Justice for Innocent Health Care Worker Shot by Police in Her Own Home

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Target: Steve Conrad, Chief of Police for the Louisville Metro Police Department

Goal: Fire police officers who shot innocent black woman in her home.

Emergency medical technician Breonna Taylor was allegedly shot in her home by Louisville police officers who were raiding her house by mistake. The man that the officers claimed to be pursuing did not live at Taylor’s address and was reportedly already in custody at the time.

Taylor was only 26 years old when she was allegedly killed by 20 rounds of gunfire in her own home. This is a seemingly unforgivable display of racism, excessive force, and plain incompetence on the part of the Louisville police force. Sign below and demand that they issue a public apology to Taylor’s family and terminate the employment of the officers who allegedly shot this innocent woman.


Dear Chief Conrad,

The people of Louisville should not have to fear for their lives when a police officer shows up at their door. The tragic alleged shooting of Breonna Taylor was a display of incredible incompetence and brutally excessive force on the part of your officers. Taylor was only 26 years old and a decorated emergency medical technician when she was allegedly shot by Louisville police with more than 20 rounds of ammunition.

I demand that the Louisville Metro Police Department issue a public apology to Taylor’s family and fire the officers who are allegedly responsible for her death.


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  1. Jacqui Skill says:

    Charge these cops with murder ad lock them up!

  2. Police are not above the law and premeditated killing is murder whatever the colour of their uniform. Prosecution is essential.
    Thank God that I live in a civilised country not America.

  3. Kelley Hirst says:

    Because health care professionals are not dying fast enough at work on the front lines, especially persons of color. They need to be murdered in their own homes for–what was the charge exactly?

    Someday regardless of earthly justice this guy is going to have to explain his actions to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Perhaps Ms Taylor will be on hand to decide whether he takes the express elevator up or down. There is a special place in Hell for guys like this.

  4. Those vile and evil murdering police officers who deliberately shot an innocent black woman in her home must be brought to Justice and sentenced to death. These monster cops deliberately shot this innocent black woman because she was black so the
    the lowlife monster cops from hell must not be allowed to live so kill the vile and evil monster bastards. What right have they got to live after deliberately killing an innocent and helpless black woman. I am absolutely sickened by the lowlife vile and evil Cops who are deliberately killing innocent black people and these bastards get away with it. Kill the evil lowlife Cop bastards from hell.

  5. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    The shambles is everywhere the same included the US and once you will let this go without keeping of strict rules towards anybody then just wait for even bigger shambles to have happened!

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