Protect Migratory Animals From Displacement Due to Habitat Destruction

Protecting migratory animals and their habitats is crucial for maintaining a healthy and balanced environment. Demand action be taken to promote conservation efforts and to preserve the areas where these important species thrive.

Stop Starving, Torturing, and Beating Elephants for Tourism

Elephant riding is one of the most inhumane and exploitative practices in the tourism industry, causing the animals physical and psychological abuse, malnutrition, and chronic health problems. Take a stand against this cruelty.

Protect Bees by Restricting Use of Pesticides

Pesticides are contributing to the decline of bee populations, which could have a devastating impact on our food supply and ecosystems. Demand their use be restricted to protect pollinators.

Stop Maiming and Amputating Live Animals for Military Exercises

Dogs, goats, pigs, and other animals are violently mutilated or endure other trauma during military training exercises. Call for a transition to more humane, effective alternatives.

Stop Celebrating Mass Slaughter With Rattlesnake Roundup

Rattlesnakes are being forced from their dens, exploited, and slaughtered by the thousands for the amusement of human spectators. Demand an end to deadly rattlesnake roundups that trade in barbaric cruelty.

Stop the Cruel Practice of Hacking Fins Off Sharks

Shark finning is a cruel, destructive industry that causes immense suffering and threatens the survival of shark species. Take action to stop the sale of products containing shark fins.

Put Kids First and End Permitless Carry for Guns

Politicians who refuse to take meaningful action on gun violence have blood on their hands. The state where the latest mass shooting took place now wants to make it even easier to buy and carry these deadly weapons. Call on these so-called leaders to stop arming dangerous killers.

Stop Keeping Orca Whales in Captivity

Orca whales suffer physical and emotional distress when they are kept in captivity. The barren and confining tanks provide little room for mental stimulation or growth. Urge those in power to end this inhumane imprisonment and make sanctuaries an option.

Preserve Mountain Lion Habitats to Protect the Ecosystem

Mountain lions are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss and fragmentation. Their survival is essential to preserving the ecosystem. Demand those in power take action to protect this species and promote environmental conservation.

Success: Allegedly Corrupt Prime Minister Will be Prosecuted to Fullest Extent

After a prime minister was indicted on charges of breach of trust, bribery, and fraud, his ruling party allegedly tried to illegally influence his ongoing trial to keep him in office. Thanks to protestors, this violation of justice has been prevented. Acknowledge this important success of the judicial system.

Stop the Cruel Sale of Illegally Imported Chameleons

The sale of illegally imported chameleons threatens public safety and wildlife. Demand a crackdown on this inhumane trade.

Stop Illegal Smuggling of Exotic Snakes That Harms Ecosystems

Exotic snake smuggling is a cruel and illegal trade that is harming both animals and humans. It not only endangers those who encounter the snakes, but also disrupts ecosystems. Urge the US Fish and Wildlife Service to take action and prevent this illegal activity.

Stop the Hunting, Trapping, and Killing of Endangered Wolves

The hunting and killing of endangered wolves is threatening their survival and jeopardizing the balance of the ecosystem. Demand a ban on wolf hunting and conservation measures to protect this important species and maintain the ecological health of Montana’s wilderness.

Protect Hundreds of Historic Trees Threatened by Construction

Hundreds of ancient trees along a historic road are at risk of being cut down due to the construction of a series of bridges. The only way to save them is to name them as historical landmarks. Demand the administration act now before it’s too late.

Save Hens From Lifetime of Inhumane Confinement

Too many of the eggs made available to consumers are produced from long-standing animal cruelty. Battery cages subject egg-laying hens to cramped and dirty living conditions that they must endure their entire lives. Demand a swift ban on these instruments of inhumanity.

Stop Using Traps that Maim and Crush Animals to Death

Wild animals are being targeted with traps that kill indiscriminately by crushing victims to death or catching them in cruel leg-holds. Demand an end to this inhumane practice that threatens both wildlife and innocent pets.

Don’t Traumatize Kids With Deplorable Detention Centers

Inhumane detention centers once widely condemned for their scarring impact on children may be making a comeback. And the very people who criticized them most loudly could be responsible. Call on the nation’s leaders to stop playing politics with the lives of desperate refugees.

Success: School Workers Granted Higher Wages and Healthcare

Thousands of striking school workers demanded higher wages and healthcare and the authorities have relented. It’s a major victory for social justice and fundamental human rights. Celebrate this historic success in solidarity with these determined workers.

Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were allegedly found starved to death in the backyard of a former animal control worker. Demand the suspect be fully prosecuted and serve time in prison, if found guilty, to better ensure more innocent creatures will not suffer under his care.

Protect the Public From Dangerous Toxic Chemicals

Crucial updated regulations of toxic chemicals have been repeatedly delayed, potentially due to political ambitions. This puts both the environment and innocent people at risk. Demand the policymakers act fast and enact a powerful regulatory system.

Celebrate Women’s History on the History Channel

A television channel meant to provide informative and educational accounts of history is virtually ignoring the accomplishments and legacy of women. Demand the History Channel better reflect the past and present of all people.

Save Declining Box Turtles From the Illegal Pet Trade

The trade in wild box turtles threatens to wipe out this important species forever. Sign this petition to keep turtles in their natural habitat, where they belong.

Success: Potential Poisoning Disguised as Humanitarian Aid Under Review

The European Union reportedly shipped pesticide-laden food to African countries under the guise of humanitarian aid. Thanks to human rights advocates, a review of these shipping policies and ideas for sustainable investment in Africa are being discussed. Acknowledge this important step taken in the right direction.

Protect Eye Drop Users From Infection and Potential Death

Eyedrops have apparently been linked to a harmful bacterial outbreak that has, in the worst cases, caused blindness and death. Demand regulators do more to safeguard consumers from this potential threat.

Support School Workers Struggling With Dire Poverty

Thousands of impoverished school workers have embarked on a major strike. They claim minimum wage salaries are driving them below the poverty line. Demand better pay for school staff who dedicate their lives so that students can have a bright future.

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