Protect Animals From Paralysis and Death Caused by Hit-and-Runs

Target: Sebastian “Baste” Zimmerman Duterte, Mayor of Davao City, Philippines

Goal: Implement stricter traffic law enforcement to protect animals

Jiro, a dog, became a victim of a hit-and-run, suffering severe injuries. This incident highlights the urgent need for stricter traffic law enforcement in Davao City. Reportedly, Jiro suffered a spinal fracture that may leave him paralyzed from the shoulder down. This appalling event unfolded when Jiro was hit with such force that he was abandoned by the roadside.

Further examinations indicated significant liver issues and a high infection level in Jiro, likely consequences of the vehicular impact. Bantay Hayop Davao, the animal rights group, shared these details, emphasizing the dire state Jiro was left in. They are now seeking CCTV footage from nearby establishments to aid government agencies in identifying the perpetrator. This case not only sheds light on Jiro’s plight but also on the broader issue of animal safety amidst city traffic.

The newly imposed New Speed Limit Ordinance aims to reduce road-related incidents. Yet, Jiro’s case demonstrates a glaring gap between policy and practice. For real change, we demand not only the enforcement of this ordinance but also specific measures to ensure the protection of animals like Jiro. Demand accountability for those disregarding traffic laws, especially when their actions result in harm to innocent lives.


Dear Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Zimmerman Duterte,

A distressing incident involving a dog named Jiro has brought to light a significant issue within our city. Jiro, now facing a lifetime of paralysis, became an unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run. His ordeal is a stark reminder of the challenges animals face daily on our streets. The details of his condition, including a spinal fracture and severe liver issues likely caused by the impact, are heart-wrenching.

This incident underscores the necessity of rigorous enforcement of traffic laws to safeguard all city inhabitants, humans and animals alike. While the New Speed Limit Ordinance represents a step forward, Jiro’s situation illustrates the need for further action. We urge you to consider additional measures to protect animals and enforce traffic laws more strictly.

In closing, we respectfully demand that you address this gap in our city’s safety measures. Implementing strategies to prevent such incidents and holding those responsible for endangering lives accountable will significantly improve the welfare of all Davao City residents, including our four-legged friends.


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Photo credit: Wayne S. Grazio

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