Protect Citizens from Police Brutality By Implementing Widespread Reform

Target: William Barr, United States Attorney General

Goal: Implement immediate widespread police reform in order to protect the American people from excessive violence and unwarranted death.

Widespread police brutality has erupted in response to the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. After Floyd was killed, hundreds of other incidents and videos documenting police violence were released.

A 20 year old protester in Austin, Texas was recently shot in the head by police officers who were aiming for someone else with “non-lethal” bean bag ammunition that caused a fractured skull and brain damage. In Buffalo, New York, officers in riot gear shoved a 75-year old man to the ground and left him bleeding and unconscious from the head. He was later pronounced dead. On live television, police in Louisville, Kentucky fired balls of pepper spray at journalists. These are just a few examples of recent violence inflicted by the police.

Cell phone videos have revealed what appears to be a new norm of terror against protesters and innocent American citizens. Sign below to demand Attorney General William Barr implement immediate and widespread police reform to put an end to senseless violence and killing.


Dear Mr. Barr,

There is no justification for the widespread violence being inflicted on innocent American citizens by police officers. In addition, the disproportionately high rate of African Americans being killed by the police is unwarranted and quite frankly, disgusting.

It is clear that police officers need more training regarding race relations and how to properly de-escalate a situation. I demand that you implement immediate and widespread police reform to put an end to senseless violence and killing.


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Photo Credit: Igal Koshevoy

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  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    Soon it won’t matter. The police won’t be needed. It will be the military policing our country. You can’t have it both ways. And we can’t live without law and order.

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