Articles written by: Jenny Stamps

Stamps is a writer, teacher and activist living in and working Washington.

Demand Justice for Asylum Seekers Abused by Border Patrol

The French and Italian border patrol has been allegedly abusing asylum seekers and denying their basic rights. There have been several reports of violence and destruction of documents necessary for refugees to seek asylum. Demand justice for persons abused by the authorities at the border.

Stop the War on Drugs

The war on drugs has always served as a vehicle of oppression. It is time to put it to an end and reconnect with the benefits and healing properties of psychedelics. Demand that the war on drugs be put to end and that entheogens be legalized.

Don’t Import Palm Oil Produced by Forced Labor

The world’s leading palm oil producer has been accused of several human rights violations, including violence, coercion, and sexual abuse. Demand a ban on imports from FGV and take a stand against forced labor.

Support Healthcare, Education, and Housing, Not America’s War Machine

Ten percent of the Pentagon’s budget could eradicate homelessness and hunger in the United States, and guarantee tuition-free education and Medicare for all. Make these possibilities a reality. Sign this petition to demand President Biden support the defense budget cut.

End the Escalation of Violence in the Middle East

President Joe Biden issued an airstrike on Syria without congressional authorization. The attack compromises diplomatic initiatives and poses a risk of massive conflict. Demand that Biden stop bombing Syria and commit to peace in the Middle East.

Idaho, Stop Taxing Periods

Menstrual products are subject to a sales tax in Idaho, where hair loss treatment is not. This taxation of menstruating individuals is an act of discrimination and must be put to a stop. Tell Idaho to stop taxing periods.

Stop Logging Wildlife Habitats to Fund Children’s Education

For too long, Washington state has relied on the revenue of timber sales to pay teachers and keep libraries open. This is not sustainable and has caused extensive devastation to the land. Demand that the state find an alternative means of financing dependent counties that does not put everyone’s future at greater risk.

Wisconsin: Stop Taxing Periods

In Wisconsin, menstrual products are subject to luxury tax, while gun club memberships are not.This inequitable taxation of menstruating people is discriminatory and unconstitutional. Tell Wisconsin to stop taxing periods.

Stop Exploiting Inmates for Cheap Labor

Private companies that are contracted with government prisons are profiting from the forced labor of inmates. It is time to reclaim the rights of people who have been exploited by this corrupt system. Start by signing this petition to demand labor by choice and fair compensation for incarcerated individuals.

Spend Tax Dollars on Humanitarian Relief, Not Weapons

Senator John Cornyn is attempting to divert tax dollars from COVID-19 relief into the bottomless pit of a defense fund. Sign this petition to stop the senate from spending more money on a war that doesn’t exist instead of dealing with the health crisis that does.

Stop Mega Mining Indigenous Territory

A Canadian mining company seeks to expand their operation onto indigenous land without consulting the communities whose lands they aim to exploit. This is in violation of the Argentine Constitution. Sign this petition to demand the plans to expand mega mining be put to a halt.

Stop Pipeline Expansion from Driving Orca Whales to Extinction

Canadian pipeline expansion threatens extinction of Orca whales. The Trans Mountain Pipeline has a history of oil spills contaminating First Nations drinking water and sacred burial sites. Sign this petition to demand that Lloyds Insurance pull coverage and put a stop to further destruction.

Stop Suppressing Climate Activism

Fifty-three climate activists were arrested for peacefully protesting outside the Oil and Gas Ministry in Norway. Sign this petition to demand justice for the individuals that are speaking out to hold their government accountable.

Justice for Saltwater Lagoon Devastated by Pollution

Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon is suffering from the effects of the region’s agricultural industry polluting the waters. Environmental activists are calling on their government to grant the lagoon legal personhood. Sign this petition to demand protection from further pollution of the Mar Menor.

Stop High Speed Railway From Destroying Ancient Woodlands

A second high-speed railway in the UK puts wildlife habitats and ancient woodlands at risk. What has been presented as a greener alternative actually is predicted to result in more emissions. It will never achieve carbon neutrality and is not in alignment with agreed upon climate goals. Sign this petition to demand termination of this project.

Success: Construction of Trump’s Border Wall Comes to a Screaming Halt

Construction on the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. has been put to a stop. Now plans for restoration are in the works. Sign this petition to applaud Biden for heeding the call to stop this treacherous project from seeing completion.

Don’t Detain Victims of Human Trafficking to Meet Immigration Targets

Thousands of people detained by UK immigration displayed signs of being trafficked. Demands for justice have been met with dismissive responses at best. This injustice must not continue. Tell the UK to stop criminalizing survivors of human trafficking.

Success: Biden Pulls U.S. Support From War in Yemen

The U.S. will no longer be providing offensive support to Saudi Arabia, including related weapons’ sales. This is a major victory for humanitarian efforts, as the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen has led to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. Applaud Biden for honoring the will of the people to withdraw from this treacherous war.

Success: Permit for Cancer Causing Plastics Factory Suspended

The development of a toxic plastic factory has been put on hold, thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This project would have disturbed wetlands and unmarked graves of formerly enslaved people as well as furthered the environmental impact of polluting plastics. Sign this petition to praise this success.

Stop Seabed Mining From Devastating Marine Life

Seabed mining is certain to devastate already threatened marine life and ecosystems. Creating new forms of pollution and further disrupting already compromised species, it extracts non-renewable resources and will have far reaching consequences. Ban this practice in Washington before it begins.

Protect Sacred Native Land From Massive Copper Mine

Sacred Native land is going to be destroyed by a massive copper mine. The damage from this project will also threaten the lives of wildlife, including endangered fish and plants. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to terminate the sale of this ancestral land.

Stop Criminalizing Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Women forced into sex work are prosecuted for related crimes such as loitering or curb crawling. The criminal records obtained create yet another barrier inhibiting their liberation. Sign this petition to demand that the U.K. stop criminalizing survivors of sex trafficking.

Save Right Whales From Death By Entanglement

Right whales have been washing up dead on the shores entangled in fishing lines. Their population has declined considerably in the last decade, largely due to current fishing practices. Sign this petition to put a stop to yet another manmade extinction.

Success: Oil and Gas Drilling Prevented on Federal Lands and Oceans

President Joe Biden has issued an executive order to halt oil and gas leasing on federal lands and oceans. This is a major victory in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the climate and ecological crisis. Sign this petition to applaud Biden for keeping his climate promise.

Success: Biden Suspended Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Sales of bombs that might have been dropped on Yemeni civilians have been suspended by the Biden administration. This may be the first step toward pulling U.S. support from the war in Yemen. Sign this petition to applaud Biden and encourage him to terminate the sales completely.

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