Success: Reportedly Neglected Animals Rescued From Defunct Roadside Zoo

A roadside zoo that reportedly left a bear without veterinary care for years in unsanitary conditions has had the remainder of its animals confiscated. Applaud the efforts of shutting this zoo down and sending the animals to a sanctuary.

Stop Funding Climate Killers

America’s banks and lenders are subsidizing pollution that is wrecking the environment and unleashing economic chaos. Help put these climate crisis enablers in the hot seat.

Acknowledge Transgender Murders as Hate Crimes Nationwide

Trans people disproportionally face violence and discrimination in the United States with penalties varying based on the state. With nearly thirty reported murders this year of trans people, something must be done to protect this community. Demand criminal offenses committed due to sexual orientation and gender identity be recognized as hate crimes nationwide.

Prevent Pet Food From Becoming Deadly Superbug Factory

Raw pet foods and antibiotic-injected livestock feed pose an imminent threat to humans and the animals that consume them. Both products are potential breeding grounds for lethal antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Urge reform in the industries responsible for these dangerous products.

Protect Marginalized People from Homelessness as Delta Cases Surge

Nearly six million renters face losing their house this month alone due to withdrawal of governmental protections against eviction. Federal aid and non-profit rent relief programs are not enough to protect millions. Insist that appropriate rent relief is provided to households in need.

Justice for Pregnant Woman Who Reportedly Lost Baby Due to Negligent Jail Staff

Erica Thompson, a Black inmate, reportedly gave birth by herself in a cell with no medical help. Jailers seemingly ignored her pleas and screams before the birth. Sadly, when medical attention arrived it was too late, and her daughter died. Bring justice for this mother and child by firing those deemed responsible.

Stop Illegal Hunters From Sending Wolves to Second Extinction

Wolves are disappearing at an alarming rate due to illegal hunting. Demand authorities stop ignoring illegal hunters and work to save these wolves before it’s too late.

Give Democracy a Fighting Chance in Corruption-Ravaged Nation

A nation that liberated itself from dictatorship is in danger of falling under oppressive control once again. The freedom to peacefully protest and fundamental human rights could be at stake. Demand Tunisia’s president stop sowing instability and undermining freedoms.

Don’t Let Social Media Become Haven for Anti-Semitic Hate

Anti-Semitism is alive and thriving on social media platforms like Facebook. Demand this company take a stronger lead in keeping disinformation and hate speech from reaching millions of consumers.

Protect Peaceful Protesters in Afghanistan

The Taliban antagonizes the Afghanistan population with violence and suppression. Peaceful protests have been silenced with deadly violence. Demand the UN step in to protect the Afghan people by signing this petition.

Reverse Trump’s Exploitation of Spectacular Public Lands

Two of America’s most marvelous natural places were opened to development by former President Trump. Sign this petition to undo that damage and reinstate the protections for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante.

Dogs Reportedly Electrocuted in Front of Each Other on Dog Meat Farm Deserve Justice

A haunting photo shows dozens of empty collars belonging to dogs that were apparently slaughtered at a meat farm in South Korea. It is time for South Korea to end this horrific practice.

Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

American workers need to be paid their fair share immediately. The federal minimum wage has not budged in over a decade, and the time has long passed to raise it. Urge lawmakers to advance a higher standard of living.

Success: Closure Granted to 9/11 Families Demanding Answers

“Never forget” is the common theme for September 11, but too many families have felt forgotten by a government that owes them honesty. Applaud President Biden’s decision to give them the answers they have long sought regarding the most transformative and tragic day of their lives.

Protect Women From Draconian Abortion Bans

Texas dealt a major blow to reproductive freedom by outlawing abortion after six weeks of gestation. This decision flaunts Supreme Court precedent and strips countless women, including victims of rape and incest, of their healthcare choices. Demand Congress stop this wholesale assault on women’s rights.

Dehydrated Cats and Dogs Allegedly Trapped in Scorching Hot Moving Truck Deserve Justice

Several cats and dogs allegedly experienced dehydration and near-suffocation while locked inside a moving truck. Demand appropriate prosecutorial action in this disturbing case.

Horses Reportedly Kept for Slaughter and Starved in Filthy Conditions Deserve Justice

Three horses were allegedly starved and injured to the point of needing emergency medical care. They were also reportedly surrounded by the remains of improperly slaughtered animals. Demand the accused receive the maximum penalty for these crimes.

Provide Mental Health Interventions and Prevent Police Suicides

An alarming number of law enforcement professionals die by suicide every year. Urge the Department of Justice to honor its promise and implement a national strategy for officer suicide prevention.

Success: Infamous Big Cat Zoo Permanently Shut Down

The former zoo of alleged animal abuser Joe Exotic has finally been shut down once and for all. Applaud the closure of this sad chapter in big cat exploitation.

Bring Imprisoned Veteran Home

A Marine veteran and photojournalist was kidnapped and has been imprisoned in Syria since 2012. Demand committed action and diplomacy to ensure Austin Tice’s freedom.

Stop Hazardous Meeting of Hurricanes and Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Hurricane Ida hammered Louisiana’s infamous Cancer Alley, putting millions of already-imperiled citizens at even greater health risk. Demand America’s leaders finally remedy this long-festering environmental and public health problem.

Potbelly Pig Reporting Abandoned to Starve With Infected Wounds Deserves Justice

A potbelly pig named Patrick was reportedly abandoned after his owner moved away without him. The animal was reportedly malnourished and suffering from infections. Demand justice for Patrick.

Stop Slaughtering Bulls With Swords, Lances and Barbed Darts for the ‘Sport’ of Bullfighting

Bullfighting kills 1,000 animals annually in France and condemns countless more to pain and suffering. Demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Animals Apparently Sexually Abused by Owner on Camera Deserve Justice

Multiple dogs were apparently sexually assaulted by their owner, according to shocking photos and video footage. Demand the alleged perpetrator face the maximum penalty and be banned from pet ownership.

Save ‘Gentle Giant’ Manatees From Starvation

Manatees, one of the most threatened species in America, have been disappearing by the hundreds due to the loss of their primary food source. Demand Congress allocate money to studying and preserving these “gentle giants” before it is too late.

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