Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Subjected to Repeated Kicks and Beatings

Target: Alvin Bragg, District Attorney of New York

Goal: Ensure severe legal repercussions for individuals reportedly involved in the abuse and torture of animals in New York.

A harrowing uptick in animal cruelty incidents has caught the public’s attention, necessitating immediate and strict legal intervention. A recent case, involving a 41-year-old woman’s reportedly emaciated dog found in her apartment, starkly exemplifies the gravity of the issue. Allegations of torture against helpless animals have roused a collective outcry, highlighting a critical need for enhanced protective measures.

In one notably appalling instance, surveillance footage purportedly captured the cruel mistreatment of two dogs in the Bronx. These animals, including a 2-year-old French bulldog named Doser, allegedly suffered repeated kicks and beatings. The emotional and physical scars borne by these animals underscore the urgent need for justice and the prevention of further atrocities.

The partnership between the NYPD and the ASPCA has yielded notable successes in combatting such abuses. Nevertheless, the persistence of these alleged crimes signals a pressing demand for more robust legal frameworks. Strengthen enforcement and punitive measures against those accused of animal cruelty to serve as a deterrent and affirm societal values that champion compassion and justice.


Dear DA Alvin Bragg,

A wave of alleged animal abuse cases in New York has sparked widespread indignation and calls for justice. Recent reports, including the heart-wrenching account of a severely neglected dog and the brutal mistreatment of two others in the Bronx, have illuminated the dark underbelly of animal cruelty within the city. Such despicable acts not only inflict unspeakable suffering on innocent animals but also tarnish our collective conscience.

The collaboration between the NYPD and the ASPCA represents a commendable stride toward mitigating these abuses. However, the continuous emergence of such cases accentuates the necessity for more stringent legal actions. Individuals implicated in these heinous acts must face the full might of the law, underscoring the seriousness with which our society regards animal welfare.

We, therefore, urge you to deploy all available legal mechanisms to ensure that those accused of animal cruelty are held to account. Through decisive legal action, we can convey a clear message: abuse and neglect of animals will not be tolerated. It is our collective responsibility to protect those who cannot voice their suffering and to foster a culture of kindness and respect for all living beings.


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Photo credit: Cliff Judson

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