Success: Dynamite Ends Use of Angora Fur

Target: Andrew Lufty, CEO of Dynamite

Goal: Praise Dynamite for ending its use of angora fur on its products.

Clothing retailer Dynamite has officially announced it will be ending its use of angora fur in all its products. Now, Dynamite is joining 120 other retailers who have banned angora fur including H&M, Gap, and French Connection. The number of companies who have joined this group keeps growing and continuously inspires more companies to ditch angora fur.

Thanks to activism, including petitions at ForceChange, angora rabbits will not have to suffer anymore for Dynamite’s products. Sign this petition and thank Dynamite for ending its use of angora fur.


Dear Mr. Lufty,

Recently, your company Dynamite has announced that it will no longer be selling products that use angora fur. This was great news to hear. Many companies have decided to ditch angora fur, including H&M, Gap, and French Connection. It is inspiring to hear about how many more companies are deciding to ban angora fur.

Thank you for listening to the public and your customers. Now angora rabbits will not have to suffer for Dynamite’s products. Thank you for making this change and we hope that other companies decide to follow in your footsteps.


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  1. Thank you for banning the use of these innocent Angora bunnies fur in the future. These are tiny, helpless, voiceless completely innocent living beings. It is our duty to protect them and not abuse them or murder them for the purpose of gaining the money & profit. How evil and cruel it had being. Thanks for the Ban. May god shower you all with blessings for taking such kind actions to help save these tiny animals fragile lives.

  2. Natasha Glinsky says:

    As a rabbit whisperer,I thank you and so do the rabbits. Pulling their fur or trimming them is seen as an act of aggression by all rabbits. They suffer mentally and physically from this mistreatment.

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