Remove Confederate Symbol From Mississippi’s State Flag

Target: Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi

Goal: Redesign the state flag of Mississippi to remove Confederate flag.

The Mississippi state flag has included the Confederate Battle Flag since 1894, and it is time to change. Any physical remnant of the Confederacy in the iconography of any place in our country needs to be removed. The blatant racism has gone on too long.

Whether the state of Mississippi decides to revert to a previous flag that didn’t include the Confederate battle flag, or comes up with a new design, it needs to be done. There is growing support for changing the design and getting rid of that racist reminder of the Confederacy. Sign our petition and tell the Governor of Mississippi that it is time to change their racist flag.


Dear Governor Reeves,

The time has come to change Mississippi’s dated flag steeped in the racist history of our country. The Confederate Battle Flag has no place in any American institution, least of all on the flag of one of our great states.

The Confederacy were first and foremost traitors and by definition anti-American. Memorializing that movement is a spit in the face of Black Americans whose families to this day endure horrible racism. This has gone on long enough. Take a stand against racism and support redesigning the flag.


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    Enough! If we’re going to erase history let’s erase history. Apparently, the Civil War is offensive and a reminder of slavery. Burn and ban the Confederate flags and tear down the statues. Fine. Done. No more Civil War means there was no slavery, no? I’d assume that means no more civil rights movement as well. Sorry Mr. King, No more holiday. Columbus? Hell, he didn’t even discover America in the first place. He’s gone. Pulaski, Washington, Lincoln, Gone as well. The native Americans never got screwed, there was no Holocaust, Everybody’s good with this so far, right? While we’re on Holidays, no more Memorial Day cuz, there’s no history to remember. Labor Day? Joke. Who the hell works anymore. Veterans Day? No wars, no veterans. I could go on and on. Look, this isn’t being written to piss anybody off, it’s to piss EVERYBODY off. Our history is what it is. Collectively it has formed the nation we are today (for better or worse). Personally, I thank God every day my ancestors were either born here or came here legally so that I have had the opportunity to make whatever I wanted of my self and my family. As a country, we need to grow a set. Plain and simple. Quit with the hurt feelings. History is supposed to remind us of what we’ve done wrong. And what we’ve done right and learn from both. I’m done now

  2. Jose Espino says:

    I’m not signing this petition because the confederate flag is part of American history for one and also doing this would not change history as it is written. Those asking for respect to their ethnicity or color should start by respecting others history. History has and is always going to be good for some and bad for some but at the end of the road it has it’s own reasons. Slavery was the root that led to the African negro race to take part of the civilized world society which would perhaps have not ever happened any other way. I also will like to ask Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi not to allow history to be changed by ignorance.

  3. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Could someone explain why Germany’s flag doesn’t have a swastika and people remember the holocaust but people think removing the confederate symbol from their flag will make people forget about slavery? I’m mixed race white and native Indian, but I look white, maybe it’s my stupid white heritage, but I do not believe anyone wants to erase history, but I will agree some things belong in a museum.

    • Well said. People are being manipulated with misdirection and lies – no-one wants to erase history, just not celebrate offensive matters some people cling to. Apart from the (battle) flag being a symbol of losing insurrectionists, why aren’t these people advocating for a return of the British Union (Jack) flag or the Grand Union flag, or recasting the statue of George III that was melted down, if they love history so much?

  4. Lyndley Hillebrand says:

    American history books are all funded and written by corporations who specifically wanted history to be depicted a certain way. Never was I taught in school that Adolf Hitler himself was inspired by the American “solution” to destroy the Native American population and later the Japanese. Not once was I taught about agent orange and how we dropped a bomb on Vietnam and to this day babies are born with biological damage from the toxic chemicals..

    I’ve learned that there is always three sides to every story. You’re side, my side, and the truth. If I want to study a historical event I start my research with the musical influences of the times, I go to the radio and to people who actually lived through it, newspapers, advertisements, media anything to create the mindset of the people in that time..
    About people going on with “history being erased” , its not being erased, we can never erase the scars ignorance and religion leave across the face of the human race. We simply want to dissolve all glory and recognition towards people whose actions harmed any human against their will, justified by classifying a group of individuals by the color of their skin by being property or recognized at 3/16 of a citizen. Owning slaves is why and how the first millionaires were ever established in America and exploiting their bodies for financial gains or conducting medical experiments on them does not make you a hero, it makes you a monster.

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