Demand Justice for the Dog Allegedly Thrown into a Yard of Vicious Dogs

Target: Joe Gonzales, District Attorney of Bexar County, Texas

Goal: Prosecute and hold accountable the person allegedly responsible for the cruel death of a defenseless dog

The tragic incident that unfolded in San Antonio has stirred outrage and grief. Allegedly, a young man threw his small dog over a fence into a yard where larger, violent dogs were kept. This heart-wrenching act reportedly led to the fatal attack of the smaller animal. Such seemingly cruel disregard for the well-being of a defenseless pet demands our immediate attention and robust legal response.

Witnesses and police reports suggest that the accused, aware of the imminent danger, abandoned his dog in an environment that he knew was unsafe. The aftermath was as tragic as it was preventable; the dog succumbed to severe injuries despite emergency veterinary care. This incident not only highlights a gross act of apparent cruelty but also underscores a disturbing lack of empathy and responsibility towards animal welfare.

This appalling act allegedly perpetrated must not go unaddressed. We demand that the proper legal measures be taken to ensure that justice is served. Affirm a societal commitment to the protection and humane treatment of all animals.


Dear DA Joe Gonzales,

We are deeply troubled by the disturbing incident involving a small dog allegedly thrown over a fence into a yard of larger, violent dogs leading to its untimely death. This act of alleged cruelty occurred in your jurisdiction, and we urge you to take swift and decisive legal action against the person accused of this crime.

According to reports and witness statements, the accused deliberately placed his dog in a perilous situation with known dangerous outcomes. This reckless action reportedly resulted in the dog being attacked and ultimately dying from the injuries sustained. Such behavior cannot be overlooked or dismissed as mere negligence; it is a seemingly clear indication of intentional cruelty and a blatant disregard for life.

We implore you to prosecute this case with the seriousness it warrants. By ensuring that the accused faces the full extent of the law, you will send a strong message that our community does not tolerate cruelty to animals. We count on your commitment to justice and your role in upholding the law to ensure that no other innocent lives are subjected to such horrific acts.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This was probably done by a teenager. If so arrest the parents. Parents have seen signs to show them this person is unstable. Who ever did this crime is SICK! The person needs help but also did this” deliberately” and that needs many years in prison! This case should not entertain a pass for a first offense. This person stood here watching the death of his dog yet doing nothing. That is not the mind set of a rational person. In this case as many cases, justice must be served! This person can’t plead ignorance since this year where he threw his dog was known by many to be a yard of aggressive dogs. Knowing that fact he still did the unthinkable.

    • AMEN!
      And I’ll say it again: violent psychopaths can’t be fixed. Euthanasia would work just fine though.
      Poor little dog…

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