Stop Gun Makers From Targeting Children

The manufacturer of the gun used in the Uvalde school shooting targets children with their advertisements. Demand this gun maker stop targeting children.

Stop Defunding and Devaluing Mental Health at Cost of Countless Lives

Politicians blame mental health problems for mass shootings, while undermining efforts to combat this crisis daily. Call on hypocritical leaders to invest in mental health access, programs, and related laws.

Dog Slammed Onto Sidewalk and Kicked by Unknown Perpetrator Deserves Justice

A dog was attacked on-camera in a vicious act of animal cruelty. The suspect and the animal have yet to be identified. Demand vigilance in pursuing and prosecuting this disturbing case.

Treat All Refugees Equally

Refugees fleeing war-torn countries like Afghanistan are not receiving the same welcoming treatment extended to those from Ukraine. Sign this petition to call on President Biden to treat all refugees equally, regardless of race, religion, or country of origin.

Captive Orcas Reportedly Chewing Teeth Off and Banging Heads Into Walls Must be Freed

Despite years of efforts to free SeaWorld’s orcas, this amusement park chain is still imprisoning these majestic animals for the entertainment and profit of humans. Demand SeaWorld release its remaining orcas into the wild or an accredited sanctuary.

Prevent Civil Rights Abuses and Deadly Tragedies During Arrests

Two unarmed Black men were allegedly shot in the back of the head by police. These deadly incidents occurred in different states just weeks apart. Demand federal authorities take on the task of investigating contentious cases involving law enforcement.

Stop Seaweed Invasion From Strangling Coastal Ecosystems

Fish, turtles, and other marine life are in danger because the climate crisis is choking beaches with piles of potentially destructive seaweed. Demand solutions to address this growing ecological risk.

Senate: Don’t Go on Vacation in Midst of School Shooting Tragedy

Once again, elementary school classrooms are covered in the blood of children. Urge the nation’s leaders to stop making excuses and to take decisive action to prevent mass shootings.

Dogs Allegedly Killed by Police Officer and Buried at Training Facility Deserve Justice

Several dogs were allegedly abused and even killed at a dog training facility run by a police officer within the K-9 department. Demand this man face maximum punishment if he is found guilty of violating two important oaths.

Boost Baby Formula Supplies and End Parents’ Pain

Infants around America are being deprived of sustenance largely because of the domination of a few baby formula manufacturers. Call for a bust-up of this destructive monopoly that is hurting hungry children.

Captive Elephant Apparently Tortured With Bullhooks and Ridden by Humans at Roadside Zoo Must be Freed

Asha the elephant has been imprisoned under torturous conditions her whole life. She is apparently forced to give rides to zoo visitors and is abused by painful bullhooks, all for the zoo’s profit. It is time to rescue this poor elderly elephant.

Defend Nation Against Gun Massacres

Every day, Americans are being gunned down in streets, schools, churches, grocery stores, restaurants, and even their own homes. Politicians do nothing but wipe the blood off their hands before attending the next reelection event. Call on them to confront this urgent matter of national security.

Dogs Reportedly Shot in Face and Beaten Until Their Bones Snapped Deserve Justice

At least three men accused of crimes like shooting a dog in the face and beating another until the animal’s ribs broke have gotten off with probation. Urge local authorities to enforce real punishments for animal cruelty.

Protect Europe From Further Russian Aggression

The Russian military is once again rolling into Eastern Europe to conquer and oppress its neighbors. Ask NATO’s leaders to protect more innocent countries from facing the tragic fate of Ukraine.

Image of a protest sign with white background, gold sparkly border, blue text, and pink hearts. The sign's text reads: "Trans and GNC Youth. We love you. We see you. We stand with you."

Stop Ban on Gender Affirming Treatments for Trans Youth

An attack on trans youth would deny them safe medical treatments and force teachers to ‘out’ students. Stop this latest hate campaign targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Black Bear Mother Shot to Death Deserves Justice

Bobbi, a beloved black bear mother with two cubs, was fatally shot in a seemingly senseless act of violence. Demand a comprehensive investigation and possible charges relating to this tragic killing.

Stop Politicians From Dictating School Curriculums

Censorship and politics are keeping students from experiencing a full and complete education. Urge honest, critical engagement about racism and other difficult subjects in America’s classrooms.

33 Dogs and Two Children Reportedly Found With Guns, Drugs, Dog-Fighting Equipment, and No Food Deserve Justice

Thirty-three pit bulls, including multiple puppies, and two children, were reportedly rescued from a terrifying home that had guns, drugs, and no food. The man accused of this horrible abuse has been arrested and is facing possible prosecution. We are asking the prosecutor to pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

Restore Ecosystem-Building, Water-Cleaning Oyster Populations

Oysters play a crucial role in water filtration and marine eco-diversity. Demand the former oyster capital of the world help revitalize these important contributors to the natural order.

Give Closure to Families of Indigenous Children Kidnapped, Abused, and Killed in Name of Assimilation

Thousands of Native American children were physically and psychologically traumatized at so-called schools operated by the federal government. Many of these children died on school grounds. Demand current leaders help make amends for these still-resonant atrocities.

Man Accused of Violently Beating Dog For Eating His Lunch Must be Punished

A man was caught on video appearing to violently beat a dog named Sheeba in the back of his car. According to reports, the man attacked his dog because the animal ate some of his lunch. Demand justice for Sheeba.

End Ban on Cohabitation in Single-Family Homes

Officials in a Kansas town are trying to dictate with whom their constituents choose to live. Demand these out-of-touch leaders stop compounding the rent and housing woes of desperate consumers.

forest trail with trees and sunlight peeking through

Save National Forests From Falling Into Disrepair

National Forests have fallen into disrepair, endangering fish and wildlife and increasing environmental harm. This unfortunate consequence comes from a lack of governmental funding. Demand that politicians financially support protecting our public lands.

Success: Disadvantaged Communities Protected From Environmental Racism

Big polluters have long invaded disadvantaged communities and torpedoed environmental and public health in the process. Commend leaders for a renewed commitment to environmental justice.

Puppy Who Allegedly Endured Bone-Breaking, Head-Busting Assault Deserves Justice

A puppy sustained serious injuries after allegedly being thrown across a room with force. Call on prosecutors to pursue a fitting sentence upon conviction.

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