End Reported Racial Discrimination of Job Seekers

Target: Charlotte Burrows, Chair of the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Goal: Ban the reported racial discrimination of job seekers.

More and more employers over the decades have started asking for job seekers to identify their race when filling out applications. The move stemmed from the civil rights movement in order to create more opportunities for Americans and ensure companies were equally employing a diverse staff. More recently, human resource departments have been incentivized with local and federal funding to ensure all applicants are considered for positions.

Aiming for affirmative action does not always work out as planned, however, when bad actors in hiring committees seemingly use this information to alienate certain candidates. Whistle-blowers have alerted the public about this reported unjust discrimination against these candidates, and some applicants have claimed to have been hired after being first rejected and then reapplying to the same jobs under a different race. Even the “Choose not to answer” option may apparently lead to being overlooked in hiring despite having qualifications for the job.

It is time to rethink this policy and replace it with one that guarantees qualifications come first and foremost in the hiring process. Equal opportunities can be a metric for human resources to include beyond consideration for candidates at the individual level, but anyone who fits the professional profile for a position should feel confident applying.

Sign the petition below to urge Chair Burrows to end racial discrimination in the hiring process.


Dear Chair Burrows,

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) made strides when deciding to push employers to vet candidates in order to create a more equally diverse workforce. Over time, however, the question regarding race on applications has seemingly led to some making personally biased decisions that may supersede professional potential for some applicants.

Alarming personal accounts as well as collected statistical data are abundant enough to cause concern and a need to revamp the process for reviewing those interested in a job. This means the EOCC must decide what new policy can be implemented nationwide in order to achieve the desired outcome without a trend of maltreatment of viable job candidates.

It is on you to push through this decision and create true equal opportunity for all. Such a move is necessary in order to sustain human rights as well as stimulate the job market and economy. We urge you to “ban the box” and end this apparent racial discrimination of job seekers.


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