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Educational Series: Animals Are Intelligent Beings Who Need Our Help

By Nick Engelfried All too often, we humans are used to thinking of ourselves as the only species on Earth capable of advanced thought and emotion. However, as any pet owner has reason to know, many animals are much more intelligent and aware than we tend to give them credit […]

Educational Series: Incredible, Imperiled Dolphins Need Our Help

By Nick Engelfried In 2018, shocking video footage appearing to show trapped and drowned dolphins being disposed of by a French fishing vessel sparked outrage among animal lovers. Taken during a secret filming mission off the coast of France, the rare video shows a trawling net being hauled onto a […]

Educational Series: Imperiled Wild Cats Are Under Assault

By Nick Engelfried When convicted animal abuser Joseph Maldonado-Passage–also known as “Joe Exotic”–was sentenced to 22 years in prison earlier this year, the case put a spotlight on a sickeningly cruel trade that endangers some of the world’s most amazing wild animals. Wild cats in unaccredited roadside zoos, like the […]

Educational Series: Cruel Wet Markets Have Devastated Wildlife and Caused the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Nick Engelfried As the deadly effects of the COVID-19 virus have spread around the world, awareness of the Chinese “wet markets” thought to be responsible for introducing the virus to humans has also spread. In some of these markets, wild animals like pangolins and bats are sold for their […]

Educational Series: Learn How to Protect Animals From Deadly Coronavirus

By Nick Engelfried Earlier this month Nadia, a tiger at the Bronx Zoo, earned an unwelcome distinction: the majestic big cat became the first animal in the United States to officially test positive for COVID-19. Nadia was tested after she, four other tigers, and two lions at the zoo began […]

Educational Series: Wild Horses are Being Persecuted and Squeezed Out of the West

By Nick Engelfried Few images evoke the wide open spaces of the American West like a herd of wild mustang horses. Wild horses occupy a special place in the culture and history of this country–but their ability to continue roaming free on the plains of the West is far from […]

Educational Series: Persecuted Wild Wolves Need Our Help to Survive

By Nick Engelfried One of the most successful large predators ever to evolve, wolves once ranged through forests and plains across most of the Northern Hemisphere–including Europe, Asia, and North America. Wolves’ natural intelligence, social behavior, and adaptability to a wide range of habitat types helped them become one of […]

Educational Series: Australia’s Fires Are Burning Animals to Death

By Nick Engelfried Covering an area thirteen times larger than that burned during California’s worst fire season, and 46% bigger than the land affected by last year’s Amazon forest fires, devastating bushfires are raging across the continent of Australia, endangering people and animals alike. As of mid January over twenty-five […]

Educational Series: Wild Birds Are In Catastrophic Decline

By Nick Engelfried Whether at backyard feeders, gardens, or in their natural habitat along nature trails, wild birds are a source of joy and fascination to thousands of animal and nature lovers. Because most species fly during the day, and many are brightly colored or have beautiful songs, birds are […]

Educational Series: We Are In The Middle Of An Amphibian Crisis

By Nick Engelfried Often overlooked and misunderstood, amphibians are perhaps the single most endangered group of animals on the planet. The plight of frogs, toads, salamanders, and their relatives may not receive as much attention as more charismatic animals–but fully 40% of the world’s approximately 8,000 amphibian species are threatened […]

Educational Series: Countless Animals Are In Danger From Climate Change

By Nick Engelfried There’s no denying it (though some politicians and corporations try): human-caused climate change is here and it’s changing our world in fundamental ways. The major consequences for people are well known and include rising sea levels inundating coastal cities, more intense hurricanes threatening our coasts, droughts and […]

Educational Series: Animal Homes Are Burning In The Amazon

By Nick Engelfried The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest tropical forest, a global stronghold of biodiversity, and one of our best defences against runaway climate change. From huge jaguars, to pygmy marmosets small enough to perch on your hand, the Amazon is home to some of the planet’s most […]

Educational Series: Madagascar’s Unique, Endangered Animals Need Help

By Nick Engelfried Located off the east coast of Africa, the island of Madagascar has been separated from the mainland for approximately 160 million years–since well before the dinosaurs went extinct. During this vast span of time one of the world’s most diverse communities of plants and animals has evolved […]

Educational Series: Gentle Giraffes Are Being Driven Toward Extinction

By Nick Engelfried At up to almost nineteen feet tall and sometimes weighing well over 2,000 pounds, giraffes are among the most impressive and charismatic of African wildlife species. These immense animals share Africa’s savannas, woodlands, and even some desert areas with elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, and other equally famous animals. […]

Educational Series: Imperiled, Amazing Reptiles Deserve Our Help

By Nick Engelfried With their scaly skin, penetrating gaze, and some species’ sharp claws or venomous fangs, reptiles may not be the world’s most cute or cuddly creatures. However, despite being radically different from the dogs, cats, and other mammals most of us are used to interacting with, reptiles include […]

Educational Series: Help Stop Wild Animal Tragedies This Summer

By Nick Engelfried It’s the time of year when families across the nation get ready to participate in one of our country’s best summertime traditions: the summer vacation. Over the next few months thousands of people will take to the road to visit national and state parks, national forests, and […]

Educational Series: Animal Welfare Act Saves Creatures in Need

By Nick Engelfried On a summer evening in 1965, a Dalmatian named Pepper disappeared from the farm where she lived with her loving human family, the Lakavages. She was never to be seen again by the Lackavages, who had adopted her from a nearby kennel. Pepper had thrived in her […]

Educational Series: Apes: Our Intelligent, Endangered Relative

By Nick Engelfried They’re our closest living relatives of the animal world, some sharing almost 99% of our DNA. They are far more intelligent than scientists once realized, with elaborate social structures and family networks. They make sophisticated use of tools. And they are among the most endangered mammals on […]

Educational Series: Help Wildlife Survive in Your Yard

By Nick Engelfried No matter where you live, you can help animals without travelling any farther than your own backyard, balcony, or windowsill. Making small changes to the ways we care for our homes and gardens can have a real effect on animals who live nearby–and this holds true whether […]

Educational Series: Animals of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Are Threatened by Oil Drills

By Nick Engelfried At 19.3 million acres, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is one of the last truly huge, intact ecosystems in North America. It’s one of the few places where all three of the continent’s bear species–polar bears, grizzlies, and black bears–can be found in close proximity. […]

Educational Series: Wild, Majestic Rhinos Are Being Driven Toward Extinction

By Nick Engelfried With their huge size and impressive one-to-two horns protruding from their snouts, rhinos are among the most majestic and charismatic creatures in the world. Rhinos are beloved by animal lovers all over the planet, and with good reason: there is simply no other animal like them, and […]

Educational Series: Abused Animals Are Counting On Your Vote

In laboratories all over the U.S. animals including cats, dogs, rodents, and primates are injected with toxic chemicals, force-fed poisons, and kept in cramped, barren cages as part of routine tests done to prepare new cosmetics for the market. Most of these animals are eventually killed–either during tests or after […]

Educational Series: Bees – Nature’s Heroic Pollinators are Under Attack

By Nick Engelfried On almost any warm, sunny day from spring through early fall, in any outdoor location with flowers and a landscape free of chemical pesticides, you can hear bees buzzing as they fly from blossom to blossom. From big, furry, black-and-yellow bumble bees; to smaller yellow-orange honey bees; […]

Educational Series: Saving Vanishing Wildlife From Oblivion

A bald eagle soaring over a wild river; a mother grizzly bear and her cubs roaming through one of the last great tracts of unbroken forest; a sea otter frolicking through a coastal kelp forest; all of these awe-inspiring sights were at some point in imminent danger of vanishing forever. […]

Educational Series: Animal Trafficking is Driving Species to Extinction

When authorities in Madagascar recently responded to a complaint about an overwhelming odor coming from an abandoned house, they discovered nearly 10,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises crawling in their own feces and slowly succumbing to dehydration. The surviving tortoises were taken to a rescue facility managed by the Turtle Survival […]

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