORRORS MUST END FOR ALL ANIMALS NOW.

  12. Suzanne Gordon says:

    There is something wrong with people deriving pleasure from watching an innocent animal being slowly tourtured to death.

  13. Barbaric “sport”. If it must continue, which it should not, make it 1 bull against 1 man from start to finish. No pre- weakening of the bull. I wonder how many people would go one on one with a bull? I know this kind of rule change won’t happen, because it wouldn’t guarantee the death of the bull. And let’s not forget the horses that often get injured or killed in an early stage of this “sport”. There is absolutely no justification for bullfighting to continue.

  14. What type of uncivilized didgusting human can take pleasure in the torture and death of an innocent animal. It is unbelievable that this babric form of entertainment is still tolerated in civilized society. Shame on you.

  15. France always WAS an arrogant, asshole country – they’re like Texas in the US. Both places think rules are for “other people.”
    NO custom or culture should EVER be ahead of life and death. That is patently ridiculous.
    Resolve never to spend your tourist dollars or buy products from places like that.

  16. I agree with all the comments posted here. We are living in the 21st century. Why haven’t humans evolved to stop these torture displays. These are living, breathing animals who feel pain. Why should they be killed for “entertainment?” No person in their right mind would sit in an arena and watch this barbaric torture. Humans need to be better!

  17. Barbara Garrison says:

    The French are no better than ancient Romans. Their arrogance and cruelty will one day cause their fall.

  18. Slaughter this humans in the same way.

  19. BDS france! It is easy to do folks! But anyone doing harm like this needs to be executed. That is fair.

  20. I think they should substitute humans for the bulls and those assholes can get what they deserve!!!!!!!!

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