Success: Biden Suspended Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Target: President Joe Biden

Goal: Applaud the hold put on weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.

The Biden administration has put a hold on foreign arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. There has been a great deal of unrest regarding U.S. weapon sales to Saudi Arabia and the application of the weapons being sold. Particularly in Yemen, where the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is unfolding, as was described in this ForceChange petition

Two major weapons sales are currently paused for review by the incoming administration. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that these weapons deals are in alignment with the new administration’s goals. Biden has expressed his desire to pull U.S. support from the war in Yemen. Given the concern that the munitions included in the sales will be used in Yemen, there is a good chance the sales may be terminated all together. Sign the petition below to applaud Biden’s hold on these weapons deals and to support a permanent termination of weapon supply to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 


Dear President Biden, 

We were pleased to hear that you have put the weapons deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE on hold for review. Given the application of weapons sold to these parties, it is absolutely necessary that the arms deals be terminated completely. 

It is time the U.S stop sending weapons to be used in Yemen and start sending humanitarian relief. You have expressed a desire to pull U.S. support from the war in Yemen. This is the time to follow through and make a clear statement that you are true to your word, and to the will of the American people. 


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