Demand Justice for Bulldog Allegedly Thrown Off Cliff

Target: Sean Hughes, Deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor of Wollongong Local Court, Australia

Goal: Impose stringent penalties for the alleged severe animal cruelty in Wollongong.

The public was shocked upon hearing of a horrific incident where an Australian Bulldog was allegedly thrown off a cliff, found in dire condition at the base of an escarpment. This incident, revealed after a bushwalker heard the poor creature yelping in distress, highlights an appalling act of apparent animal cruelty. The bulldog was discovered in an overturned kennel, injured so severely that it had to be euthanized.

Further investigations suggest the kennel was thrown from the cliff overnight, a callous act of reported cruelty that began over a year of painstaking investigation by NSW police. The severity of the bulldog’s injuries necessitated an immediate rescue operation involving police and SES volunteers, only to end in the dog’s tragic euthanasia. The details of this case are not only heart-wrenching but underscore an apparent disregard for life and welfare.

The necessity for legal action is clear. Only through the imposition of strict legal penalties can justice be served and a precedent set against such violent acts towards animals. Demands that the alleged perpetrator face the full force of the law, ensuring that such cruelty meets with stringent punishment.


Dear Prosecutor Sean Hughes,

We write to you deeply disturbed by the alleged act of animal cruelty involving an Australian Bulldog reportedly thrown from a cliff in Wollongong. This seemingly barbaric act led to the discovery of the severely injured dog trapped in an overturned kennel, who, despite rescue efforts, was later euthanized due to its critical condition. This case not only stirs profound outrage but calls for immediate and decisive legal action.

Over the past year, investigators have pieced together evidence pointing to this heinous act, which reportedly occurred overnight on January 22, 2023. The gravity of this apparent crime against a defenseless animal is shocking and demands your attention and action. The community trusts that your office will pursue this case with the seriousness it warrants, ensuring that alleged cruelty of such magnitude is met with corresponding legal consequences.

Thus, we urge you to impose the most stringent penalties available under the law for the alleged animal cruelty perpetrated in this case. It is imperative that the legal system sends a clear message: such acts of violence against animals are unacceptable and will be met with strong judicial repercussions. We trust you will act to uphold justice and deter future cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: MTSOfan


  1. The world is full of crazy people these days. People pick on those who can not tell, have no voice, and can be made to suffer at the whim of the mentally injured. Society lives by laws which all obey. This act of cruelty goes beyond the normal. Why must society be punished due to this person not being thrown in prison? Why are we subjected to this creep? Today it’s a dog, tomorrow a child, then a few people and it never ends. The law is on the side of criminals and not the law abiding citizens. We have laws so all can obey them and keep the peace. Break them and, by law, get time in prison.

  2. What an A-HOLE. Find that prep. And throw him/her over the freeway.

    To get these PEOPLE to stop harming animals. They need to torture or euthanasia. If not they will continue to hurt Animals.

  3. Irene Leggett says:

    Perhaps its time to hand over the culprits of heinous animal abuse, torture and murder to the vigilantes where they will get a PROPER punishment, preferably with a baseball bat, and their carcass left to rot in the gutter as the justice systems just don’t seem to care.

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