Articles written by: Sara Ives

Save Remaining Orcas From Toxic Chemical Pollution

Half of all remaining killer whales may be doomed to die due to toxic pollution in the world’s oceans. Sign this petition to demand that nations commit to cleaning up banned PCB chemical waste that is causing severe harm to these animals.

Success: Charges Dropped Against Rescuer Who Saved Animals From Hurricane

Charges have been dropped against an animal rescuer who opened up a temporary shelter for dozens of animals during Hurricane Florence. Applaud this action that acknowledges that this woman acted out of compassion and therefore should not be punished.

Don’t Allow Oil Trains to Put the Environment and Public Safety at Risk

Trump officials have killed a safety rule that could have prevented dangerous derailments of trains carrying oil across the country. This puts the environment and people at serious risk and must be challenged. Demand that all safety measures be restored for trains carrying oil and other flammable materials.

Protect Endangered Turtles From Dangerous Ghost Nets

Discarded fishing nets in the open ocean are threatening marine wildlife, including endangered sea turtles off the coast of Mexico. Sign this petition and urge the Mexican government to work toward finding solutions for this growing problem.

Stop Terrorizing Animals at Drunken Horse Festival

Horses are whipped, kicked and terrorized at the “Drunken Horse Festival” in Japan. Horses should not have to suffer for such a barbaric tradition. Sign this petition to demand an end to the Drunken Horse Festival.

Do Not Punish Woman for Rescuing Pets Stranded by Hurricane Florence

A woman may face charges for sheltering over two dozen pets in a warehouse space following the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence even though she did not have a license to do so. Urge North Carolina officials not to punish this woman for this selfless act of compassion.

Protect Hawaii’s Forests From Disastrous Fungal Disease

One of Hawaii’s most iconic trees, the ohia, is dying out due to the rapid spread of a fungal disease. Unless action is taken now, this species may vanish forever. Demand Hawaiian officials protect the archipelago’s forests before it is too late.

Stop the Inhumane Killing of Endangered Wolves

A juvenile wolf was mercilessly shot down and killed by Washington State officials after it had reportedly attacked a rancher’s herd. Sign this petition to demand that the state stop killing these endangered creatures.

Don’t Allow Former Neo-Nazi Leader on Police Force

A former neo-Nazi leader is working as a reserve police officer. Demand this man be removed from the force.

Don’t Allow the Mass Killing of Majestic and Endangered Cougars

Citizens are calling for the mass killing of mountain lions after a female hiker was killed by one of these powerful felines. Such attacks are rare and do not warrant slaughtering native wildlife. Sign this petition to demand non-lethal solutions that allow people and wild cats to coexist.

Applaud Decision to Protect Wildlife in Former Offshore Oil Drilling Zone

Canada has just established a new marine protected area off the western coast of British Columbia. This sanctuary will help save endangered orca and many other vulnerable species. Sign this petition to thank Canada’s prime minister for overseeing the creation of this protected area.

Don’t Destroy Forests for Firewood

Loggers could devastate forests across the European Union thanks to plans to classify wood as an environmentally friendly energy source. Demand that this international organization retract this proposal and focus instead on truly sustainable energy sources.

Applaud Decision to End Breeding of ‘Designer’ Dogs and Cats

Scotland has decided to outlaw the breeding of pets for a variety of decidedly unhealthy qualities, including ridiculously flat faces or sloped backs. Sign this petition to show your support for this ban on these so-called ‘designer’ breeds.

Stop Cooking Dogs and Cats Alive With Blow-Torches

Dogs and cats are being bludgeoned and blow-torched to death in a so-called “extreme” market in Indonesia. Demand that this barbaric spectacle be shut down immediately.

Punish Couple Accused of Cruelty Toward Over 1500 Innocent Animals

More than 1500 animals, including hundreds of dogs and chickens, were reportedly found living on a filthy property owned by a would-be dog and cockfighting ring operator and his partner. Demand that this couple be punished severely if found guilty of subjecting these innocent animals to such cruelty.

Justice for Cat Cruelly Stomped and Slammed Against Tree

A cat died after he was allegedly stomped and slammed into a tree repeatedly. A suspect has been found and has been charged with having committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Do Not Allow the Slaughter of Endangered Whales

Hundreds of endangered fin whales could be killed for profit by Icelandic whaling companies unless the international community intervenes. Demand that this cruel hunt be stopped before it is too late.

Don’t Kill Hundreds of Homeless Pigs After Failed Rescue Operation

Nearly 500 pot-belly pigs left stranded after a supposed rescue organization failed to adequately care for their needs may be euthanized unless enough resources are allocated for their care. Demand that these innocent animals who have already suffered so much be given a second chance.

Stop Rounding Up and Imprisoning Religious Minorities

Members of a Muslim minority group are allegedly being forced into Chinese political re-education camps under the false pretext of preventing terrorism. Sign the petition to demand an end to this ethnic and religious discrimination.

Success: Cruel Cosmetic Animal Testing Banned in California

Cosmetic products developed using the inhumane practice of testing on animals will now be banned in California, thanks to the unanimous support of lawmakers. Sign this petition to praise this decision that makes it illegal for non-cruelty free cosmetics to be sold statewide.

Make Sure All Animal Abusers Are Severely Punished

Thousands of abused animals go without justice each year thanks to weak animal protection laws. New York State in particular has lagged behind in this regard, with those found guilty of abusing animals frequently going unpunished. Sign this petition to make sure that anyone who causes harm to animals be severely punished.

Don’t Increase Toxic Mercury Pollution From Coal

Dangerous mercury pollution will increase in our air and waterways if Trump’s EPA succeeds in rolling back a rule affecting coal-fired power plants. Sign this petition and tell the Trump administration they must protect both people and wildlife against the harmful effects of this toxic chemical.

Save Lonely Dolphin Trapped in Abandoned Aquarium

A solitary dolphin and dozens of penguins have been confined within an abandoned Japanese aquarium for months. Sign this petition to demand that Honey and the penguins be freed from this tragic fate and sent to an accredited sanctuary.

Protect the World’s Oceans from Cigarette Butt Waste

Researchers have concluded that cigarette butts pose an even bigger environmental hazard to our oceans than plastic straws or bags, which have been banned in a number of cities. In order to protect our oceans, we must address this major source of pollution. Sign this petition urging the U.S. government to stop cigarette butts from littering our beaches.

Protect Drinking Water From Toxic Chemicals

Hundreds of Kansans reportedly drank water tainted with toxic dry cleaning chemicals for years without the state notifying them of the dangers. Sign this petition and demand that state government officials stop covering up environmental risks to its citizens.

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