Don’t Kill Bears for Protecting Their Homes

Target: Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks Alberta

Goal: Change the grizzly bear response guide, and only euthanize bears as a last resort.

The province of Alberta has seen two fatal grizzly bear attacks in the last month. One of the bears has been caught and killed, while the other is still at large. The loss of human life is horrible, yet people should not respond in kind. These bears should not be killed unless no other option is possible.

The euthanized grizzly was found to be an older female, and this was one of the considerations that led to her demise. Just because an animal is past its prime, does not give humans the right to deem the animal unimportant and to kill it as a result.

The other bear has not been caught, but it deserves a fair chance once it is. Sign this petition to urge the authorities to use euthanasia only as a last result, and find other means to safeguard people and grizzlies alike.


Dear Minister Nixon,

The loss of any human life in a fatal assault is always a horrible thing, and it is tragic that two people have been killed in grizzly attacks. However, this does not give people the right to respond in kind and kill the wild animals who are protecting their land from human interference. These animals must be dealt with in a decisive manner that safeguards the public, but euthanasia should not be used unless no other means are available. Furthermore, killing an animal because it is “past its prime” is an abuse of power, and all creatures should be respected with equal importance.

There is one bear still at large who is linked with a fatal attack. I urge you to show more compassion and respect when dealing with this grizzly and find alternatives to euthanasia when dealing with these situations in the future.


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Photo Credit: Wulf Willis


  1. Gloria Navan says:

    These bears are trying to survive. They are losing their habitat due to human

  2. Agree all comments We don’t kill people who protect there homes. Stop now.

  3. Veronica Figueiredo says:

    We are STEALING their habitat snd INVADING what they’ve known as their spaces. The poor animals shouldn’t BE MURDERED because of our own fault. Sorry for the losses of the human lives which is not clear how they’ve died and how the confrontation was but I am also sorry for the loss of the innocent animal.

  4. Typical of invaders for them to murder the one that was defending himself. The bear defended himself, period.

  5. Ann Gavin says:

    Evil savage barbaric humans only have killing Gods creatures on their minds INSTEAD OF RESPECTING GODS CREATIONS AND CREATURES!!!!


  7. Andrea Chisari says:

    Killing a bear for being a bear is just plain Evil.

  8. Marina Poulvelarie says:

    A bear is a bear, and it deserves the right to live as such. Humans need to start respecting bears’ lives and territories !

  9. American Girl says:

    Moronic inbred humans.

  10. Evil!! These are God’s creatures! Humans are destroying everything.

  11. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Humans are just one species on the planet, that contains millions of species. So what gives us the right to slaughter any of the other species – many to extinction? Yet we keep on doing it.

  12. Paula Long says:

    Why is killing the easy answer for wildlife, yet we let cruel and abusive serial killers live forever.
    It doesn’t take that much effort to find another solution especially since we greedy humans keep encroaching on their habitats.

  13. Rose Coffey says:

    It’s a shame that people get killed and injured by wildlife but it’s more of a shame that we, as human beings, are so stupid that we think we have the God given right to drive these animals out of their natural environment and abuse them in so many ways. You can’t fix stupid and we don’t even try to!

  14. Cynthia Mattera says:

    humans are invading their living space and so we need to be respectful of that and learn to live with the bears and not murder them each time they have an encounter with us. Please….just let them be!

  15. Raymond Stevens says:

    One good way of preventing these encounters is keeping fucking stupid humans away from bear habitats. Put up a sign saying, “Bear country. Don’t enter. If you do, suffer the consequences, moron,” Then if the moron survives, arrest them, fine them and put them in jail, or shoot them for the protection of other people and animals, just like the assholes are going to do to his bear.

    • too many “fucking stupid humans”…….. so perhaps the bears are culling the herd of stupidity. Look at what has been done the the First Nations. Their lands were encroached upon and taken away by fucking stupid (and greedy racist) humans so why would we think that anything less would be done when it comes to all other animals. I’m on a rant again.
      Anyway, Raymond, I agree 100% with your letter, though fucking stupid humans don’t read signs….push/pull, in/out, wear a mask asshole…asshole wasn’t on the sign, sorry…

  16. I am in agreement with the above comments. Wild animals are wild and as such are dangerous. People often have the stupid need to make them tame by feeding them. So Ethel, stupid’s wife, can get a picture of hubby & bear “making friends”.
    Alberta needs to post signs all over the park that humans are in danger and are dangerous to the freedom of the bears.

  17. Dolores Proubasta says:

    There is the death penalty in Canada? Oh, I see, only for nonhumans who are protecting themselves.

  18. People feel entitled to do whatever, whenever, they wish. Humans have pushed these wild creatures into small areas, causing fires, destroying habitat and they are territorial. They protect their babies and their homes. Then they are killed for doing what is natural for them. Always kill, kill, kill. Were these people wearing bells? Had a can of spray? There are ways to try to be safe if you have to go parading through their territory. Do not kill the bear for being a bear.

  19. Nadine brundage says:

    Any encounter with a bear is very dangerous. Must of the times they are protecting their young or feel humans as a threat. To just kill all bears is heartless and cruel. Stop invading their territory.

  20. Maria Bertrand says:

    These bears are God’s creatures and must be allowed to live in and protect their homes.



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