Save Hummingbirds and Indigenous Lands From Problem-Plagued Pipeline

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Permanently end construction of pipeline that poses imminent environmental and safety risk.

A major cyber-attack on a U.S. pipeline has caused ramped-up gas prices and a barrage of motorists storming gas stations in some eastern states. This often-played scene of panic demonstrates the country’s and the world’s increasingly harmful reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source. North of the border, in Canada, the nation’s government is busy dumping a flood of money into an oil pipeline with a hazardous environmental and safety record. This strange commitment completely contradicts Canada’s stated dedication to meeting climate goals.

Since the Trans Mountain Pipeline was acquired by the Canadian government, it has experienced a number of controversies.  Two workers have been gravely injured, with one of the victims dying. An oil spill threatened nearby lands.  The company has agreed to pay indigenous tribes for compensation because of damage done to their own lands. The project seemingly carries so much risk that it may be having trouble finding insurers. Most recently, a federally protected hummingbird was discovered in a fallen tree, once again halting construction.

Sign the petition below to demand this temporary halt of a detrimental project become permanent.


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Angered indigenous tribes, harmful oil leaks, the endangerment of a protected wildlife species, and two gravely injured workers: at what point will the tremendous cost outweigh the perceived benefit of the aging, unsafe Trans Mountain Pipeline? The government’s extraordinary efforts to safeguard and invest in this pipeline are puzzling. The type of oil derived from the project cannot be easily refined. Construction has been halted numerous times due to various controversies. Insurers appear to have deep reservations about the pipeline’s worth and viability. Most vitally, Canada has pledged to be a leading ally in the global fight against climate change…a cause this pipeline will only hurt exponentially.

Why, then, has the government supported a measure to shield the pipeline’s current insurers from scrutiny and visibility? Why is money continually invested in a deeply beleaguered fossil fuel project from a fading industry that you would likely agree is not the pathway of the future? Please cancel the Trans Mountain Pipeline as soon as possible.

Begin forging this better path now.


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Photo Credit: William Chen


  1. No more pipelines! We need to create businesses that use sustainable energies. This should have been done on a larger scale years ago. I realize there are complicated economics involved, but it will never get done if we keep pumping gas. We need to get the new forms of energy (solar, etc) up and running. This will create new jobs for the people in the oil and gas industries when they close down. Create more affordable electric vehicles or modifications to change gas run vehicles to electric. Many things need to change and can be done with investments steered in the right direction.

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