Stop Shipping Industry From Spewing Toxic Air Pollution

Target: Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

Goal: Implement regulations that keep warehouses from pumping toxic fumes into the air in Los Angeles’ Inland Empire.

Los Angeles is a national hub for warehouses shipping online orders. In the cities’ Inland Empire, over 25 warehouses have been built in the last 10 years, and the result is thousands of semi-trucks spewing copious amounts of exhaust into the atmosphere. Surrounding neighborhoods have been rated with the worst air quality in the nation for years, and the inhabitants are developing chronic, and often life-threatening, medical conditions.

These warehouses are the distribution hubs for many companies and predominately Amazon and Walmart. While some reports suggest that these companies are making efforts to improve their environmental impact, it is shameful that the city of Los Angeles allows its inhabitants to suffer and die under a cloud of smog while the rich grow ever richer.

Sign this petition to urge the city of Los Angeles to implement regulations that force these companies to drastically reduce their emissions or face stiff penalties.


Dear Mayor Garcetti,

Warehouses in your city are causing horrendous pollution that must be stopped. In particular, thousands of semi trucks idle for companies such as Amazon and Walmart, and the exhaust is causing chronic, life-threatening medical conditions in the people of Los Angeles.

These companies should be held accountable for the damage they are causing to both people and the environment. it is shameful that your government allows the honest people of your city to suffer and under the rise of industry. The city of Los Angeles must implement measures to control these ghastly emissions and impose stiff penalties against non-compliant companies.


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Photo Credit: Ben Amstutz

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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Shipping companies are making money yet they leave the air quality at Zero? This should not be the case. Making money shipping is theirs yet clean up needs to also be theirs. If cars can be made more efficient, why not ships? It is amazing how industries take advantage be it plastic, lumber, ships, etc. Ships use the ocean and I imagine they have no code of ethics toward saving the oceans. Single use plastic has never cleaned up. The earth now is a garbage dump, on the oceans, on land, while they continue to produce more plastic. Lumber is the same story as they use he roads, bridges, tunnels to transport but do they pay to keep those structures from crumbling? No. I recently read they want to double the capacity to bigger tucks to haul more lumber. It’s disgusting!

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