Let Science of the Stars Help Clean Up Planet Earth

A major scientific breakthrough could one day create clean and abundant energy on a wide scale. Urge more investment in this technology with the potential to replace fossil fuels.

Condemn World Cup’s Refusal of Platform for Peace

Ukraine’s president wants to share a message with the planet, but World Cup leaders won’t allow it. Demand these influencers allow a plea for peace.

Demand Geriatric Senator Retire at the End of Her Term

Diane Feinstein is 89 years old and in 2021 became the longest-serving US Senator from California. She has dedicated her life to public service, but unfortunately has recently experienced the effects of an aging mind. Urge her to make this term her last.

Don’t Let Benefit Cuts Overburden Struggling Consumers

The poorest UK citizens could soon lose important benefits that boost their quality of life and their ability to be fully participating consumers in the marketplace. Demand leaders reject an idea that would only favor the rich.

Protect Young Workers From Child Labor Abuses

Teenager workers have allegedly been overworked and placed in dangerous situations at McDonald’s and several other prominent businesses. Demand labor leaders better protect the country’s most vulnerable employees.

Success: Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage Recognized as Civil Rights

Marriage equality is now a federally protected right in America, regardless of any court’s opinion. Applaud the passage of a measure that safeguards same-sex and interracial unions.

Stop Re-Election Campaign That Would Cripple Democratic Party

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema recently announced she was leaving the Democratic Party. Although she has routinely been a party black sheep, this defection could have devastating consequences for Democrats in the upcoming re-election. Demand that Sinema halt her plans for the benefit of the state and the country.

Kick Anti-Environmental Special Interest Groups Out of Climate Conference

Special interest groups that want to derail environmental progress are being invited to and influencing critical climate talks. Urge an end to destructive lobbying at the world’s expense.

Punish Person Responsible for Leaving Chihuahua to Die

A small dog was abandoned and found in such poor shape that the animal had to be euthanized. Demand justice for the victim of this heinous crime.

Stop Using Imprisoned Americans as Political Puppets

The US recently swapped prisoners with Russia, an American basketball star for a Russian international arms dealer. A former Marine was included in the deal, but Russia denied his release thus giving the impression he was included simply to give them negotiation leverage. Urge the US government to secure his release as promised and no longer use American lives as political puppets.

Success: Apple Employees Freed From Reportedly Oppressive Conditions

Workers at Apple’s Foxconn plant in China are finally free after being confined to factory grounds to slow the spread of COVID-19. They alleged several human rights abuses during their lockdown. Thank Tim Cook of Apple for discontinuing these seemingly oppressive policies and enabling employee freedom of movement.

Amazon: Answer to Accusations of Stealing Tips From Delivery Drivers

Amazon has reportedly been raking in tens of millions of dollars in tip money intended for workers. Tell the company to stop its apparent deception of consumers and employees.

Stop the Sale of American Assault Weapons to Drug Cartels

Most of the weapons used by Mexican drug cartels are obtained legally in the United States. This makes America’s gun problem not just a domestic issue, but an international one. Demand action to ban the deadliest firearms.

Recognize Same-Sex Marriage as a Civil Right

Same-sex marriage may be at risk in the US as civil rights repeatedly come under attack. The time is now to protect the LGBTQIA+ community. Urge President Biden to acknowledge same-sex marriage as a right nationwide.

Stop Letting Lobbyists Get Rich by Obstructing Environmental Progress

Powerful fossil fuel lobbyists are being financially rewarded for their climate policy obstruction. Demand a change of course for the continent that is helping underwrite environmental destruction.

Stop Letting Healthcare Workers Be Harassed for Helping People

From harassing those supplying COVID-19 vaccinations to reportedly threatening doctors providing care to transgender youths, healthcare workers are targets of verbal and physical attacks. Those who cannot separate politics from medicine’s objective to improve mental and physical health are creating a scary environment for doctors and nurses. Compel the Federation of State Medical Boards to work with lawmakers and protect healthcare workers from the abuse.

Don’t Let Elon Musk Mutilate Monkey Brains

Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company apparently cut open lab monkeys’ skulls, resulting in their suffering and death. This reported animal cruelty cannot go unpunished. Demand a full investigation and accountability in this disturbing case.

Don’t Drop Funding for Pandemic Fight

An infection-preventing COVID nasal vaccine long sought after by scientists will soon be on the market in China. However, a lack of funding means this advanced disease-fighting development is not an option in America. Urge leaders to reinvest in ending this still-deadly pandemic.

Stop Delaying Action to End Plastic Pollution

Plastics are everywhere, including countless places they should not be. Land, the oceans, and our drinking water contain traces of a material we have allowed to become an all-pervasive pollutant, and efforts to seriously address plastic waste are not happening fast enough. Urge a nearer-term deadline to prevent further damage.

Amazon: Be Transparent Regarding Offensive Streaming Content

Amazon recently decided to keep an antisemitic documentary on its video streaming platform. Naturally, there was some backlash from those who may feel the film is a personal attack on their identity. Urge the CEO of Amazon Web Services to create a more transparent system for how the company chooses content to protect all paying consumers.

Remove Stain of Powerful Partisan Influence From Supreme Court

Dark money and political networks that operate in secrecy are tainting the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Demand transparency from the nation’s highest authority on the law.

Apple: End Reported Slave-Like Factory Conditions

An Apple factory in China has experienced protests and riots in response to alleged human rights violations. Push Apple to acknowledge the rights of factory workers by ending slave-like conditions.

Support Pregnant Women’s Right to Healthcare

There is a battle in Georgia on the fate of abortion rights. While the choice to undergo the procedure repeatedly has been found to be legally legitimate, other lawmakers supporting a ban appear to care more about the fight than the right. Urge Georgia’s governor to acknowledge the initial court ruling to respect abortion rights and stop playing with women’s healthcare.

Success: Organization Offers Positive Response to Allegations of Slave Labor Use

Qatar has come under fire for allegations including use of migrant labor to build up infrastructure before the 2022 World Cup. Practices involving these workers potentially border on human rights violations. Thank FIFA, leader of the world cup, for perpetuating awareness of human rights and working to end slave labor in event host countries and beyond.

Success: Cruelty-Free Meat Alternatives Promoted by Major Food Agency

Lab-grown meat could save countless animals from slaughter while also appeasing those who eat meat. Applaud the move that made this promising process one step closer to reality.

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