Stand Up for 124 Cats Allegedly Living Amid Dried Feces and Vomit

Target: Mary Moriarty, Hennepin County Attorney of Minnesota

Goal: Prosecute and enforce maximum legal penalties for the alleged torture and neglect of 124 cats.

Upon entering the home on Dudley Avenue North, officers were reportedly met with a stifling odor of ammonia from cat urine, so potent it permeated the air outside the closed premises. Inside, the conditions were allegedly unimaginable; floors, walls, and furniture were encrusted with what was identified as dried cat feces and vomit. This initial insight into the dwelling hinted at the severe neglect the animals appearently endured.

As authorities delved deeper, the full extent of the tragedy unfolded with the discovery of 124 cats, each reportedly afflicted by upper respiratory infections of varying severity. The environment they were reportedly confined in was not only unsuitable but hazardous, culminating in the euthanasia of nine cats due to irreversible medical conditions. These details not only outline the physical state of the residence but underscore the apparent urgent need for intervention and justice.

The gravity of this situation necessitates a decisive legal response as well as mental health support. Allegations of animal torture, especially on such a scale, demand not only societal condemnation but also stringent legal consequences. Pursue this case with the utmost seriousness to ensure that justice is served, reflecting both the severity of the alleged crimes and the societal values that condemn such acts of cruelty.


Dear Prosecutor Mary Moriarty,

We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by the recent discovery in Crystal, where 124 cats were allegedly found in deplorable conditions, suffering from neglect and serious health issues. The details reported from the scene describe a living nightmare, indicative of severe maltreatment and disregard for animal welfare. This case not only highlights a shocking level of alleged animal torture but also calls into question our commitment as a society to protecting the most vulnerable.

The conditions described in the criminal complaint—floors and walls caked with feces and vomit, an overwhelming stench of ammonia, and the sad fate of the cats—paint a distressing picture of the alleged suffering endured by these animals. It is a scenario that demands not just attention but action. The charges laid against Shawna M. Duffy, if proven, should meet with the maximum penalty available under the law, to reflect both the severity of the alleged acts and the moral stance of our community against such cruelty.

We urge you to pursue this case with the gravity it warrants.

Ensure that if these allegations are substantiated, they are met with the full force of the law as well as mental health services for those involved. This is an opportunity to set a precedent that animal torture is a serious crime and will be treated as such.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jhency Xang

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  1. Raleigh Koritz says:

    This is completely unacceptable! It has happened twice in the last week, in Crystal and Crosby MN. These monsters should be punished with Maxiam Penatalies, NOT just fees and a slap on the wrist! They need to be made examples of so this does not continue to happen. Some of these cats were microchipped and had owners trying to find them! Please take this seriously. These are helpless, voiceless, and innocent cats. This is heartbreaking and needs to stop. We have numerous rescue groups and Humane Societies here, where they could have been taken too. Plus, many good and caring individuals and families that would love to adopt them. No more going soft on criminals. These cats can not fight for themselves. Therefore, as a very concerned Minnsotan, I expect you to fight for justice for them. Thank you for your immediate attention to these extremely disturbing situations.

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