Dog Allegedly Choked, Punched, and Slammed in Parking Lot Beating Deserves Justice

Target: Stephen A. Zappala, District Attorney for Allegheny County, PA

Goal: Prosecute suspect accused of assaulting girlfriend’s pet dog to the fullest extent.

“This person…grabs the dog in a chokehold and slams it into the side of the GMC Yukon, then throws the dog into the car.” A detective sergeant with the Ross Township, Pennsylvania Police Department reported the above information in regards to a heartbreaking case of alleged animal cruelty. The official’s words, however, cannot truly convey the seeming brutality displayed on a video that captured this alleged attack. Suspect Esai Mohamed-Jones now faces charges of animal cruelty for the reported incident.

The events began after the suspect, his girlfriend, and another person were apparently kicked out of a motel. Upon leaving, the suspect allegedly took his anger out on his girlfriend’s dog. He even reportedly admitted that he “lightly slapped” the dog, but the video seemingly portrays far worse actions.  The aforementioned punching, choking, and assault are reportedly on full display. After the initial incident is finished, the suspect then apparently threw the defenseless pet into the car, struck him further, and eventually drove off. When authorities took the dog to a vet, a subsequent report apparently confirmed signs of a serious assault.

Sign the petition below to help ensure this alleged “light” attacker does not get off with a light sentence.


Dear Mr. Zappala,

Video evidence seemingly confirms that a heinous act of animal cruelty took place in a motel parking lot. Witnesses who attempted to protest were even allegedly attacked by suspect Esai Mohamed-Jones. The most compelling and disturbing evidence came from the reported victim, whose apparent injuries were painstakingly detailed in a disturbing veterinary report.

Please do not join the many other prosecutors nationwide who fail to take crimes against animals seriously. Do not settle for plea deals and slaps on the wrist. Prosecute this case with vigilance and seek maximum punishment in the event of a conviction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ross Township Police Department



  2. Michael Castoldi says:

    This piece of shits deserves to be beaten till he’s dead!!! Hole the puppy is gonna be ok

  3. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Toss this subhuman pos in prison. If & when pos is released force it to pay heavy fines for life, to be donated to an animal rescue.

  4. Dangerous sociopath. He is a threat to society. Lick him up.

  5. A big NO NO to animal Cruelty. Toughen up laws on animal abuse. Enough is enough.

  6. Susan Macatangay says:

    Here we go again, having to sign yet another petition for a case of animal abuse. A suggestion to all those judges out there. Put all these animal abusers on a plane and drop them on a far away island (with no animals) and let them work out there frustrations on each each. Or, drop them off in Iraq or Iran or any Middle East country and let’s see what a big man/woman there really are. It’s a simple and cheap solution.

  7. IF this man has kids, they need to be removed from his custody immediately, he is violent and dangerous and cannot control his temper. Worthless to society. Get rid of him.

  8. Please put this monster in jail! We don’t need these kind of abusive “humans” walking around. I hope his karma comes around soon. What a pathetic thing he is…

  9. If he can do this to a defenseless animal what will he do to a person who upsets him if there’s no dog to take his anger out on? This loser has big issues and should be in jail with court ordered mental evaluation and a fine and a permanent ban on contact with any animal. He’s a danger to the community, remove him from the scene before it’s a murder case.

  10. Nadine brundage says:

    So sick of hearing these sickening cruelty stories inflicted on an innocent animal by low life evil trash, This one belongs behind bars and never in contact with any animals whatsoever. Demented asshole

  11. It’s probably not the first time this monster has slapped that defenceless puppy. Throw him in prison full of animal lovers where he can be punched, kicked and beaten!

    Since these judges aren’t doing a good job and controlling these angry violaters maybe someone else can.

  12. Just another cunt who’s gonna get a slap on the wrist and cut loose.

  13. Nena Miller says:

    Put this useless asshole in prison to never be allowed near an animal again. If you haven’t, take that dog away from him and her, because she’ll go back with him. He probably beats her too 🙁

  14. Cathy McCormick says:

    Throw this POS gutter-slime into prison, and throw away the key! Animal abusers are at the bottom of the food chain (below sewer rats) and are worthless to society! Use abusers like this for medical research instead of torturing our precious animals!

  15. Nicole Houghton says:

    Slam them into a moving car. So sick.

  16. Linda Cummings says:

    Why did the girlfriend allow this asshole to beat up her dog????!!!! What the hell is wrong with her?!

  17. You fucking dirty thug you should have the same thing done to you choked punch in your fucking face break your bones in your body you piece of shit and have your fucking balls cut off you’re a fucking coward

  18. just shoot the SOB and be done with it!!!!!!!

  19. Ass hole needs anger management classes while in jail. Lock him up! No pet animal or person is safe with him on the loose!
    Do that to my dog….u will be sorry!!!
    Prayers sweet baby

  20. Margie Smith says:

    Another piece of shit still out of jail because there’s little laws that just give em a slap on the wrist, but the poor animal suffers….what kind of world is this? Animal welfare needs to step up & do somwthing to help these defenseless creatures well.

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