Articles written by: Shaunak All That Breathes

Do Not Let an Accused Murderer Get Away By Tampering With a Witness

A grave allegation of witness tampering has arisen in an accused’s murderer’s case, casting doubt on the integrity of justice. Demand a comprehensive investigation now.

Elderly Couple Allegedly Murdered By Own Daughter Deserves Justice

An elderly couple were allegedly murdered by their own daughter. Demand a thorough investigation and justice now.

Insist on Stricter Gun Control to Ensure Public Safety

A woman allegedly brandished a shotgun and threatened innocent bystanders outside a Walmart store. Demand immediate action on stricter gun control measures.

Investigate Civilian Who Allegedly Impersonated a Federal Officer at Presidential Campaign Rally

A civilian allegedly impersonated a federal officer and carried a loaded gun to a presidential candidate’s electoral campaign. Demand immediate action.

Promote Responsible Content Sharing on Social Media

A viral video involving a cyclist seemingly knocking over a 5-year-old girl raises concerns. Promote responsible content sharing on social media.

Investigate Reported Trespassing and Flooding of Dormitory that Endangered Students

A person allegedly trespassed and caused extensive flooding in a freshman dormitory, impacting around 12 rooms. Demand a comprehensive investigation.

South Korean Woman Allegedly Abused and Killed By Religious Group Deserves Justice

A South Korean woman was allegedly tortured and murdered by a religious group. This deeply troubling case must be fully investigated to prevent further harm. Demand justice now.

Demand Justice for Russell Brand’s Alleged Rape Victims

Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault, rape, and emotional abuse. Demand a rigorous inquiry into the allegations against this well-known media personality.

Punish Students Who Allegedly Used Falsified Documents to Enroll in High School

Two men allegedly used fake documents to enroll as high school students. Demand strict measures to protect the school community from such deceitful acts.

HIV-Infected Victims Who Allegedly Fell Prey to Intentional Transmission Deserve Justice

A man allegedly spread HIV intentionally, leading to the death of at least one individual. Demand a thorough investigation and just prosecution now.

Justice for Newborn Reportedly Decapitated During Birth and Posted Online

Graphic images of a newborn’s reported decapitation during birth were allegedly shared by medical professionals. Take immediate action to ensure justice and ethical standards are upheld.

Demand Investigation Into Alleged Overspending on Disaster Money

Alarming allegations have arisen about excessive spending during 2022 storm responses, exceeding guidelines by more than $50 million. Demand transparency and accountability now.

Man Likely to Face Death Penalty After Allegedly Unfair Detention Deserves Justice

A British man has endured a harrowing ordeal since 2017, reportedly languishing in detention without formal charges. Demand fair treatment from this allegedly unjust detention.

Address Allegations of Hostile Workplace at National Security Administration

Allegations against a key player in national cybersecurity policy and part of President Biden’s National Security Council have cast doubt on the actions of those in influential roles in the U.S. government. Demand transparency and accountability from leaders.

End Toxic Work Environments in the Entertainment Industry

Allegations of a harmful work environment on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” have shocked many. Demand a safe and supportive workplace for all.

Stop Online Child Abuse on Virtual Reality Platforms

Sexual predators are shamefully using virtual reality platforms to threaten children with unspeakable harm. Demand action now to protect these innocent victims.

Woman Allegedly Physically Abused By Soccer Player Deserves Justice

A Manchester United winger reportedly physically abused his girlfriend, calling into question the integrity of the Brazilian Football Confederation. Demand transparency and accountability be upheld by this team.

Protect Children in Light of Abuse Allegations Involving Prince Andrew

Serious allegations of child abuse against Prince Andrew have resurfaced. Demand immediate action to safeguard children.

Protect Vulnerable Individuals From Domestic Abuse

A doctor alleged physically abused his wife despite the no contact order she had put in place. This reported incident underscores the urgent need for more effective protection for vulnerable people. Act now to end domestic violence.

Stop Allegedly Abusing Innocent Children in Disturbing Religious Practices

Three sisters raised within a Catholic commune have shed light on alleged sexual abuse within this religious community. Take immediate action to stop child abuse in the name of God.

Protect Students From Racial and Religious Prejudice in Schools

A teacher allegedly invoked a student’s faith and instigated his classmates to subject him to physical assault. Take immediate action to stop racial abuse now.

Stop Crimes Based on Racial Bias and Deeply Rooted Prejudices

A teenager was allegedly killed by her own father over her romantic relationship with a man from another community. Demand stricter regulations to prevent such hate crimes.

Save Prospective Students From Educational Fraud

An individual reportedly lost $30,000 while seeking quality education for their children due to an alleged deception. Urge for the implementation of more rigorous guidelines to prevent such fraudulent activities.

Crack Down on Hate Crimes After Reported Shooting of Black Shoppers

An allegedly racially-motivated attack took three innocent Black lives, emphasizing the urgent need for stricter hate crime regulations. Demand immediate action to prevent such tragedies and promote a just, inclusive society for all.

Prevent Sexual Misconduct By Medical Professionals

A former physician assistant is facing thirty felony charges for his alleged sexual misconduct with multiple patients. Take action now to gain justice in this case and to restore the trust placed in medical professionals.

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