Indefinitely Suspend Fracking After Record-Breaking Earthquake

Target: Tim Eggar, Oil and Gas Authority Chair

Goal: Suspend fracking in Lancashire after record-breaking 2.9 earthquake.

A record-breaking earthquake rattled Lancashire, the third in a single week. The 2.9 earthquake impacted the area where gas company Cuadrilla is conducting fracking tests. The company has been fracking on and off in the area since 2011. This is just the latest danger presented by oil and natural gas drilling. Sign the petition to demand that fracking be suspended indefinitely.

This is not the first time Cuadrilla’s practices have been alleged to have caused seismic shifts. In 2011, two earthquakes, a 1.4 and a 2.3 magnitude, forced Cuadrilla to suspend its activities. The company only recently commenced its latest oil and gas drilling. However, these recent earthquakes prove that nothing has changed and only further support claims that fracking is endangering the livelihoods of Lancashire’s people.

After an earthquake, fracking is only required to be suspended for 18 hours. However, fracking must be suspended indefinitely following this record-breaking quake. Lives are in danger, land is in danger, and the integrity of wells and waterways are also questionable. More research and preventive measures must be conducted before fracking can resume.


Dear Chairman Eggar,

A 2.9 earthquake recently shook Lancashire, the third in only a single week. Cuadrilla’s oil and gas drilling is allegedly to blame. Eight years ago, fracking in the area was suspended after a much smaller quake. It is your duty to once again suspend drilling in the area.

Lives, land, and water are all in danger. Before more earthquakes shake foundations, perhaps with much worse consequences, I ask that you indefinitely suspend fracking in Lancashire until more research can prove that no lives are in danger.


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Photo Credit: Ostroff Law

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