Don’t Grant Immunity to Slain Journalist’s Suspected Murderer

The U.S. government just prevented the prosecution and punishment of the man suspected of ordering the sadistic murder and dismemberment of an American journalist. Condemn this horrifically misguided decision.

Find Assailant Who Viciously Killed and Skinned Dog

A dog was viciously killed and then skinned close to the scene of a high-profile multiple homicide. Whether the crimes were related or not, this innocent animal deserves justice. Demand authorities pursue this case to the fullest extent.

Stop Violent Perpetrators From Shooting and Killing Innocent People

Gun violence and mass shootings are at an all-time high. One possible solution, already implemented in some states, is to allow a judge to decide if a particular violent crime warrants a perpetrator to lose gun ownership rights. Demand resources be given nationwide to help states successfully execute this on a federal level.

Stop Holding the US Back From Economic Growth

President Joe Biden’s efforts to produce more goods domestically have spurred conflict regarding trading relationships between western countries. However, growth in the US means increased trade opportunity for the world and it should be encouraged. Urge international leaders to give the US a chance to show the benefits of its economic growth.

Success: Organization Reboots Aid for Ethiopian Children

Civil war and drought have made life difficult for the people of Ethiopia. Obstacles such as the violent conflicts have hindered humanitarian aid in the past, but dedicated helpers are now on the way to help prevent tens of thousands of deaths. Thank those who have made this pledge to help.

Stop Risking Women’s Lives With Pregnancy Complications

A West Virginia woman could have died from pregnancy complications after she had to drive hours to receive a legal abortion despite it being an emergency. Unfortunately, doctors are wary to risk their careers performing an abortion since what makes an emergency is not clearly defined. Urge West Virginia’s Governor to stop letting women suffer and allow doctors to make the determination if an abortion is necessary for the health of patients.

Success: Poverty-Stricken Country Potentially Granted Reprieve From Former Ally

Economic woes have only increased in Venezuela since the US imposed sanctions in response to their allegedly corrupt leader and his questionable win in the presidential election. Fortunately, a recent announcement has indicated a possible mending of the two countries’ relationship. Applaud the US’s gesture and the hope it rekindles.

Stop Development From Decimating Tribal Lands

A cherished tribal land and rich habitat could be endangered if a dam construction project goes forward. Urge continued opposition to this potential environmental and cultural hazard.

Don’t Let Gun Rights Shield Potential Murderers

One of the nation’s latest mass shooting events might have been prevented if local authorities enforced existing gun laws. Call on officials to prioritize safety and life over partisan politics.

Stop Reportedly Neglecting Health of Detained Migrants

The death of a migrant detainee in the United Kingdom’s Manston detention center sparked an investigation into the facility’s health conditions. Infectious diseases were reportedly spreading like crazy in overcrowded conditions made worse from seemingly lacking medical care for those in custody. Urge the prime minister to stop apparently neglecting migrant detainees and make their health a priority.

Turkeys Reportedly Stomped and Beaten to Death Deserve Justice

A farm stands accused of stomping, clubbing, and beating turkeys to death in the most inhumane ways imaginable. Demand a full investigation into these alleged brutal practices.

Break Up Ticketmaster’s Live Entertainment Monopoly

A day of excitement for eager concert fans quickly transformed into crushing disappointment. A major monopoly dominating the music industry shares a large part of the blame. Help end Ticketmaster’s overreaching stranglehold on the consumer experience.

Don’t Rewrite American History to Feed a Political Agenda

A prominent governor could be depriving students of learning about the full scope of American history. His proposal includes factual mistakes and a serious downplaying of historical discrimination. Call on the governor to stop playing politics with education and history itself.

Stop Reportedly Deceiving Donors About Campaign Contributions

Campaign donors are reportedly being deceived about who their contributions are actually helping. Urge more truth and transparency in political fundraising.

Stop Gas Pipelines From Leaking Dangerous Chemicals Into Our Air and Water

Gas pipelines are causing irreversible damage to the environment. Leaks end up in groundwater, streams, and the atmosphere, and little has been done to address these ongoing problems. Urge the EPA to modernize our pipelines and prevent dangerous chemicals from entering the environment.

Stop Overconsumption From Destroying the Planet

Excess consumerism is now a leading cause of climate change, in which the buying habits of first world countries produce carbon emissions exponentially greater than those of other regions. This excessive waste cheats consumers and harms the planet. Urge the Federal Trade Commission to require manufacturers to make electronics that last and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Stop Torturing Detained Women With Reportedly Unnecessary Medical Procedures

A doctor employed by the US government reportedly used excessive force and performed unauthorized procedures on a detained migrant woman. Further investigation uncovered similar accusations by other women as well as a history of malpractice lawsuits against the doctor in question. Demand this alleged torture of detained migrant women be stopped.

Stop Stalling on Mental Health Support for College Students

Mass shootings at colleges and universities started barely 100 years ago and have only been gaining in number. The current plan to address mental health on campuses relies too much on students seeking their own help and does not provide sufficient proactive support. Demand a plan to help schools support student mental health now instead of waiting until the next shooting.

Don’t Let Millions Die From Hunger While Wealthy Nations Prosper

The gap in global wealth inequality is becoming an ever-widening chasm, and too many human beings are falling through the cracks. Demand rich nations do their fair share in ending deadly famine and hunger.

Stop Silencing Voters on Abortion Rights

Voting is at risk in Kentucky. The state is looking into a universal ban on abortion despite voters deciding against an anti-abortion ballot. Protect the rights and voices of all voters and urge the Kentucky Supreme Court to respect election results over arbitrary agendas.

Don’t Let Cracks in Cyber Security Imperil Consumer Privacy

The personal data of millions of Twitter users could be at risk. Demand authorities stop company chaos from making consumers collateral damage.

300 Dogs Subjected to Alleged Neglect and Abandonment By Authorities Deserve Justice

Hundreds of dogs allegedly experienced great harm to their health and well-being at the hands of a so-called breeder. Authority figures could have protected these animals, but reportedly only abetted the alleged perpetrators. Call for an end to a possible cover-up of this troubling case.

Start Paying Nations Equally for Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

The rise of greenhouse gasses has led to some regions receiving financial compensation for their efforts to reduce this environmental poison. Africa is a major player working with polluters but is not paid as equally as others. Demand fair compensation for African nations who are helping to save the planet.

Stop Making Toxins and Hazardous Waste Under the Guise of “Recycling”

Chemical companies want to classify toxic facilities as “recycling” plants, evading health and environmental regulations. Don’t let polluters get away with greenwashing hazardous waste.

Include Livestock’s Massive Carbon Footprint in Climate Change Talks

The meat and dairy industry’s huge contribution to the global climate crisis is once again being overlooked by policymakers. Call for action to reduce carbon emissions from animal agriculture.

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