Don’t Endanger and Punish Women for Exercising Reproductive Rights

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Rescind ban on international aid involving all cases of abortion.

As more states pass archaic abortion laws and the Supreme Court prepares to take on a Mississippi ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, advocates for reproductive rights are warning about the widespread repercussions of this trend. An equally archaic interpretation of a global U.S. policy has further undermined choice and autonomy over a woman’s own body in the rest of the world. This damaging dictate inflicts harm on victims of sexual violence and may contribute to the deaths of as many as 17,000 women annually.

In 1973, the United States became the only major global charitable donor to put caveats on its humanitarian global health outreach solely because of reproductive rights. The Helms amendment, as introduced, was intended to prevent American international aid from funding abortions as a method of family planning. In the decades since, the rule has been used to restrict aid funding for abortions in any circumstances, including rape, incest, and endangerment of the mother’s life. Such a dictate is particularly harmful in regions where oppression of women or war crimes make rape an all-too-common reality. A bill introduced in Congress could permanently eliminate this mandate.

Sign the petition below to demand an end to an outdated law that seeks to punish women for a deeply personal choice.


Dear President Biden,

You signaled your support for reproductive freedom by ending the Mexico City global gag rule during your earliest days in office. Now, humanitarian organizations nationwide and worldwide—including Amnesty International, the Global Justice Center, and Human Rights Watch—have implored your help in removing another past-its-expiration-date, decades-old policy aimed at women’s bodily autonomy. For decades, the Helms amendment has been used as a weapon and an excuse to deprive rape and incest victims, dying women, and every-day citizens the world over of their reproductive rights.

A Congressional bill has already sought the suspension of this dangerous policy believed responsible for tens of thousands of premature maternal deaths per year. Please take the politics and the archaic, punitive approaches out of women’s health. Help reverse the troubling trends being set at home and re-cement America’s pro-choice legacy.

Honor the wishes of global organizations on the front lines and women in need by working to repeal the Helms amendment as soon as possible.


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  1. Manitou BloodRain says:

    I am a firm believer that all life is sacred. I believe the doctors, nurses and women who performs or receives abortions are cold-blooded murderers.


    And you fools now give this brutal power to the goddamn government…. you voted a baby murdering son of a bitch into presidency?

    I hope you baby murderers can live with your conscious, your support of this murderer makes all of you murderers. The sins of the father fall strongly to the son.

    And, before anyone starts this bullshit, “My body, my choice”, maybe so, but that life is NOT yours to take, child slayer.

    If you don’t want the responsibility of that baby, keep your whore legs closed!

    • “If you don’t want the responsibility of that baby, keep your whore legs closed!”

      Wish your mother had heeded this advice.

    • Evan Jane Kriss says:

      What about women who are raped or victims of incest? How would you like it if women told you what you should do with your body and made laws to enforce your compliance? How DARE you call women whores. Why not tell men to KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS? Troglodyte.

    • It takes two to make a baby you stupid cunt! Everyone always blames the woman and the fucking man gets off and runs away and sticks his thing in other women and make more babies. Don’t you ever tell me what to do! You hear me bitch! Why don’t you all pro-fucking lifers take care of all the unwanted babies in this world. So GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!!

    • First of all, the bible doesn’t recognize it as a baby until it takes its first breath. Second of all, until it can survive outside the womb, it’s not a child. You said it, yourself, “sins of the FATHER,” who, coincidentally, never suffers the ire of you so-called pro-lifers, even though they share half, if not more, of the blame. (Pro-birthers is MUCH more accurate, because once the kid is born, you self-righteous, holier-than-thou types wash your hands of it and vote against programs that might keep that same kid from starving to death.) Tell me, do you eat meat? Do you support the NRA? How ’bout the death penalty? Ever kill a fly, or any other bug? If the answer to any of these is “yes,” you are NOT pro-life. And who elected you to decide what other people can and can’t do? Who made you the keeper of morals? If God didn’t want abortion (and by the way, God is the biggest abortionist of all…it’s called “miscarriage,”) he never would’ve allowed mankind to discover a way to perform the procedure safely without killing the woman. To presume to know what God wants is ultimate blasphemy. Who is going to hell, now?

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      You are fucking nuts and a good example why abortion is necessary. Shove your fairy tale bible up your ass. You sit there are worry about a thing that’s not even born, worry about more important issues you stupid cunt.

  2. It’s funny. Trump hated everybody but he was right to life so he’s a f…. saint. But he hates black and brown people disabled people. And made it worse for endangered species. He was only for himself and you love him that’s funny he hated his own brother

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