Demand Justice for Cats Allegedly Punched and Kicked Repeatedly

Target: Ying Yong, Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Enforce legal action against those allegedly involved in animal abuse to ensure justice and prevent further harm.

At Jiangxi Normal University, a case of alleged animal cruelty surfaced, sparking public outrage and demanding attention. Allegedly, a student repeatedly abused a cat in distressing ways within a dormitory setting. Such actions reportedly included physical assaults like punching, kicking, and beating the animal with a hanger, which were said to cause significant pain to the cat, as evidenced by its cries when struck against a door. This situation is not only heart-wrenching but also raises severe concerns about the ethical behavior and psychological health of the individual involved.

Further unsettling details emerged, suggesting this was not an isolated incident. The student accused of these acts, identified only by the surname Guo, allegedly kept the abused cat in his dormitory, engaging in these violent acts over a significant period. The university, responding to the escalating public backlash, conducted an investigation that concluded with the expulsion of the student for violating multiple school regulations including the abuse. However, while the university reportedly took steps within its jurisdiction, the need for legal accountability remains unaddressed to prevent potential future incidents and uphold justice.

This case underscores a crucial societal issue: the need for stringent legal consequences for animal cruelty to deter similar behavior and protect vulnerable beings from harm. Take definitive action against the individual allegedly responsible for this cruelty and implement measures that will prevent such disturbing incidents in the future.


Dear Prosecutor General Ying Yong,

We, concerned global citizens, urge your office to take immediate and decisive action regarding the troubling allegations of animal abuse at Jiangxi Normal University. A student reportedly engaged in prolonged and severe abuse of a cat within the university dormitories. This alleged abuse, detailed in videos and reports, involved acts so violent that they caused audible distress to the animal, an indication of severe suffering and cruelty.

These allegations, if true, not only highlight a gross violation of animal rights but also signal potentially dangerous tendencies that must be addressed through the legal system to ensure community safety and justice. The university has taken administrative actions against the student by expelling him; however, these actions do not replace the need for legal accountability. It is imperative that this case be thoroughly investigated and, if the allegations are substantiated, that appropriate legal actions be pursued against those responsible.

We call upon your office to demonstrate a commitment to justice and ethical treatment of all beings by prosecuting and holding accountable those allegedly involved in these acts of cruelty. We believe that firm legal action in this case will serve as a deterrent to prevent future instances of animal abuse and will reinforce the societal values of compassion and justice.

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Photo credit: Kandukuru Nagarjun

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