Biden: Stop Tax Evasion By Corporations and Rich Americans

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Stop tax evasion of high-earners and corporations.

It’s expected that the Biden administration will provide an extra $80 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service to crack down on tax evasion by high-earners and large corporations. Ensuring that this demographic of tax-payers is contributing their fair share will ensure that Biden has the federal funds to pay for his ambitious economic agenda. In addition to the additional funding for the IRS, Biden is anticipated to provide more enforcement power and new disclosure requirements for people who own businesses that are not organized as corporations and for other wealthy individuals who could be hiding income from the government.

These measures, in conjunction with proposed new taxes on corporations and the rich, could be a way to level the playing field between blue-collar Americans and high earners who use sophisticated efforts to minimize tax payments or avoid taxation all together.

Sign this petition to urge President Biden and his administration to commit to stopping tax evasion of high-earners.


To President Biden,

In order for the United States to properly fund public services and federally developed programs from which all Americans benefit, it is necessary that everyone is paying their fair share of taxes based on their income. Your anticipated proposals for cracking down on tax minimization and tax evasion by the rich and corporations is a necessary step in leveling the playing field between hard working middle class and poor Americans and the super wealthy. Having additional resources or ability to access taxation professionals and accountants should not equate to paying fewer taxes–or in some cases no tax at all–to the US government.

I urge you to commit to stopping tax evasion by the rich and wealthy corporations.


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Photo Credit: US Embassy Jerusalem

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  1. Joe Biden, President of the United States

    Stop tax evasion of high-earners and corporations.

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