Skeletal Dog Allegedly Starved to Death Deserves Justice

A defenseless dog became a literal walking skeleton due to alleged starvation. Demand justice for this animal reportedly killed by reckless neglect.

Crack Down on White Nationalist Violence

Thirty-one Patriot Front men apparently planned an attack at an LGBTQ+ Pride event. The men have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to riot. Call upon officials to ensure this is investigated as a potential domestic terrorist attack.

Don’t Allow Indefinite Detention of Immigrants

Detained immigrants do not have the right to a bond hearing, per a Supreme Court ruling, effectively allowing for their indefinite detention. The US Justice Department must act now to ensure every immigrant has a chance at freedom.

Keep Dangerous Methane Emissions in Check

Reducing methane could give the world a fighting chance in the battle against climate change. Two powerful industries are standing in the way of this progress with a refusal to amend their ways. Demand influential meat and dairy organizations find a better way forward.

Protect Trans People From Healthcare Discrimination

Healthcare discrimination continues to disproportionately affect transgender people due to a Trump era rule change. Call on the Biden administration to formally reverse these changes to the Affordable Care Act and protect the rights of trans folks.

Stop Millions From Starving Due to Climate Change

The extreme temperatures, droughts, and flooding brought on by climate change have been destroying bigger and bigger portions of the world’s food crops. The U.S. must act to stop increasing worldwide famine. Call on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to take urgent action on climate change.

Stop Slaughter of School Children with Semi-Automatic Weapons

Children continue to be slaughtered by unregulated guns while the Supreme Court works to invalidate more gun safety laws. Demand politicians take action to protect our children and communities from gun violence.

Stop the Spread of Climate Disinformation Online

The spread of climate misinformation is impeding efforts to fight the biggest environmental crisis of our time. Urge a major hub of climate science denial to stop misleading the public.

Starbucks: Take a Stand Against Cow Abuse on Dairy Farms

Cows on corporate dairy farms are forced to endure endless amounts of suffering. They face constant physical abuse and are artificially impregnated year after year, until eventually being sent off to slaughter. Sign this petition urging Starbucks to stop seemingly endorsing dairy milk by upcharging non-dairy alternatives.

Success: Justice Secured for Over 150 Abused Puppies and Horses

Justice has been served to the woman who neglected 135 dogs and 23 horses while operating a horrific underground puppy mill. Sign this petition to thank officials for prosecuting the abuser and encourage them to continue fighting for voiceless animals.

Stop Climate Change From Drying the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake of Utah has been shrinking at a rapid pace, mainly due to global changes in climate. As the lake continues to dry, the potential consequences for the region’s biodiversity and human health are catastrophic. Urge lawmakers to take the necessary steps to decrease our overall contribution to climate change and to improve the water quality of our national lakes.

Stop Cruelly Boiling Animals Alive

Boiling lobsters, crabs, crayfish, and other crustaceans alive is a cruelty that must end. They are sentient creatures and can feel pain in the same ways as mammals and other animals. Demand that animal welfare laws be changed to protect crustaceans.

Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Pigs in Tiny Metal Cages

Female pigs on factory farms are referred to as “breeding machines” and are repeatedly artificially impregnated and forced to reside in tiny metal chambers known as gestation crates. Demand an end to this abusive practice.

Success: Greatest Show on Earth to Be Animal-Free and Cruelty-Free

The world’s most famous circus will reintroduce itself to audiences without the exploitation and potential abuse of innocent animals. Applaud the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for sparing elephants, tigers, and lions from a lifetime of misery.

Stop Hateful Political Attacks Based on Gender Identity

Transgender Americans are being attacked at every angle, from their healthcare to their right to privacy. Urge federal protections for these marginalized populations used and abused by opportunistic politicians.

Save Marine Habitats From Becoming World’s Trash Bin

Oceans and beaches across the globe are littered with plastic pollution. Bottles, wrappers, and other trash kill countless marine animals every day. Demand global leaders commit to stopping this environmental destruction.

Don’t Let Supply Shortage Weaken Disease Prevention

Patients are losing access to life-saving diagnostic imaging procedures that can help prevent worst-case health outcomes. Supply shortages are to blame. Demand a boost in availability of these essential materials.

Horse Disfigured by Chemical Attack to Face Deserves Justice

A horse named Bitsy was discovered with severe chemical burns on her face. The image alone is enough to break your heart. Ask authorities to find and capture the person responsible for this heinous attack.

Stop Using Governorship to Bully Businesses and Critics

The Florida governor is once again unethically retaliating against businesses and people that speak out against his policies. Urge a restoration of level-headed leadership unfazed by toxic political grudges.

Owner of ‘Smell of Death’ Home Where 30 Dead Animals Reportedly Found Must be Prosecuted

The “smell of death” reportedly attracted police to a home where they apparently found 30 caged animals dead from starvation. The local sheriff has described the scene as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty he’s ever seen. The woman accused of this atrocity must be fully prosecuted.

Don’t Let Russian Invaders Spark Worldwide Hunger Catastrophe

Widespread hunger and famine could result from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The under-siege nation currently cannot export its grains and other essential foods that help feed hundreds of millions of people around the world. Urge global alliances to help end Russian blockades that are costing lives.

Stop Prioritizing Coal Companies Over Climate Change

Wyoming’s pro-coal climate legislation boosts fossil fuel companies, puts profits over people, and likely increases environmental pollutants. Call on Wyoming’s governor to stop catering to coal companies and pass legislation that actually addresses climate change.

Punish Apparent Cover-Up of Horrific Sex Abuse by Church Leaders

Church leaders have seemingly once again broken the trust of the youngest members of society by covering up sexual abuse of children. The Southern Baptist Convention reportedly protected accused abusers instead of the children they victimized. Demand justice for these brave survivors.

Success: No New Havens for Fossil Fuel Plunderers

In the war between fossil fuel conglomerates and the environment, the planet was delivered a needed win. Three oil and gas leases that would have destroyed wildlife habitats and further undermined efforts to fight climate change were canceled. Applaud this important step against wholesale climate destruction.

Don’t Deny Undocumented Youth Access to Work and Study

Most childhood immigrants, known as Dreamers, graduating high school in 2022 won’t be authorized to work in the U.S. These folks are being denied access to opportunity and success in the country they grew up in. Contact House Speaker Pelosi to demand comprehensive immigration laws to protect undocumented immigrants.

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