Seek Justice for Animals Allegedly Cramped in Plastic Totes Amidst Filth

Target: Michael Dougherty, District Attorney of Boulder City, Nevada

Goal: Ensure the alleged perpetrators of this multi-city animal abuse case face appropriate legal consequences.

A disturbing situation unfolded as Boulder City Police, upon a tip-off, uncovered a grave scene of alleged animal abuse and neglect by two individuals, Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke. During a traffic stop for a minor infraction, officers were met with the harrowing sight and smell of deceased animals, leading to the discovery of 51 guinea pigs and rabbits in seemingly appalling conditions within the vehicle. Eleven guinea pigs were already deceased, and the death toll rose as four more reportedly succumbed shortly after. This incident opens a window into a larger, harrowing case of alleged neglect and cruelty spanning across multiple jurisdictions.

Further investigations revealed a broader scope of alleged mistreatment by Miller and Luke. Authorities executing search warrants reportedly found an additional 45 dogs across a hotel room and their residence, with 10 dogs already dead upon discovery. The grim findings allegedly point to a severe case of hoarding, neglect, and possible torture of innocent animals. The conditions apparently described — animals cramped in plastic totes amidst filth, many in critical health or deceased, and some pregnant — paint a picture of alleged prolonged suffering and blatant disregard for life.

The necessity for legal intervention cannot be overstated. Miller and Luke face 11 counts each of animal-related misdemeanors, with potential for felony charges given the magnitude and severity of the allegations. This case not only demands justice for the innocent animals subjected to unimaginable suffering but also serves as a critical moment to stand against animal abuse and neglect. Call for the strictest legal repercussions for these alleged acts of cruelty, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear DA Michael Dougherty,

Recent findings by Boulder City Police, stemming from a routine traffic stop, have unveiled a deeply disturbing case of alleged animal abuse and neglect involving Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke. With dozens of small animals, including guinea pigs and rabbits, reportedly found in dire conditions within a vehicle — many deceased and others barely clinging to life — the severity of this case cannot be ignored. This alarming incident was only the beginning, as further investigations seemingly exposed an even more extensive scenario of neglect, including more animals found in critical conditions across multiple locations.

The scale of this alleged abuse, encompassing multiple jurisdictions and involving over 95 animals, many of whom have died or are in severe distress, underscores a profound disrespect for life and well-being. The reported conditions in which these animals were found — cramped, filthy, and utterly inadequate for living beings — highlight blatant neglect and possible intentional cruelty that cannot go unpunished. The efforts of concerned citizens and swift action by law enforcement have brought this case to light, yet justice must be served to prevent future suffering.

We urge you to apply the full weight of the law in pursuing this case, ensuring that Miller and Luke face the maximum legal consequences for their alleged actions. This situation presents a crucial opportunity to set a precedent that animal abuse and neglect will not be tolerated. By holding those responsible accountable, we can honor the suffering of the victims and take a stand against cruelty in all its forms.


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Photo credit: William Warby

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