Husky Apparently Abandoned on Roadside by Fleeing Car Deserves Justice

Target: Yvonne Rosales, District Attorney of El Paso County, TX

Goal: Punish man and possible accomplice who allegedly abandoned pet husky to the fullest extent.

A viral video from near El Paso captured a heart-wrenching scene. As a husky is seemingly abandoned on a roadside, he chases after the car leaving him behind. In the video, a younger man apparently unleashes the dog, who lies beside the car. A second man reportedly drives away after the first reenters the car. At this point, the husky begins running down the road but cannot ultimately catch the vehicle. The alleged driver of the car has been arrested, with more charges potentially pending against the other suspect.

Unlike so many instances of pet abandonment, this sad tale did have a happy ending for the husky. Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso and Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue teamed up to find him a new forever home. Soon thereafter, a family adopted the ten-month-old pup, whom they named Nanook.

Despite the positive outcome, the young animal still likely suffered tremendously. Sign the petition below to urge punishment for anyone who abandoned and neglected this resilient husky.


Dear DA Rosales,

The viral video of a husky running after the caretakers who allegedly abandoned him on the road has put a renewed spotlight on animal cruelty and the many forms this horrific practice can take. At least one suspect, Luis Antonio Campos, is facing charges of animal cruelty. If he committed this act, he and any other involved parties should be punished for the sake of both the animal in the case and the deterrence of future offenders.

Too many pets are abandoned on a yearly basis, and the guardians of these vulnerable animals need to understand they are committing a crime. Please seek a maximum penalty in this troubling case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tranmautritam


  1. 10 years in prison for endangerment and abandonment, each!

  2. These vile severe animal abusing scumbags requires a minimum of 20 year prison. Death wish for these scumbags!

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Animal abandonment should be ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE. Prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law for egregious animal cruelty.

  4. Finally our Tiff gives us something that the average person can relate to and something that I can support her on. Try more of this Tiff instead of writing about subjects that you know nothing about…ie: firearms.

  5. June Ann Vearling says:

    What kind of evil person does this to an innocent dog. They should have to do some jail time, get a very large fine, do community service at an animal shelter and never be allowed to own another animal.

  6. Susie Lopez says:

    This man has already been taken into custody, but he needs the maximum sentence. I am tired as an El Paso resident of this crap. Pets are constantly being abandoned and abused and law enforcement and out public officials do nothing. It has been a big problem for years. Our city is one of the worst in the US when it comes to animal rights. It is pathetic. I wish there was more we could do to get it to change but it’s like people don’t care.


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