Reportedly Tortured Mouse at Technological University Deserves Justice

Target: Dr. Prateek Sharma, Vice-Chancellor of Delhi Technological University, India

Goal: Ensure a comprehensive legal and educational response to prevent acts of animal cruelty at Delhi Technological University.

Two students from Delhi Technological University in India reportedly engaged in a disturbing act of cruelty. They are accused of trapping a mouse in a small plastic box only to scald the creature until it perished. Such alleged actions shock the conscience and cry out for justice.

Further investigation into this appalling incident revealed the university’s response. Both students faced expulsion from hostel facilities, a two-week academic suspension, and a monetary fine. Despite these measures, a broader, more impactful response is crucial. It is suggested that these actions, though steps in the right direction, barely scratch the surface of addressing the root problem.

The correlation between animal abuse and potential harm to humans has been well-documented. These events highlight an urgent need for more robust educational initiatives and legal consequences. The request here is clear: additional legal action against the accused to serve as a deterrent, alongside a university-wide educational program on empathy and animal welfare. Take immediate action.


Dear Dr. Prateek Sharma,

Recent events at Delhi Technological University, where a mouse was allegedly subjected to a cruel and fatal ordeal, have raised grave concerns. It has been brought to light that two students reportedly trapped and scalded a mouse, leading to its death. This reported act not only reflects a disturbing lack of empathy but also ignites fears regarding the safety and moral compass of the student body.

Your initial steps, including the expulsion of the students from hostel facilities and the imposition of fines, are commendable. However, this situation demands a more comprehensive approach. It calls for a legal reassessment of the students’ actions to ensure the gravity of such alleged cruelty is fully recognized and addressed. Additionally, integrating animal welfare and empathy training into the university curriculum could foster a more compassionate student community.

We urge you to consider the implementation of stricter legal penalties for the students involved, beyond the academic and hostel-related repercussions already imposed. Such actions would serve as a strong deterrent against future acts of cruelty. Furthermore, a university-wide program focused on the ethical treatment of animals and empathy could significantly contribute to preventing such incidents. This dual approach would not only penalize the wrongdoing but also pave the way for a more humane and empathetic community at Delhi Technological University.


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  1. Stella Deine Auswahl Boehm says:

    Dreckstücke !!! Poor mouse.

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    I’m sorry to say this but what else can you expect from the cess-pit country INDIA. it seems that NO living creature is safe from the heinous atrocities being carried out by the sadistic, barbaric, cruel, brutal, psychotic masses of this country and the government and police just couldn’t care less, in most cases (especially of abuse towards dogs) they even encourage it. I’m sure Gandhi would be thoroughly ashamed and disgusted at his follow-countrymen.

  3. Alice K Knight says:

    What is the reason behind India and the hatred against animals?
    I have signed and written so many thoughts on how some people in India behave toward the lack of respect, compassion and kindness towards animals, particularly strays. They were only given a two-week suspension? They will return to school and continue the same cruel and barbaric behaviour. There are universities around the world that use computer generated means for experiments. There was absolutely no reason why these two individuals have to do this.

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