Demand Justice for Pit Bull Allegedly Found Covered in Feces

Target: Mr. William Tong, Attorney General of Connecticut

Goal: Prosecute individuals allegedly responsible for animal cruelty and enforce stricter animal welfare laws.

Animal advocates have reported that a female pit bull, named Sissy, is now in better hands after allegedly being mistreated and going missing. Kadesha Wilson, a resident of Waterbury, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Court documents allege that Wilson abused dogs at her apartment on Marley Place. Another pit bull, named Shadow, was reportedly found malnourished and living in a car covered in feces. Despite efforts to save him, Shadow passed away.

Diana Urban, president of Protecting Kids & Pets Partnership, and the Bridgeport Animal Rescue Crew (BARC) helped recover Sissy, who is now heading to a more permanent foster home. Urban emphasized the importance of ensuring that animals are safe and cared for, highlighting the tragic loss of Shadow. Prevent such alleged abuses and to protect the well-being of animals in the community.


Dear Mr. William Tong,

A recent case in Waterbury, Connecticut, has brought to light a deeply disturbing act of apparent animal cruelty. Kadesha Wilson has been accused of abusing two pit bulls, one of which, named Shadow, was reportedly found malnourished and living in a car covered in feces. Despite efforts to save him, Shadow tragically passed away. Another pit bull, named Sissy, has been rescued and is now in a better condition.

This incident highlights the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws in Connecticut. We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution of those allegedly responsible for this act of cruelty. Immediate action is necessary to prevent such incidents in the future and to protect the welfare of animals in our state.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Seems this lady likes to hurt animals by forcing them to live covered in feces. That needs to be this lady’s punishment. She needs to be placed in a basement with little water and little food but a massive amount of dung. She must stay there for a month for every mistreated animal. She can be happy sitting in her own feces plus the feces of other animals. She deserves no less!!! This will not bring the dog she killed back to life but it will allow others to see what happens to people who abuse both kids and animals as neither can defend themselves. They have no voice, thus no choice. We do. Let’s show others what will happen to them should they decide to torture animals.

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