Articles written by: Sara Ives

Success: Charges Dropped Against Rescuer Who Saved Animals From Hurricane

Charges have been dropped against an animal rescuer who opened up a temporary shelter for dozens of animals during Hurricane Florence. Applaud this action that acknowledges that this woman acted out of compassion and therefore should not be punished.

Success: Cruel Cosmetic Animal Testing Banned in California

Cosmetic products developed using the inhumane practice of testing on animals will now be banned in California, thanks to the unanimous support of lawmakers. Sign this petition to praise this decision that makes it illegal for non-cruelty free cosmetics to be sold statewide.

Success: Wild Horses Likely Spared From Experimental Surgeries

Wild mares living in the western United States will no longer be subjected to dangerous sterilization procedures following a university’s decision to withdraw its participation from this government proposal. Sign this petition and applaud this institution for not agreeing to carry out these inhumane and experimental surgeries.

Success: Indonesia to Ban Cruel Cat and Dog Meat Trade

The inhumane dog and cat meat trade that has brutally slaughtered thousands of innocent animals will soon be banned in Indonesia. Thanks to the newly proposed ban, these animals will no longer have to endure lives spent in captive abuse only to be killed to satisfy consumer demand. Sign this petition to thank Indonesian officials for calling for this important and life-saving ban.

Thousands of Dogs Found Starving and Beaten Deserve Justice

Dogs living within an indigenous community in Australia have been found starving and suffering with signs of obvious neglect and abuse. Volunteers report finding thousands of dogs who have been beaten or who are malnourished, some have had their paws cut-off. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Success: Bee-Killing Pesticides Banned Across Europe

The European Union has agreed upon a total ban on a number of bee-killing pesticides. Thanks to this decision to stop the use of these harmful insecticides, bee populations will have a chance to recover across Europe. Sign this petition to applaud the EU for this important breakthrough.

Success: Award Recognition Removed for Destinations that Allegedly Abuse Animals

TripAdvisor has removed its Certificate of Excellence award from three allegedly abusive wildlife attractions. Sign this petition to thank the travel site for no longer rewarding these destinations for their reportedly cruel treatment of animals.

Success: United Airlines to Stop Subjecting Animals to Cruel Deaths in Cargo Compartments

Motivated by public outrage over the death of a dog forced to spend a flight in an overhead bin and other senseless animal killings, United Airlines announced it will suspend reservations for transporting animals via cargo until it can review its processes. Sign this petition to express support for this much needed change.

Success: Man Who Brutally Stomped Puppy to Death Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

A boxer puppy was beaten and stomped in a senseless act of violence. While this dog’s life could not be spared, Texas officials have ensured that the man responsible will be severely punished for this barbaric act. Sign this petition to express support for this sentencing.

Success: U.S. Must Accept Transgender Military Recruits

President Donald Trump’s proposed ban on transgender military recruits has been overturned. Sign this petition to praise the judge who ruled that all recruits must be given a fair chance to enlist, regardless of their gender identification.

Success: Nosey the Elephant Removed from Owner

An elephant who has spent the past 25 years of her life confined in isolation and denied proper veterinary care was finally rescued and removed from her owner’s care. Sign this petition to thank the animal control officer responsible for intervening on behalf of Nosey the Elephant.

Success: United Kingdom Plans to Ban Ivory Exports and Sales

The environment minister for the United Kingdom has announced that he intends to call for a near-total ban of ivory sales and exports, including antique ivory that has been legal in the country up until now. This proposal is vital to help put an end to the global ivory trade, which has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent elephants. Sign this petition to show your thanks and support for this proposed ban.

Success: California Set to Ban Commercially-Bred Pets in Pet Stores

Puppy mills and other commercial breeders will no longer be able to supply pet shops in California with cruelly bred and raised animals. This is thanks to a recently passed bill that requires stores only sell animals from shelters and nonprofit rescues. Praise this compassionate decision, which will likely save the lives of countless animals and prevent cruelty.

Stop Inhumane Elephant Rides

An elephant who was forced to give rides to tourists was shot and killed after he attacked his handler. Attacks such as this are not uncommon and are the result of the abuse elephants endure as part of this cruel industry. Sign this petition to call for a ban on all elephant rides in Africa.

Success: Serial Cat Killer Given Maximum Punishment

A man who has pleaded guilty to torturing and killing over a dozen cats will now spend the next 16 years behind bars following a judge’s sentencing. Sign this petition to express your gratitude that justice has been finally been served for the cats of San Jose.

Success: Maximum Penalty Sought for Albatross Killer

A young man who plead no contest to charges that he helped butcher and slay over a dozen protected albatrosses could now face the maximum possible penalty for his crimes during his upcoming sentencing. Far too often, cases of animal abuse are ignored or given leniency in the justice system. Sign this petition to voice your support for the prosecutor’s actions in this case.

Success: France Offers Grants for Americans Fighting Global Warming

While the Trump administration has threatened the work of many climate scientists and other researchers in the U.S., the French president is taking action and offering grants for those working to fight global warming. Sign this petition to applaud President Macron’s decision which fulfills his previous campaign promises.

Success: Bill O’Reilly Taken Off Air Following Claims of Sexual Harassment

Fox News has removed Bill O’Reilly from his role as host and commentator on “The O’Reilly Factor” after multiple women stepped forward with sexual harassment accusations. Thank the company for taking O’Reilly off the air so he can no longer bully and harass fellow reporters.

Success: Maryland Bans Dangerous Fracking

The dangerous practice of fracking is being banned in Maryland. Sign this petition to thank the governor for promising to support this ban and protect the people of his state from pollution.

Success: Planned Parenthood Funding Upheld

Texas tried to eliminate crucial funding for Planned Parenthood clinics across the state, but a judge has halted this blatant attack on women’s health. Sign this petition to applaud this judge’s decision.

Success: Largest Coal Plant in the Western United States Will Be Shut Down

A massive coal plant will close its doors permanently at the end of its lease. Applaud the utility company for this decision, which sends a powerful message that coal in the U.S. is obsolete and must be phased out.

Success: Federal Judge Blocks Texas Ruling Requiring Fetal Burial

After reviewing a ruling which would have required women to bury or cremate fetal remains, a federal judge made the decision to block it indefinitely. Sign this petition to thank this judge for supporting women’s rights.

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