Electrify America’s Roadways and Kill Car Pollution

Target: Elaine L. Chao, U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Goal: Promote and invest in electric vehicle technologies.

Nine countries have already pledged to abolish gas-fueled cars, and Australia may become the tenth. Over half of Australia’s citizens support such a move, while in Norway over 50 percent of all cars currently in use already bear the electric label. While fear-mongering special interest groups paint a scary picture of economic and social collapse, a transportation industry that refuses to progress could lead to far worse outcomes.

Anywhere from one-third to one-half of climate change-inducing carbon emissions derive from transportation pollution. Electric cars all but eliminate these harmful emissions. Curbing the sale of gas-powered vehicles is a central component of an Australian effort to reduce that country’s carbon footprint. Such an effort forces manufacturers to finally invest fully in critical green technologies. Forward-thinking manufacturers like Hyundai Motor Group have already committed to making efficient, affordable vehicles that do not sacrifice the environment in their drive for success.

Sign this petition to urge America’s leaders to lead the way in transformative transportation technologies.


Dear Secretary Chao,

Global automobile manufacturers will invest a staggering 90 billion dollars in electric car technologies over the next few years. Increasing numbers of countries are solidifying the same commitments, with electric cars making up over half of vehicles in Norway. Electric automobile investments are a centerpiece of ongoing Australian elections. The United States should be spearheading in this effort, yet only an estimated two percent of vehicles currently in use are of the electric or hybrid variety. China has cornered this market of immense opportunity instead, boasting six of the world’s ten major electric car companies.

The benefits of such an investment for a world beset by rapid climate change effects seem apparent. The massive reduction in harmful carbon emissions alone more than offsets any claimed cost. As for these costs, financial drawbacks will dissipate as these technologies become more prevalent and available. Efficiency concerns are being phased out with every new advance; many models can now offer hundreds of miles or kilometers of service after just one battery charge. Perceived lost revenue from toxic fossil fuels could be recouped through charging stations and similar investments. Experts even dismiss worries about overloading the power grid by affirming that these technologies could actually improve the grid.

This commitment cannot wait for another, more politically expedient time. With dedication and effort—and with initiatives such as tax incentives for electric or hybrid vehicle buyers and manufacturers—America can take transportation into the future….a future free from the dark cloud of climate change and imminent environmental catastrophe.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Shai Agassi


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  1. Judy Tandori says:

    I was singing the praises of battery operated cars to my son who argued that the lithium ion batteries, when disposed of, are extremely toxic for our environment. While I believe there are better alternatives to the internal combustion engine we also want to be farsighted in our focus upon neutralizing the toxins in our lanbedfills and oceans

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