Demand Justice for Kitten Reportedly Found Maimed and Wrapped in Duct Tape

Target: Chris de Barrena-Sarobe, District Attorney of Chester County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for alleged animal abuse and neglect in Coatesville.

Shocking reports have emerged from Coatesville, detailing an appalling instance of animal mistreatment. A local resident stands accused of a ghastly act against a 5-week-old kitten named Roo, who was reportedly discovered in a dire state, wrapped in duct tape and missing a front leg. The case quickly unraveled to reveal a broader scenario of neglect, with dozens of animals found in deplorable conditions within the same premises. Such acts not only underscore a flagrant disregard for animal welfare but also challenge our societal values towards the defenseless.

Further investigations by the Brandywine Valley SPCA, coupled with law enforcement, allegedly uncovered a distressing scene at the suspect’s home. Alongside Roo’s heartbreaking situation, 36 cats, a deceased kitten, a rabbit, a turtle, and a dog named Gucci were reportedly found, many suffering from various health issues. This scenario seems to paint a grim picture of neglect and abuse. The community and the BVSPCA have rallied support for these animals, emphasizing the urgent need for their recovery and the importance of a robust legal response to prevent future occurrences.

The necessity for immediate and decisive action against such alleged cruelty cannot be overstated. Roo’s survival and subsequent recovery, although miraculous, highlight a critical juncture for our legal system to reaffirm its commitment to justice and animal welfare. Demand rigorous prosecution of the accused, alongside measures to ensure such neglect and abuse, are met with the full force of the law.


Dear DA Chris de Barrena-Sarobe,

In light of recent events in Coatesville, a distressing case of alleged animal cruelty and neglect has come to our attention. A kitten, now known as Roo, was reportedly found maimed, indicating severe mistreatment. This incident, sadly, was only the beginning of a broader discovery of apparent neglect, affecting dozens of animals. Each creature subjected to these conditions has a story, a silent plea for justice that we cannot ignore.

The allegations against the individual in question, involving not only Roo but also 36 cats, a deceased kitten, a rabbit, a turtle, and a dog, paint a stark picture of disregard for life and welfare. The reported conditions these animals were found in, along with the subsequent charges filed, call for a comprehensive legal examination and response. Our society’s moral compass demands we stand against such alleged acts of cruelty, ensuring those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent.

Thus, we urge you, as the District Attorney of Chester County, to pursue this case with the severity it warrants. Let the legal proceedings reflect our community’s commitment to justice and animal welfare. The story of Roo and her companions should be a catalyst for change, not a footnote of sorrow. We demand a thorough prosecution of the accused, seeking a precedent that such alleged neglect and cruelty will not be tolerated.

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