Articles written by: Vincent Verse

Seek Justice for Cat Allegedly Thrown to Ground and Abused to Death

A cat was allegedly abused to death. Seek accountability for the suspected perpetrator.

Demand Justice for Dozens of Cats Allegedly Found Dead From Neglect

Over 50 cats and three dogs were found dead or dying on a property, indicative of extreme neglect, according to reports. Call for strict legal accountability.

Stand Up for Cat Apparently Shot With Long-Barreled Gun

Vortex, a family cat, was apparently shot and killed by a group of individuals who recorded the event for entertainment. Demand that the alleged perpetrators face justice.

Demand Justice for Dog Thrown from High-Rise Building

A dog was tragically thrown from a high-rise, leading to the animal’s death. Seek severe legal consequences for this cruelty.

Cats Apparently Tortured and Left to Die in Pools of Blood Deserve Justice

Five cats were allegedly tortured and killed. Demand accountability and justice to prevent further cruelty.

Seek Justice for Alleged Brutal Beating of Golden Retriever on Camera

A man was reportedly seen thrashing a Golden Retriever in an elevator. Demand prompt and firm legal action against the alleged abuser.

Justice for Roosters Reportedly Subjected to Cruel Cockfighting and Illegal Mutilation

Roosters are reportedly forced into a violent existence and subjected to brutal mutilations for cockfighting. Take action to end this practice and hold those responsible accountable.

Punish Men Accused of Cruelly Poaching and Killing Deer and Porcupine

Two individuals were arrested for their alleged roles in illegal hunting activities that included the cruel treatment of wildlife. Hold them accountable, if found guilty, to deter similar future crimes.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Brutalized by Groomer

Disturbing footage appears to show a dog being hit and threatened by a professional groomer. Call for strict legal action against the accused party.

Demand Justice for a Cat Allegedly Abused in Shocking Video

A recent video appears to show the disturbing abuse of a pet cat. Call for legal consequences to prevent further cruelty.

Demand Accountability for Alleged Animal Abuse by Celebrities on Pilgrimage

Allegations of animal abuse have surfaced involving celebrities riding horses to a shrine. Demand justice and responsible behavior.

Demand Justice for Dogs Injured by Toxic Giant Hogweed

A dog suffered severe injuries after an encounter with toxic giant hogweed. Call for stronger regulations and awareness.

Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Tortured With Broken Limbs and Head Injuries

A dog was allegedly beaten severely, suffering broken limbs and head injuries. Demand justice and accountability for this apparent brutality.

Bring Justice for Puppy Reportedly Killed in Sweltering Car

A puppy tragically perished after reportedly being left in a sweltering car at Disney Springs. Call for legal action against the apparently neglectful owner.

Reported Poisoning of Beloved Pets Demands Immediate Attention

Two dogs died tragically from suspected poisoning after a routine beach walk. Call for a thorough investigation and strict legal actions.

Misty and Teddy Deserve Justice: Alleged Victims of Emotional and Physical Abuse

Misty and Teddy were reportedly found severely malnourished in a distressing case of animal cruelty. Demand accountability and action against this alleged neglect.

Protect Animals From Drowning in Tragic Floods

Hundreds of dogs, injured or sick from floods, require urgent care. Demand increased support for animal rescue efforts.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Strangled and Beaten

A distressing incident reportedly occurred involving the mistreatment of a defenseless dog. Demand a thorough investigation and legal action.

Demand Justice for Dog Reportedly Swung Around by Collar

A disturbing video has surfaced appearing to show a dog being swung around by the collar. Demand action to protect this pet and prevent future cruelty.

Justice for Dogs Reportedly Found With “Horrendous” Fur Matting at Illegal Puppy Farm

Thirteen dogs were reportedly rescued from dire, unsanitary conditions, requiring urgent care. Call for stringent legal actions against those apparently responsible.

Seek Justice for Pet Rabbit Allegedly Harmed by Owner’s Roommate

A pet rabbit was reportedly harmed and thrown into a storm drain. Demand accountability and justice.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Dragged by Animal Control Officer

A disturbing incident reportedly involved an animal control officer dragging a dog. Demand accountability and appropriate legal consequences.

Justice for Buttercup: Labrador Puppy Allegedly Kicked and Yanked

A Labrador puppy reportedly endured physical abuse for biting a handler. Call for legal action against the alleged abuser.

Seek Justice for Animals Reportedly Found Dead in Hotel Room

Reported animal hoarding has apparently led to the death of multiple animals. Seek stringent legal action for the suffering inflicted.

Animals Allegedly Found Starving and Neglected in House Deserve Justice

Numerous animals were reportedly discovered malnourished and in a state of severe neglect at a residence. Demand immediate legal action against those allegedly responsible.

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