Don’t Let Sea Turtles Die From Human Interference

Target: Robert A. Spottswood, Florida Wildlife Commission Chairman

Goal: Allow volunteers to continue to save the lives of thousands of struggling sea turtles.

Every year, volunteers save the lives of hundreds of sea turtles on the beaches of Florida. Human interference, particularly light pollution and nighttime partiers on the beach, disorientate newly hatched turtles. Many of these confused hatchlings never reach the ocean, but wander and die on the beach from lack of water and predation. Over the past 10 years, volunteers have saved the baby turtles by collecting them in buckets and releasing them to the ocean.

In a shockingly unjustified and disgusting decision, the Florida Wildlife Commission has revoked the permits for 3/4 of the turtle rescue organizations that operate in Florida, citing that their efforts are no longer necessary. As a result, it will be illegal for these dedicated volunteers to access the beaches and save the sea turtles from certain death.

Sign this petition to call upon the FWC to rescind this poor decision, and allow volunteers to save sea turtles once again.


Dear Mr. Spottswood,

I am horrified that your organization, the FWC, has revoked permits for volunteers to save sea turtle hatchlings from Florida’s beaches. This foolhardy and irresponsible decision will send hundreds of sea turtles to an early grave due to human interference with the turtles’ natural behavior. Even if your organization feels the actions of volunteers are unnecessary, why would you make such a foolish decision that potentially endangers such a delicate part of numerous ecosystems as the sea turtle?

Your efforts would be better spent limiting the actions of ignorant people than it would by limiting the actions of dedicated volunteers who strive to clean up humanity’s mess.


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  1. Why end a beneficial program like this?! These are people who truly care about wildlife even though their State doesn’t. These turtles need all the help they can get.

  2. Only in Florida … These people are saving turtles, not tearing up the beach and trashing it like your partiers are so why do you want to punish them? Maybe Florida just hates wildlife, especially turtles who are using beaches they’ve counted on for survival for eons? This is one of the most ridiculous things out of Florida this year and that says a lot. Let these people save the turtles, they are harming no one and they are saving wildlife. SMH

  3. What is wrong with Florida WC? — Why would Florida WC revoke permits to HELP Animals? — PLEASE — allow Volunteers to SAVE the lives of precious Animals — there is so much “human” interference AND indifference — someone MUST PROTECT our Animals.

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