End Starvation and Abandonment of Teacup Pigs

Pearl, a teacup pig formerly owned by social media influencer Paul Logan, was found abandoned in a field, sick with an infection and with her ears in tatters. Help put a stop to the inhumane breeding and sale of pigs like Pearl.

Stop Gas Stoves From Lighting Flame to Environment and Kids’ Health

Gas stoves are a source of dangerous carcinogens and cause 12 percent of childhood asthma. Yet, vested interests are trying to prevent a shift to proven safter alternatives. Demand leaders prioritize public well-being and ban these health hazards.

Don’t Let Climate Threat Run Over Reindeer

The animals popularly known as reindeer are at dire risk of extinction due to largely human-caused threats. Support newly enhanced protections for this beautiful species.

Success: Honeybees Protected From Deadly Disease

The honeybees that keep our ecosystems functional have been struck by a deadly disease. Celebrate approval of a protective treatment that could save their lives and the balance of nature itself.

Pet Husky Reportedly Tied Up, Shot With Crossbow and Dumped in River by Owner Deserves Justice

A man was apparently caught on film tying his dog to a tree, shooting it with a crossbow and dumping it in a river. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty in this horrific case.

Demand Elon Musk Reinstate Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was axed last month by Elon Musk, leading to a dramatic rise in hate speech. The volunteer council played an invaluable role creating a safe space for diverse points of view. Demand the reinstatment of the Trust and Safety Council with immediate notice.

Stop the Dead Lines in Disaster Response

Natural disasters are causing unprecedented humanitarian crises across the country. Emergency response during and after these critical incidents is often either lagging or non-existent. Call for urgent reforms to ensure Americans receive life-saving aid when it’s needed most.

Support Democratic Elections to Get the House in Order

The House of Representatives has demonstrated its dysfunction by struggling to elect a leader. Meanwhile, this integral chamber of Congress is paralyzed and unable to represent and work for the people. Demand these leaders get their priorities straight.

Reunite Mother With Smuggled Children

Three young children have reportedly been kidnapped by human smugglers and separated from their family. Demand the region where they are believed to be located help end a mother’s worst nightmare.

Don’t Stir Instability With Military Intervention in Humanitarian Crisis

Haiti is once again collapsing into turmoil and chaos, to the severe detriment of its people. Demand world leaders resist the call for armed intervention and instead support a more measured plan of assistance.

Justice for Strangled Puppies Found Hanging From Tree

A pair of three-month-old puppies were strangled and hung from a tree. The person responsible is still at large and likely a danger to other animals. Demand these innocents get the justice they deserve.

Success: Agreement Reached on Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity got a big win at a global conference, where Earth’s habitats and species received solid pledges of protection from 195 nations. Commend this hard-won agreement for Mother Nature.

Don’t Render Workers With Disabilities Obsolete

Americans with disabilities are being refused essential assistance because of an outdated book. Demand the country’s leading agency for disability benefits modernize and meet the urgent needs of all vulnerable populations.

Five Dogs Reportedly Left Outside in -16 Degree Temps Deserve Justice

Five dogs were apparently left to freeze to death outside a home. One of the dogs had to be euthanized due to severe hypothermia. Demand justice for these animals.

Don’t Cut Lifesaving Healthcare Program That Benefits Disadvantaged

Millions of low-income Americans could lose their only healthcare link if a proposed widespread Medicaid enrollment cut happens on schedule. Demand leaders stop the ticking clock counting down to uncertainty and chaos.

Bite the Bullet on Dangerous and Deadly Ammunition

Thousands of people were injured in the past year, too many fatally, by mass gunfire. Urge leaders to keep a stronger check on the bullets in the barrel.

Horses Found Dead in Field With Puncture Wounds Deserve Justice

One horse was found dead in a field and another was found writhing in pain and was later euthanized. Both horses had puncture wounds above their right eyes. Demand justice for these animals.

Don’t Incinerate Crucial Climate Work

A volcanic eruption could have destroyed the world’s premier barometer for measuring and understanding climate change. Demand better protections for work that could help protect the planet.

Dogs Apparently Abandoned at Dump and Poisoned With Antifreeze Deserve Justice

One dog was apparently abandoned to die at a garbage dump and another was poisoned with anti-freeze. Demand justice for these animals.

Justice for Exhibition Animals Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect

An aquarium and a zoo were recently the sites of mass animal casualties. These supposed caretakers of animals need to be held accountable for reportedly failing to protect their now-dead charges. Demand justice and protection for animals at risk from careless profiteers.

Protect Democracy by Honoring Will of Voters

The will of voters could be tossed away because of unclear laws vulnerable to manipulation. Demand Congress ensure that election results, and democracy itself, stand strong.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Punched and Kicked on Video

A caretaker stands accused of kicking and punching his defenseless dog and causing physical and emotional harm. Vows have been made to seek retribution in this case and those in power must be held to task. Demand justice for this alleged assault against an innocent animal.

Don’t Send Refugees and Allies Back to Face Oppression and Death

Afghan allies who sought refuge in America after its withdrawal from their country may be sent back into the grip of a regime that could kill them. These brave people deserve to be protected. Demand U.S. leaders rediscover their humanity and grant these individuals security and sanctuary.

Protect the Right to Gather and Protest in Turbulent Nation

Peruvian citizens have been denied the right to gather and protest following a failed coup attempt. As the nation falls into a state of emergency, the people are being locked away in their homes. Demand citizens be allowed to speak their minds on their nation’s politics.

Investigate South Africa’s President for Alleged Corruption Scandal 

The President of South Africa has been accused of hiding foreign money inside his home. His re-election, despite this apparent corruption, has brought about international concern. Demand a thorough investigation into this leader’s actions and consequences if he is found guilty.

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