Demand Justice for Pitbull Allegedly Brutally Attacked by Owner

Target: Jessica Ventiere, District Attorney of Lee County, Florida

Goal: Ensure the alleged abuser faces full legal consequences to prevent further animal cruelty.

A distressing incident has emerged from Fort Myers, where Beckham McLeod, 20, is facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty. Witnesses reportedly caught McLeod in the act of “violently” assaulting his 9-month-old pitbull, King. This appalling act, apparently caught on video, cries out for justice and a strong legal stance against animal cruelty.

According to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, the footage is not a case of mere reprimand but clear, unequivocal abuse, with King suffering from bruising and swelling around his neck. Such alleged brutality against a defenseless animal highlights a grim reality of abuse that demands urgent attention and action. “I will do everything in my power to make absolute certain McLeod will not own another animal,” said Sheriff Marceno. “Once convicted, his name will be placed on our animal abuse registry.”

King’s alleged suffering must catalyze a broader commitment to protecting animals from abuse and ensuring that those who perpetrate such acts face stringent penalties. Aim to set a precedent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.


Dear DA Jessica Ventiere,

Recent events involving the alleged brutal beating of a pitbull named King by Beckham McLeod have shocked and saddened our community. Witnesses reportedly documented this violent act, leading to McLeod’s arrest and charges of aggravated animal cruelty. Such acts of alleged violence against animals are not only reprehensible but indicative of a severe lack of empathy and respect for life.

Our legal system must respond with appropriate rigor to ensure justice is served and to deter future acts of cruelty. We urge you to pursue the full extent of legal action against McLeod. His alleged actions, as described, should not only result in significant legal consequences but also serve as a deterrent to others who might contemplate similar cruelty.

Our collective morality demands that we protect the most vulnerable among us, including animals like King, who rely on humans for care and protection. This case presents an opportunity to reaffirm our societal values and commitment to justice for all beings. We, therefore, call on your office to ensure that Beckham McLeod faces the full consequences of his alleged actions, to uphold justice for King, and to demonstrate our community’s unwavering stance against animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Matthias Zomer

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  1. Alice K Knight says:

    Sheriff Marceno, I hope you will carry out your words regarding this abuse case against the nine month old Pitbull. Please make sure this person is never again allowed to own a pet of any kind.


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